Seeding Hope Among the Ashes

Great Death

“Seeding Hope Among the Ashes”

Book 3 of “The Great Death” series and the sequel to “Love and Family During the Great Death” and “Grappling with Survival“.

The man telling the country how to survive an apocalyptic event must reach across the country to teach people how to heal themselves. David’s saga continues, only without David. Instead six young girls set off in multiple directions, taking his cure to different cities in the hope everyone can treat their own people while not getting killed! This sequel follows each girl as they journey to different cities, trying to convince reluctant survivors to trust them to make them sick.

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Free Sample Chapters

Prologue: – David details what’s happening

I: Richmond – Natalie and Debbie’s journey to Richmond, Virginia.

01:  Battleground

A city ravaged by asteroids and rebellion shows signs of life.

02:  Getting Dirty

Saving lives isn’t always pretty.

03:  Passing the Torch

Setting others to take over for you.

II: D.C. – Alice and Mattie explore Washington.

04: A Capital in Ruins

Alice and Mattie discover that the Capital didn’t weather the storm well.

05: Sickening the Soon to Die

The girls are forced to help someone they’d rather not.

06: A New Day Dawns

Despite adversity, the girls continue on.

III: Fowler’s Crossing – A familiar journey home.

07: Between a Pig and a Poke

David deals with issues at home.

08: Another Pig to Poke

David too is forced to save those he’d rather not.

IV: Charlotte – Monique explores beyond the reach of radio contact.

09: A Friendly Chat by the Side of the Road

You run into all types in your travels.

10: The Best of Plans, Run Aground by Rabid …

More animal machinations.

11: Putting your Ass on the Line

Gambling on weak odds.

V: Raleigh – Reality strikes.

12: Acts of Despair

Not all those in need are so appreciative.

VI: Columbus – Striking West.

13: Casting Seeds on Untilled Soil

Uninvited Guests.

14: A Speedy Recovery and Other Advances

Betty does her own scientific experiments.

VII: New York City – Metropolis?

15: East Village Intrigue

Alice finds friction in the Big (diseased) Apple.

16: A Legal Quandary

Any time lawyers appear, complications arise.

17: A Change in Conditions

Alice finally reaches a consensus.

18: A Cold and Lonely Time in a City Once Teeming with Life

The lonely city lives up to it’s name.

VIII: Atlanta – Familiar faces

19: An Unexpected Welcome

Monique discovers an unusual situation in Atlanta.

20: After-Crisis Planning

Monique makes plans.

IX: Norfolk, and Beyond

21: Military Indoctrination

Little Natalie gets an introduction into the military.

22: Seeding Hope, Growing Communities

Training the military to be civil.


Wrapping up all the loose ends.

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