The Not-Quite Humans Box Set

Not-Quite Human

The Not-Quite Human Box Set

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(not available on Amazon due to their not supporting box sets)

Al, his sister Betty, and a group of others who are drawn together by forces beyond their control, come to the realization they simply don’t belong on Earth. Learning their heritage lies among the stars, they search for a home which isn’t any more welcoming than their home planet. Follow their adventures as they flee from one world, only to face similar situations across the cosmos.

This Box Set contains the entire box set, and is being offered now, at a discount, with the understanding you can upgrade it when the final book is released, gaining instant access to the final book in the series.

Contains the entire Not-Quite Human series, including:

1) The Cuckoo’s Progeny
2) Lost With Nothing to Lose
3) Building a New Legacy (not yet published, but can be upgraded to include it when it’s released)

The pre-order is available at a substantial discount ($9.99) until the official publication date of May 12, 2018, when the retail price jumps back up to $11.99 (full retail for all 3 books is $19.97!)

That’s a full 50% discount! (40% after May 12th)