The Great Death

“The Great Death” Series

A story of an intricate apocalyptic event where most of the the life on Earth is wiped out, but with a difference. This one focuses on the people during the apocalypse, and how it affects them afterwards.

This is another look at the typical post-apocalyptic story genre, this time focusing on what happens before everyone dies.

“Love and Family During the Great Death”

A man and his daughter drive into a massive meteor shower that disrupts their lives, but it’s only the beginning. It’s the beginning of the end, or is it? An Apocalyptic tale that focuses on individuals trying to maintain love, hope and family amongst death and dying. Hopefully it’s not overly negative, with a lot of humor and positive emotions, but there is a lot of death in it.

“Grappling with Survival”

A Post-Apocalyptic world unlike any other. Instead of banding together or fighting each  other, instead the survivors find a world with few resources, little trust and no desire to intermingle. Fears of disease prevent survivors from reaching out for help. How does society survive if the survivors won’t participate?

Seeding Hope Among the Ashes

The man who has been telling the country how to survive an apocalyptic event, must now travel across the country to teach people how to heal themselves. David’s saga continues, only without David. Instead, his followers set off in multiple directions, taking his ‘cure’ to other communities in the hope everyone can treat their own people, while not getting themselves killed! This sequel follows each girl as they journey to different cities, trying to convince reluctant survivors to trust them to make them sick.

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