Love and Family During the Great Death

“Love and Family During the Great Death”

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A man and his daughter drive into a massive meteor shower that disrupts their lives, but it’s only the beginning. It’s the beginning of the end, or is it? An Apocalyptic tale that focuses on individuals trying to maintain love, hope and family amongst death and dying. Hopefully it’s not overly negative, with a lot of humor and positive emotions, but there is a lot of death in it.

Cast List

Listing of the characters in the story. Included as a reference so you can reference anyone you don’t remember in the story.

01: There Wasn’t a Cloud in the Sky

The Sky Falls. Chicken Little wasn’t crazy after all!

02: A Few Things to Do on the Way Home

Having survived the meteor shower, David, Alice and Ellen head home.

03: A Few Unexpected Guests

David has a few visitors to his home.

04: Settling Down to Bed

Our Trio deal with several issues at home.

05: A Few Unexpected Guests

David has a few visitors to his home.

06: What a Rumpled Bed We Make for Ourselves

Visits make one reconsider one’s old relationships.

07: Making Sure Everyone Is OK

Honey, we need to talk …

08: Helping the Community

After-storm activities.

09: The Plot Thickens

You never know what’s going to go wrong next.

10: The Rest of the Week, or Shared Experiences

You just can’t keep secrets in a house full of women.

11: A Good Teasing Scrubs the Soul Clean

The teasing continues even as David asks permission for something he’s sure about.

12: Making Plans

David finally agrees to what he’d been avoiding doing.

13: A Lot Left Unsaid

A lot develops suddenly, but finally everyone has to face reality.

14: A Few Theories and Potential Explanations

Finally, an explanation!

15: As If Life Wasn’t Depressing Enough

Good help and some bad news for the Scott clan.

16: Moving Past Bleak

Things get even worse than they were.

17: Unsettling News

The bad news is personal this time.

18: Lawyers Guns But No Money

Things heat up as they run into an armed attack.


quoteOverall a quite good story with believable
characterization & situations.


quoteYou wrote a truly remarkable story, imaginative,
realistic,grisly, and finally Pollyanna-ish/Adam
and Eve-ish, together with Good over Evil.  You
certainly couldn’t have included any more to
encompass the the best and worst of human
behavior.  Your imagination was very fascinating.

Did I like it?  No!  Could I stop reading it?  NO!
Did I like the final ending?  YES, because I’m a
Romantic at heart.

Anyway, you wrote a good, interesting and
fascinating yarn.



quoteThank you for a unique approach to a common topic.
Dark, yes, but most of the world is dark. Your
take is probably more likely than most of what is
out there for post apocalyptic on SOL. Many thanks
for writing and posting.


quoteWOW!! What an ending, tears and all! Kind of set
hard on this 90 year old man, when I think of my
own extended life on borrowed time.

I loved every word, every emotionally charged


quoteThis is a marvelous story – and it does end on a
note of hope! This was not always an
easy read – but I had little trouble with the end
– your notes had prepared me – thank you for that!

Thank you ever so very much,


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