Character List

Character List


Alex Jennings: The story’s protagonist, a 17 year old boy.

Becky Jennings: Alex’s eldest sister, a 22 year old nurse.

Cate Jennings: Alex’s youngest sister and confidant, a 16 year old high school student.

Frank Jennings: Alex’s father, a 45 year old office worker.

Linda Jennings: Alex’s mother, a 42 year old stay at home mom.

Melinda Jennings: Alex’s older sister, a 21 year old college student studying music.

Alex’s ‘Girls’:

Allison Livermore: A former New Orleans high-class escort. Alex’s 3rd activation. 26 years old. Used to use the name “Amber”.

Anh Ngo: Alex’s 4th activation, a 52 year old Vietnamese grandmother. Alex’s unofficial spiritual guide.

Brooke Knowles: Alex’s 5th activation. A 37 year old emergency medical technician (EMT) in New Orleans.

Gail Sanders:  Gay cop that Alex activates after being sent to the hospital.

Natalie Mendoza: A 28 year old hotel employee and the first ‘watcher’ that Alex adopted. He pulled her into his group to illustrate to his parents just what he was having to deal with.

Patricia Moore: Alex’s 2nd activation. A 28 year old jazz/blues singer who traditionally tours the south. Currently in New Orleans.

Rebecca Boles: Another of Alex’s adopted ‘watchers’. She was a nurse at the New Orleans hospital Alex went to when he revived a man suffering from a heart attack.

Shaniqua (Shani) Sharp: Alex’s first activation. A 24 year old Jamaican-American Human Resources worker.


Albert Rodriguez: A New Orleans’ Times-Picayune Newspaper Reporter. Wrote some snarky articles about Alex which cast him in an unfavorable light and attracted him unwanted media attention.

Ashley: A lab tech at SIU where Becky works.

Bao Luong:  Anh Ngo’s adult son, a fisherman in Biloxi, Louisiana. Father of Victoria.

Brandon Jones:  Chalise’s older brother, who storms into Alex’s house and attacks him after Darrell mistakenly tells him about Alex.

Carlos Alvarez:  Burn victim in the Carbondale Memorial Hospital Emergency room that Alex treats.

Caroline Jones: Mother of both Darrell and Chalise (one of Alex’s potential girlfriends).

Clark Straus: Brooke Knowles’ EMT partner and long time friend.

Caroline Jones:  Chalise’s mother.

Cynthia:  The EMT who treats Alex after he’s attacked by Brandon.

Daniel Cooper:  Officer (good cop) investigating Alex’s attack.

Darice Chavira: A Hispanic-American ‘watcher’. One of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans ‘watcher’ movement.

David Samuels: One of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans ‘watcher’ movement.

Dr. Edward Padilla:  Chief Neurologist at Carbondale Memorial Hospital.

Henry Dunn: Patricia Moore’s one time boyfriend/manager. 32 years old.

James Jones:  Chalise and Darrell’s oldest brother, a football player for Northeastern University in Chicago. A senior who’s ready to turn Pro after he graduates.

Jessica: : A lab tech at SIU where Becky works.

Joshua (Josh) Knowles: Brooke’s 11 year old son. Thinks of Alex as his chance to have a real father figure in his life.

Martha Washerstein:  Kitty’s mother.

Mary Taylor: A MRSA patient in a hospital Alex visits.

Mrs. White:  School receptionist at Alex’s school.

Nate: A lab tech at SIU where Becky works who takes a skeptical view of Alex.

Peter Hammond: A New Orleans barrista and an oddity for Alex and Cate, a male ‘watcher’. Is now one of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans ‘watcher’ movement.

Rodger Jones:  Chalise’s father, who shows up at the hospital after Alex is attacked by his son, Brandon.

Steve McCullough: An older man who suffered a heart attack and whom Alex revives with Brooke Knowles assistance.

Susan (Suzy) Knowles: Brooke’s youngest daughter, 9 years old. Alex’s youngest ‘watcher’.

Tim Renolds:  Coma patient that Alex revives.

Tracy Reynolds:  Coma patient Tim Renolds’ wife.

Tray (Jackson) Reynolds:  Coma patient Tim Renold’s son.

Tina Renolds:  Coma patient Tim Renold’s daughter.

Victoria (Vicky) Luong: Anh Ngo’s granddaughter, an 11 year old grade school student. Translated for Anh when she first met Alex. Was the one who called him when Anh was thrown out of the house by her father, Bao.


Ai (Akia) Satō: A 16-year-old high school sophomore, Japanese-American lunch mate of Alex’s, whose name means “love song”.

Alice Swinson: Alex’s sometimes lab partner in his Physics class. She was the first girl who appears to have noticed him in his school.

Amanda Hodges: 16-year-old student athlete involved with a variety of different sports. Lunchtime companion of Alex’s.

Ashley Milford: The head cheerleader and top of the social elite at Eldorado High.

Betty Taylor: A 15-year-old ‘Watcher’ that was a sophomore at Alex’s high school, unnoticed by him for years.

Jeff: High achieving student that takes offense at Alex and tries to publicly embarrass him.

Jimmy: One of Alex’s best friends.

Julia: School gossip, a 16-year-old girl.

Maria Perez Flores: 17-year-old Hispanic girl, a little shy thing with a cute tinkling little laugh.

Mia Amendez: A 17-year-old Gosh chick lunch mate of Alex’s of Mexican-American descent.

Mike Milquest: Alex’s best friend (from before his trip to New Orleans).

Susan Siegel: Vicky’s (Cate’s best friend) sister. An 18-year-old senior at Alex’s high school.

Vicky Siegel: Cate’s best friend, a 17 year old high school junior.

Wanda Garrard: A 17-year-old black student Alex befriended during lunch.


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