Speaking With Your Demons

(Available on Amazon, Smashwords, lulu and Createspace)

Phil, who fought invisible beings, was ‘cured’ of his gift by medical intervention. Regaining his abilities, he doubly cautious, not informing anyone and trying new techniques. Based on new knowledge about his abilities, he seeks to learn more about his opponents, but faces his greatest challenge, though, comes when he’s visited by his own demons. How can they succeed when tormenting someone who can kill them, even as he struggles against an open revolt?

The book, along with the Demonic Issues Boxed Set, is only available for on Amazon and Smashwords for $9.99, instead of $10.98.

Sample Chapters: (Currently only available on the sites listed above)

I: A Compromise is Reached

01: Recruiting a New Team

02: A Leopard Changes Its Spots

03: Proving the Unprovable

04: Searching for Additional Allies

05: A Little Devil Goes to Heaven

II: Family Secrets

06: Save the Fairies, Er … Hire the Intern

07: Toni’s New Mission

III: Demons Go Back to School

08: Unlikely Teachers, Unlikely Lessons

09: Things Don’t Always Go So Smoothly

10: Meg’s Turn

11: The Lost Give Redemption a Shot

IV: Re-exposure

12: The Devil’s in Them Papers

13: Revelation Fallout

14: Taking a Stand