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Not-Quite Human

Lost With Nothing to Lose

Character List

'Lost With Nothing to Lose' cover with active link to view the book on Collins: 20-year-old Precognitive Intuit, leader of the humans.

Betty (Be) Collins: Al’s partner and bond-mate, a Locator.

Delilah Rivers: 22-year-old martial arts instructor, Gary’s wife and bond-mate.

Eli Thead: Information officer and Zita’s bond-mate.

Etta Mollins: Human Biologist, married to her pair-bond, Theo Rawlins.

Frank Evens: FBI agent assigned to guard Al in the hospital.

Gary (Gar) Marks: 24-year-old security officer and martial arts specialist, Deliah’s partner and bond-mate.

Ivan Meskers: Human Repair officer, husband of Kaci.

Kaci Meskers: Human Repair officer, wife of Ivan.

Lamar: Human external Repair officer, married and pair-bonded to Mui Chi.

Mui Chi: The human External-Repair officer, pair-bonded and married to Lamar.

Theo Rawlins:  PhD. physicist, pair-bonded to Etta Mollins.

Xi North: The human’s Navigator and physician, co-bond-mate with both Al and Betty Collins.

Zita Jones: Communications specialist, telepath and Eli’s bond-mate.

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“House in Disarray” links finally working

Sigh! That’s what I get for not extensively testing my posts. Aside from several other errors, I was using a capital “I” in the links (“In” vs. “in”), so the links weren’t functioning correctly.

However, that’s corrected now. Now I’ve got to correct the WP pages, since they’ve <b>stopped</i> automatically posting the page title at the top of each page, meaning <b>all</b> of my old pages will no longer display correctly! Sigh!

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