Grappling with Survival

“Grappling with Survival”

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Book 2 of “The Great Death” series and the sequel to “Love and Family During the Great Death”.

A Post-Apocalyptic world unlike any other. Instead of banding together or fighting each  other, instead the survivors find a world with few resources, little trust and no desire to intermingle. Fears of disease prevent survivors from reaching out for help. How does society survive if the survivors won’t participate?

Though dealing with drastic situations, this book isn’t as ‘bleak’ as the original. Reading the original book will help, but isn’t necessary, so if you couldn’t take Book 1 you’ll be OK resuming the story with this one.

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Handy reference to look up any characters you don’t recognize. Only lists characters already displayed, but it’s generally better if you search for each name, so you won’t encounter any spoilers if you haven’t read everything yet.

00: Prologue

The emotional recap of the previous book (the physical recap occurs in the first chapter).

01: A Couple Days on the Farm

The hunt for survivors begins.

02: Picking Up a New Charge

They increase the number of survivors by one.

03: Strangers, both Present and Absent

Is someone searching for David?

04: Another New Face or Two

First evidence of others.

05: Decisions and Their Ramifications

David tries to continue, despite devastating news.

06: Distractions

Despite being needed at home, David struggles on.

07: Unappreciative House Guests

The newcomers David brought home appear unimpressed.

08: A Miracle of Science or of Nature?

A Miracle of Science or of Nature?

09: Stupid Ideas Justified

Sometimes you just can’t keep a dumb idea down.

10: The Man Who Wouldn’t Surrender

It’s as bad as he predicted, and worse than they imagined.

11: Alice’s Friends, Part Deux

Another group of kids; what could possibly go wrong?

12: Resuming an Old Pattern

You should be able to guess this one!

13: For Whom the Siren Wails

Venturing forth.

14: A Little Horse Trading

Helping remote communities.

15: New Friends, and Foes

Not everyone they meet is friendly.

16: A Surprise Visitor, and the Repercussions of His Visit

An unexpected visitor brings unexpected bad news, in more ways than one.

17: Connecting the Dots

More theories, and a few details before they set off.

18: Retribution Interrupted

David’s mission of revenge is put on hold.

19: The Best of Intentions

Sometimes your best friends prove to be your worst enemies, even with the best of intentions

20: Future Plans

David outlines how he plans to tackle the news of his ‘cure’ leaking out.


The story continues in Book 3

Seeding Hope Among the Ashes


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