Nature of the Game

Nature of the Game

The athletes at Windsor High are aiming for big things: careers in professional sports. They don’t like making waves, so don’t like to stand out. However, when Taylor meets the flamboyant Jacob in the drama department, there’s a distinct clash of cultures. The out-and-proud attitude of someone unable to hide imperils the futures of someone who can. Casual meetings under the bleachers risk not just public embarrassment, but the loss of millions in future earnings.

Yet two figures can’t keep their hands off each other. Jacob, the drama queen, and Taylor, the guy all the girls are after, keep rubbing each other the wrong way while doing it the right way. Will Jacob’s freedom to be who he is imperil Taylor’s future, or can the two resist each other long enough to survive high school?



1) Defective Gaydar

Someone sees something hidden in the local football star.

2) Two Ships Passing

The Great Facade, brought home.

3) Shared Interests

Taylor and Jacob learn about each other.

4) Inadvertent Bullying

Taylor gets drawn into something he’d rather avoid.

5) Holding Hands in Public

Jacob arranges a present.

6) Unwelcoming Home

Unexpected problems.

7) Big Lies Told at School

The stories pile on.

8) Return to the Front Line

Some unexpected friends show up.


Looking forward, to better things!

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