The Lad Who Poked The Devil in the Eye

The Lad Who Poked

the Devil in the Eye

Unknown Visitors

Book 2

The Lad Who Poked the Devil in the Eye cover

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A young man’s curiosity places him on the edge of mankind’s extinction. As the boy who provoked death itself, he invites an alien race to rain havoc upon the Earth. But Otis Becker knows more than the experts can guess, with access to information he can’t explain. As the world hurtles towards oblivion, he has to convince the world he can deliver them from alien enslavement. All while avoiding the aliens, the media, curious strangers and a government eager to appease the aliens.

Twelve years after Earth’s first encounter with aliens, they receive a return visit. Only this time, the aliens aren’t stranded and helpless. Instead they’re ravenous and eager to devour all in their path.



Cast of Characters


Another President gets interrupted in the middle of the night.

I: The Best of Intentions

01: A Long Voice in the Woods

Young Otis searches for a tale to take to school, but ends with one he can never tell anyone–besides himself, that is.

02: School Tales

Otis faces his parents’ wrath.

03: Repercussions

Otis and Ger learn a lot about each other, and about George.

04: Growing Pains

Otis tries to warn the few he can.

II: Plunging Into War

05: Capitulation

President Taylor attempts to formulate a response.

06: Interplanetary Incident

Otis condemns humanity to a war it can’t hope to win.

07: Fallout

The media responds.

III: Taking it to the Enemy

08: Unexpected Allies

Some unexpected friends show up.

09: Plotting a Rebellion with Friends

Otis and friends discuss options.

10: Shooting Pigeons

A secondary attack, and a … plan?

IV: Frienemies

11: Friendly Bugs or Vengeful Spiders

Otis and the others meet with the aliens.

12: Getting to Know Our Alien Friends

Otis interrogates the new aliens, and learns what they’re after.

V: The Step Too Far

13: Bitter News

And you thought the media was depressing before.

14: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Everyone considers their odd of success.

15: Cataclysm or Redemption

Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures.

16: Final Stand

What does it all come down to?


Wrapping up all the loose ends.


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