Stranded in a Foreign Land

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“Never Leave Anyone Behind” is a familiar refrain for American Servicemen. A crew is incapacitated in a strange land and a hostile government tries to capture them and steal their resources; a typical tale of corruption and betrayal. What if you’re not a member of the military? Do you put you and your family’s lives at risk to help those who can’t help themselves, especially for those who may never reward you or who may not even survive?

Josh discovers an injured shipwrecked alien and undertakes to not only care for it, but to seek out, rescue and protect its companions from not only his government, but others too.

He must race against time, attempting to remain under the radar, unnoticed by the police, the military and the NSA. He must protect not only these unknown aliens he can’t even speak with, but his family, friends and associates he’s putting at risk. Not only is the US military after him, but so is every other military as they race to recover their technologies.


Cast of Characters


A surprise in the night sky, making certain people consider the ‘bigger picture’.

01:  Washed Ashore in a Strange Land

Josh, a disgruntled rancher, discovers something on his ranch which will change the course of his and his family’s lives.

02:  A Somewhat Friendly Chat

In seeking assistance, Josh has to seek assistance from an unlikely source.

03:  Did Someone Call an Ambulance?

Josh and his friends attempt to provide assistance, which strangely enough, isn’t as simple as they’d anticipated.

04:  Technologies Both Old and New

Josh wrestles with both advanced and relatively dated technologies.

05: Concerts, Weather and Steampunk Movies

Various odd discussions concerning new discoveries.

06: Helpful Assistance or Hindrance?

Josh meets with the very help he requested, meeting some help he hadn’t exactly been looking for.

07: Self-Sacrifice for the Common Good

When attempting to save lives and avoid detection, sometimes it’s necessary to make sacrifices.

08: Threats, Decapitations and Airing Dirty Laundry

Captured, his life hanging in the balance, Josh strives to provoke those in control.

09: Understated Theatrics

Attempting to escape, Josh takes some drastic actions!

10: Welcoming, and Condemning Unexpected Guests

Questions answered as everyone responds to events.

11: A Couple Detours

The last stop of Josh’s rescue tour.

12: Motion Sickness and Other Disturbances

Both Josh and President Alan receive surprises.

13: Waiting for Something to Happen

The White House deals with it’s own problems as Josh explains things.

14: A Long Walk Alone in the Dead of Night

Josh undertakes his most dangerous and scary task yet.

15: Final Plans, Final Messages

Josh returns to complete his task, even as he finally tackles the military at it’s own game.

16: Epilogue

Final decisions and goodbyes.


Well, folks. That’s it for this story. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

The sequel “The Lad Who Poked the Devil in the Eye” is currently being written, though it won’t appear until 2016 <sigh>.

Let me know what you thought of it. I always appreciate feedback.


quoteNew book! Woohooo!!! Headed to buy it now.



quoteAmazon Review by: Walter L Roach on May. 2014: star star star star star

Fascinating story line; unusual yet entertaining
While the plot was not a big surprise, the action flows along with his meandering style. An excellent read; highly recommended!


quoteReview by: Michael Allstott on March 17, 2014 :
star star star star star

I’ve enjoyed all of Vincent’s books, and Stranded is no exception. His crash landing scenario focuses on the human element, but there is some alien uniqueness and some fancy technology. I’m not sure if our government is quite as bad as the book makes it out to be, but it wouldn’t surprise me. A very enjoyable read.


quoteReview by: Karel Young, March, 2014 :
star star star star star

I really enjoyed this book, it was interesting and I can see the Gov’t reacting in the way described.

I would Love to see a sequel/continuation of the story though! rating by: Robert Laughlin and Gwiadus
star star star star star rating by: D.:
star star star star star review by: Paul:
star star star star star

I received a free copy of this book from Goodreads.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, which was something of a departure from my usual genres of reading.

Initially, I found it a bit slow to get going, but,although sceptical by nature as to the likelihood of the events described, it did hold my attention whilst waiting for the plot to develop. Although a certain suspension of disbelief may be required by some, the plot did get going and although the main character initially lacked a little credibility for me, I did find myself becoming engaged with the storyline and speculating as to what was going to happen next.

Although never having given much thought to government conspiracy theories, the story was ultimately credible, although I felt the book could have been a little shorter without losing any of its appeal.

A good read.


quoteReviewed by: Danie du Preez, August 13, 2014star star star star star

I personally don’t care about spelling & grammar but rather enjoy a good story. A good story in my book is one that can hold my attention so I can read it to the end. This story has it in spades. I really enjoyed it. It’s a kind of story that will get your family members angry at you because you cannot put the damn thing down. Well done.


quoteGreat Science Fiction read: D, August 20, 2014star star star star star

Just a great, enjoyable to read science fiction story. Ranch family in Arizona take care of shipwrecked aliens and oppose the repressive US government leaders. Worth buying. Worth reading. Worth sharing.


quoteReview by: OBQuiet: “Interesting Idea”:
star star starstarstar

The book was interesting and the pacing was good. The idea of rescuing the alien crew was also pretty original.

But I did have a hard time with the over the top government response and heroic behavior of the main character. … Still, I don’t regret reading it and will look forward to other works by [the author].

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