Zombie Leza

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Leza’s an unusual young woman, living with, protecting and caring for Zombies. In an apocalyptic wasteland where the living are few, she represents a unique hybrid, a living zombie. She speaks with the undead and can teach the living how to survive. If the humans can only keep from killing her, that is.

Discovered during a final confrontation between a survivor refuge and an oncoming horde of the undead, Leza saves the day. She represents more than just another day of survival, but whether that spells humanity’s rescue or the future of the undead is anyone’s guess. She may be humanity’s redemption or their ultimate annihilation.



A small group of humans faces overwhelming odds while trying—unsuccessfully—to find help.

I: The Last Refuge

1: A Living Undead

A desperate group of survivors encounter the Zombie Leza.

2:  Zombie Leza Returns

She returns to answer a few questions.

II: Living With the Undead

3: Last Days as a Human

The day Leza lost her family …

4: Joining the Dead

and gets adopted by the zombie hordes.

III: Human Tales

5: The Last Days of Humanity

How the zombie apocalypse began.

6: Anarchy in Struggling Societies

Thomas and Jefferson’s histories.

IV: Working With Zombies

7: Selective Volunteering

Discussions over whether anyone wishes to put their lives in Leza’s hands.

8: Getting to Know Leza

The humans prepare to live and work with Leza’s zombies.

9: Walking Among the Deceased

Human volunteers venture out among the zombies.

10: Sleeping Like the Dead

The humans sleep among the undead.

V: Undead Journey

11: Eating the Living

Watching her new friends consume other humans.

12: Finding a Compromise

Working out rules of conduct vis-a-vie human/zombie contacts.

VI: Scientific Results

13: More Dead Than Alive

Frederick identifies the source of the infection in boht humans and zombies.

VII: The Unraveling

14: Saving Mankind’s Last Hope

A champion rushes in to wreck the day.

15: A Living Zombie

Leza takes a turn for the worse, joining her undead family.

VIII: The Long Climb Back

16: Renewed Hope for the Future

Despite Leza’s prognosis, hope prevails.

17: Bad Mojo at Martin’s Metalsmiths

Leza’s techniques move on to other locations.

18: Inoculations

An attempt to prevent humans from contracting the zombie plague.


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