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A list of characters in “Grappling with Survival”. This is meant as a reference only, to be checked any time you encounter a character you don’t recognize. Reading ahead may spoil story surprises and is not recommended.

Let me know if you spot any errors and I’ll fix them. I’m also open to suggestions on how to improve it.

Book 1:

Adrian Malcox: A 19-year-old community college student who helps set up an FM broadcasting station at David’s house after their college loses all power.

Alice Scott: David’s daughter, who feels protective of her dad and feels it necessary to help him whether he wants it or not.

Amy Holmes: Alice’s closest friend, she’s a nerdish tomboy who dreams of becoming a superheroine. Usually follows Alice’s lead because Alice typically undertakes more aggressive tasks.

Benjamin Adams: The local Sheriff, who partners with the local police in trying to maintain order after society begins to fall apart. He deputizes David so he can help out.

Betty (Betts) Bennett: A friend of Linda Scott’s and mother of Sara, one of Alice’s schoolmates. When Linda seeks out her ex-husband after the initial meteor story, she accompanies her, though he feels it necessary to return to check on her family afterwards.

Billy Adams: A 20-year-old community college student who helps set David up with their FM broadcasting station.

Blossom Elmsford: Flora’s 15-year-old sister who died when her house collapsed.

Bob Lind: A blind friend of David’s who he turns to when the communications network fails. His knowledge of ham radios allows the survivors to stay in radio communications with the world.

Branch Elmsford: Flora’s 13-year-old brother who disappeared after their house collapsed, never to be seen again.

Caitlyn Harrison: One of Alice’s friends from school, Caitlyn was the ‘cute girl’ ringleader back at school, but takes a lesser role when things change at David’s house.

David Scott: The story’s protagonist, an 34-year-old retired accountant who invested all his money in a remote house in the country that others gathered at when things turned bad.

Debbie Peters: An ex-dental hygenist who takes up with George Winters as a survivalist and helps him attack the local police in search of guns and ammunition.

Ellen Parker: A blonde woman that David rescues during the initial meteor shower. David’s ‘main squeeze’.

Erica Dixon: Alice’s classmate, the youngest of the girls, she always tries hard to keep up with the other girls. Initially injured during the long drive to David’s, she’s usually up for anything the others are interested in.

Flora Elmsford: A college coed that David rescues when her house is detroyed the second night of the meteor storm. Having lost her entire family, she sees David as the source of her new life, and clings to him in unexpected ways.

Frank Morre: An 18-year-old community college student who accompanies Adrian Malcox and Billy Adams when they seek refuge at David’s house.

General Clarence Pendril: A low-level backroom military general who props up President Daniels and encourages him to suppress criticism rather than addressing problems.

George Winters: An ex-plumber that David knows who turns to survivalist and attacks the local police station in search of weapons and ammunition.

Julie Chi: One of Alice’s friends from school. Of Asian-American extraction, she fights the traditional role her family has always expected her to undertake.

Linda Scott: David’s ex-wife from a less than amicable divorce. Despite their troubles, she turns to him when the meteor showers begin, bringing several of Alice’s schoolmates with her.

Mary (Ma) Lind: Bob Lind’s wife and a nurse at the nearby hospital.

Maggie Sinclair: Wife of local pharmacist Reggie Sinclair. A local outdoor woman, she takes up with David, bringing a supply of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Nancy Evens: The receptionist at the local police station that helps Sheriff Benjamin Adams out.

President Daniels: A low scale politician who becomes President of the United States after most of the cabinet are wiped out during the inital meteor storm. Terrified of his new responsibilities, he follows the lead of the mysterious General Pendril, producing terrifying results as they try to curtail protests rather than trying to help anyone.

Reggie Sinclair: A long-time friend of David’s and the local pharmacist. Though he works with David, he spends most of the story watching over his store, though he sends his wife, Maggie, to David’s for protection.

Samuel Riggins: A 38-year-old local policeman that David originally speaks to regarding Flora.

Sara Bennett: Daughter of Betts Bennett and schoolmate of Alice’s. Labeled ‘thing one’ by David, she’s a reticient brunette that stays largely in the background.

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