04: Awkward Conversations and a Big Send Off

Trying To Be Normal

04: Awkward Conversations and a Big Send Off


I was in bed with Anh and Natalie later that evening. I’m not quite sure how they worked it out, but they managed to rotate using some complicated selection criteria so each night I had a slightly different combination of women in my bed. We’d found five to a bed was pushing things, but I had a feeling that would change as soon as the rest of the women arrived. Or maybe not, depending on how things went with my potential upcoming dates.

We were having a good time. Anh was whispering advice over my shoulder as I ate Natalie out, when the phone rang.

“Are not you get?” Anh asked when I didn’t immediately jump up to answer it.

“Mrmm merfin moo moor ah mime,” I mumbled into Natalie’s snatch.

“What?” Anh asked as the phone in my room rang again.

“I said, I think I’ve got better things to do at the moment,” I said, lifting my head in order to speak clearly.

“Well, you bet,” she said in slightly fractured English, although I understood what she meant, “it maybe Kitty or Chalise,” she concluded with emphasis, sitting up and putting her hands on her hips.

Sighing heavily, I rolled over and grabbed the phone, leaving Natalie still gasping as I answered it.

“Jennings Residence. Alex speaking,” I answered.

“Hey Alex, this is Chalise. Did I call at a bad time? You sound like you’re out of breath, did you just run in from outside?”

“Nah, just a bit surprised is all, what’s up?”

She paused a bit. “Were you fooling around? With your women?” she gasped loudly over the phone.

“Oops, busted,” I laughed, embarrassed and expecting the worst. “Please, don’t worry about it, though; we haven’t progressed past third base yet.” I started to wipe my wet cheek when Natalie sidled up to me and, pushing my hand away, proceeded to lick her own juices off my face while I continued to talk to Chalise.

“Riiiiiggggghhhhht, these are the women that are supposed to be OK with us going on a date and possibly developing an intimate, exclusive arrangement?”

“Yep, that’s them. Only there’s just two here right now,” I said, finally sitting up and throwing my legs over the edge of the bed. “We figured more than two was stretching things a bit, and my mother laid down the law. Their names are Natalie and Anh. Want to talk to them?”

“What? Are you crazy? I don’t—”

“Ah, come on, they’re really eager to speak with you. Here, just say hello. Here’s Natalie,” and with that I quickly handed the phone off before she could beg off. Natalie pulled her face away from mine and took the phone. Although she had been busy, I felt Chalise would feel more at ease with her since she was closer to her own age.

“Hey, Chalise is it?” Natalie asking, sounding happy and eager to talk to her. “I’m so glad you called. We’ve all been anxiously waiting for your call.”

“Nah,” Natalie replied to what I could only guess was a question about where my face had just been. I was proven right when she continued. “We were just having some fun. I was licking my juices off Alex’s face while you were talking to him. Don’t want him to catch pneumonia from walking through drafts with a damp face or anything,” she giggled, as if this was the kind of thing you typically talk about with your lover’s new girlfriend.

I couldn’t believe she would be so blatant about what we’d been up to. Maybe they were taking after my new hobby of always trying to surprise people. She certainly had surprised me, and I knew how they liked to pattern themselves after me. I listened to the rest of the one-sided conversation.

“Oh no, I’m sure you’ve got a wild side, too. And if you don’t, maybe Alex can help you develop one.” I guess, instead of getting pissed, poor Chalise was feeling insecure. Natalie continued to reassure her.

“No, he’s not very wild. I mean, I’ve been involved with him for almost two weeks and we’ve never gone beyond oral, but I guess that’s more due to Shani and the others. They all have this… yeah, that’s the one. I guess he mentioned it to you already. Anyway, he’s just such a peach, he’s not pushy, although he’s definitely aggressive when it counts, if you know what I mean. Anh’s been instructing him on the proper technique in cunnilingus and he’s been a very apt pupil.” Despite my merely listening to this conversation I could feel a deep blush covering my face. I couldn’t believe she was telling a girl I had just asked out on a first date—someone who hadn’t even accepted yet—all these intimate details. She laughed at a supposedly shared joke.

“Yeah, well, just think, you get the results of our training. And if you’re very, very good, maybe we’ll give you some special training of your own.” I hoped she just didn’t offer Chalise what she clearly did.

“Oh, hope I didn’t say too much. I figured you’d guess that a few of us are pretty bi by the fact that we’re all here together, but I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” I knew she was only putting it on for effect now, as Natalie hadn’t yet fooled around with any of the other women. Still, I was wondering if maybe this was a mistake and I should have followed my first instinct and never answered the phone. Every fiber in my being screamed at me that it was a dreadful mistake, but I just couldn’t seem to help reacting to people honestly lately. I guess I figured, ‘Joke ‘em if they can’t take a fuck’. I’d been assuming both girls would drop me as soon as they got past being confused by me, so I really had nothing to lose.

“Don’t worry, you’re not expected to,” Natalie reassured her. “But the offer is there if you ever feel like taking us up on it.” I almost wished that Natalie was a Seer, just so I could listen to the conversation, but I was almost afraid to. Hearing just this side of it was bad enough.

I considered what she’d just told Chalise and wondered what she was trying to say. Was Natalie honestly offering to fool around with her? Was she possibly intimidated by the other women and was thinking another newbie would be easier to approach, or was she merely teasing her? I hoped it wasn’t the latter, because I was making quite an effort to be completely honest with them both. I guess I’d have to see how it played out. There’s no telling from listening to only half a conversation. For all I knew, Chalise might just be goading her on, trying to get a rise out of me.

“No, we’re quite serious,” Natalie related, leaning back against the headboard and relaxing, resting her feet in my lap. I did the only thing I could, I started massaging them, watching her reactions for any additional clues about how the conversation was progressing. “We value our friendship with Alex way too much to try to mess up his budding relationships.” Well, it was about time Natalie stopped digging my hole deeper for me and tried to straighten this mess up a little, so I motioned for her to hurry it up.

“OK, sweetie, here he is,” she said, smiling at me. “Oh, wait, do you want to speak to Anh? She doesn’t speak much English but I’m sure she’d like to speak to you.” This suggestion made me even more nervous than the previous conversation.

“OK, one second.” I waited to see who she’d hand the phone to. When she handed it to Anh I tried to listen in via our mental communication.

“Hi, Chalise,” Anh cooed, my prompting her with the name worked well, as her pronunciation was perfect.

“Hey, Ann, your English sounds very good,” Chalise said very slowly, enunciating each and every word. Anh was able to understand her, through me, but still responded in Vietnamese, so I leaned close and spoke over her.

“She says, and trust me, this is in her own words, ‘Not so good yet. But I practice. Soon I be, what you call, cunning linguist?’” Chalise laughed.

“You’re so bad,” she teased. “I can certainly tell you’re American enough, you have our sense of humor. Even as tired as that old joke is.” She slowly began talking in a normal speaking voice. Again Anh answered, after which I spoke over her into the phone from a slight distance.

“She says: ‘America didn’t invent dirty jokes, and your generation certainly didn’t invent sex’,” I laughed along with them both.

“Wow, you both sound so nice. I can’t believe you’re trying to get Alex to invite me out.”

“She says that she thinks we might be good for each other. If not,” I paused, just as she had, “then you’ll at least get a free dinner out of it.”

“Oh, gosh,” Chalise blustered, “please tell Alex he doesn’t have to pay for an expensive dinner. I was just expecting a movie or something.”

“Don’t worry, Char—” I started to answer her directly, before Anh started speaking over me, so I instead returned to translator mode.

“She says: ‘Nonsense, we expect Alex to treat you like the little princess you are. And if he doesn’t have enough money to do so, then we’ll slip him a few bills as he heads out the door,’” I translated as I felt myself blushing, but Chalise laughed again.

“Well, it was certainly nice talking to you both. Can I speak with Alex now?” Anh managed the goodbyes on her own, and I took the phone she handed to me.

“Glad you all got along so well,” I told her. “One always has to worry when one girlfriend talks to another.” She giggled; she seemed to be in a better mood all the time.

“Maybe that’s just the case when a current girlfriend talks to a past girlfriend. There may be a ‘multiple girlfriend exception’ to the rule,” she joked. However it made as much sense as anything I could come up with. There didn’t seem to be any other reason she’d go along with the current conversation.

“Say, are you using a speaker phone? It sounded like you were talking from a distance while Ann was speaking, but now you sound normal.” I knew what the problem was as soon as she mentioned it. I’d been dreading it. She wanted to know how I could respond to a question she’d asked Anh.

“Nah, I just guessed how you’d respond. That plus I could tell from Anh’s response.” It was hardly a reasonable explanation, but it was the best that I could come up with. “So, do you have any good news for me?” I asked, before she had a chance to question me about my weak excuse.

“I certainly do,” she announced, “Darrell says ‘Hi’,” she stated happily. I sputtered for a minute before catching myself.

“You little sneak. You tricked me. You’re as bad as my sister,” I laughed with her over the phone.

“Ha, now I know you were pulling my leg with all that, ‘my friend Darrell’ nonsense.”

“Well, Darrell certainly doesn’t see us as friends, but I’m hoping to change that.”

“Maybe, we’ll have to see. It’s not looking so good right now though. Speaking of siblings, your sister said she saw quite a bit in New Orleans.”

“That may or may not be, Chalise, but you’ll have to talk that over with her. You’re not going to get me to either confirm, or sneak additional information out of me regarding anyone else. I don’t tell other’s secrets. It’s a matter of pride with me. So if you want any information regarding Kitty, or from Kitty regarding how good your brother is in bed, you’ll have to ask them yourself.”

“What? Why you, that’s a perfectly nasty thing to say,” she responded after sputtering as much as I had. “But I get your point. I’ll stop being nosy. Do you at least want to know what she said?”

“No, again, that’s a private conversation between the two of you. She can say whatever she wants about me, but I won’t talk about her unless we’re both here and we both agree. Now, about the previous allusions, I take it you and Darrell don’t get along very well?”

“No, he’s a bit of a prick,” she answered honestly, which made me feel that much better. She at least was going with my whole ‘honesty’ policy, and wasn’t pulling any punches with me. “He treats me like his bratty little sister all the time. We don’t get along very well.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Tell him I said he’s supposed to be nice to you. He’ll do it, too. He listens to me when I tell him things.”

She laughed with a nice tinkling laugh, relaxed and gentle. “Yeah, sure. Anyway, before I forget, I do want to go out with you. And just like Kitty, I’ll manage to get over there somehow so I can meet everyone. Is 8:00 OK?”

“Why don’t we make it 7:00 so we can get dinner at a reasonable hour? And are you going to have trouble getting over here?”

“OK, that’s fine. And no, I don’t have a car of my own, but my mother sounds intrigued by you. I kind of told her about you and Darrell getting into it yesterday. She thinks you’re either a cad, a sneak, or even, gasp, a nice guy.” I laughed again.

“OK, we’re on for Saturday then. Wear something nice as I’m expected to take you somewhere fancy.” We both said our goodbyes and hung-up before I turned back to the two girls as I rubbed my hands together.

“Now, where were we?” They laughed as Anh started to wipe what was left of Natalie’s cum from my cheek.

“No way, buddy, we want all the details. What’d she say?” So I proceeded to explain everything I could remember, while Anh kept me distracted by going down on me and Natalie nibbled on my neck and chest. We progressed from there to them both pretending they were ‘nearly virginal’ high school girls, doing their best Chalise imitations. We had a lot of fun, almost forgetting what we were doing we were laughing so much.

The next morning, after a quick shower with Natalie offering to help me scrub myself, I came downstairs to discover all the women clustered around Anh. Apparently she’d been telling them the latest gossip, a fact confirmed by my mother’s gleeful expression. It never failed to amaze me how much she liked gossiping with my girls about my budding sex life.

When Natalie cleared her throat they quickly scrambled to their feet and clustered around me, hugging and congratulating me. I wasn’t in very good shape to respond, as I still needed some coffee to get my motor running, although the early activity with Natalie certainly left me in a very good mood. When the rest of the girls moved away, Cate came up and gave me a big hug.

“You never cease to amaze me,” she said, giving me a quick hug before pulling back to look me in my eyes. “Though I’m still waiting to see how you fare with Bulldozer today.”

“Don’t worry,” Shani laughed, “By the end of the day, Alex will probably have a date with him as well.” Everyone thought that was quite funny. I was too busy pouring my coffee to worry about the implications overly much.

“So I guess there isn’t much need for me to find you a girlfriend after all, huh?” Cate asked once we were on our way to school.

“What? Of course there is,” I protested. “These are just two introductory dates. I’m not expecting much. After all, there’s a lot for them to have to deal with. I’m coming into this with a LOT of baggage.”

“Yeah, but don’t forget, you’ve got a bunch of women all perfectly happy to carry that baggage for you,” Cate snickered.

“Exactly my point, you don’t think that would freak someone out?”

“I don’t think you realize quite the extent you’ve changed in the past week, Alex,” Cate said. “Frankly, I don’t know what you did with my shy, quiet brother, but personally, I think I’ll take the new, improved version instead.” I turned to her and saw her wide smile and felt good just seeing her so happy. “You don’t know how attractive a strong, confident young man is, especially one who everyone else is panting over already. I think you’re going to be surprised by how you’re treated now,” she informed me.

I groaned, “I know, every time I turn around someone else is looking at me.”

“Ha, you should be used to that by now,” she replied with a smirk. “But seriously, can you really complain about being noticed and admired by everyone?”

“Right now, I’m not sure if they are admirers or just curious. If they were Watchers I could deal with it. I know how to handle them. I don’t know how to handle this new attention, and I can’t help but think it’s a bad idea,” I told her.

“It’s not a bad thing,” Cate insisted. “If you’re going to make a big difference in the world, you’re going to have to get used to it. With big ambitions comes a lot of attention.”

“Yeah, but I’d like to have some idea of what I’m supposed to be doing before everyone starts looking to me for answers. Right now, I don’t know what it is I’m supposedly doing. Maybe I’m just someone who happened to be struck with an odd ability that will never be able to do anything with it?”

“Alex, no one believes that,” Cate responded, looking at me with her hands on her hips, daring me to contradict her. “We all know you have what it takes to make a difference, whatever it is you decide you’re going to do with it. You’ve already begun. Look at how you took over telling Betty about ‘her’ people. You’re already gathering people to you, and you’re trying to establish them into a united group. Even without any further ambitions, you’re already moving toward something major just with that.”

“Maybe,” I reluctantly admitted, “but right now I just want to focus on getting through the rest of the school year without getting into too much trouble.”

“Says the man who decides to date both the supposed girlfriend and the sister of a guy who threatened him! Somehow it doesn’t sound like you’re really committed to that idea, Alex,” Cate challenged my statement.

I simply grunted. “You’ve got a point there. Still, we’ll see how it goes this weekend. So far, I think I’ve been lucky they’ve put up with me this far. I’m not expecting to get much farther with either of them.”

“Good, that’s always the best approach,” Cate said almost gleefully. I shot her a glare, but she was already off to the races and missed it. “Be thankful for what you get and don’t go putting on any attitudes, assuming you somehow deserve what life hands you.” She now noticed my look but just smiled sweetly, not paying any attention to my mood. I wasn’t sure whether her happy grin was because she was proud of herself for characterizing me, or proud of me for my personality.

When we got to school I attracted less attention simply because I didn’t have any new women with me. I saw Darrell in the hallway. He looked at me strangely but didn’t do anything else. I knew that Kitty was going to tell him that I’d instigated her asking him out. I asked her to keep it subtle and not tell Darrell anything about me, but if a girl is going to give a guy a second chance, she’s going to want him to know it’s a second chance, just so he’ll be on his best behavior. Telling him I’d been behind it was a not so subtle reminder that he was on thin ice, but had a decent chance to make good. Of course, I didn’t really know if this was actually a second or simply a first chance, Darrell and I never quite got that far into details. But either way, the effect was the same. He knew he had a chance because of me, and that was the in that I was looking for, however slight it was.

At lunch I sat down at the black table in the corner I’d sat at earlier. That was where I’d first met Chalise when I joined Wanda Gerrard on Monday. I hadn’t made the connection initially. Cate also came over from her normal crowd and we joined in with the rest of the group there. Apparently several kids already knew about Chalise and my upcoming date, and it seemed that everyone knew about my run in with her brother. They all thought I was a “crazy white dude,” but we all laughed about it. Cate told Chalise she’d wanted to meet her and asked her about Kitty as well.

Since I now knew we’d be going out, I took a moment to really look Chalise over while we talked. Before, I hadn’t known her from Adam and hadn’t really paid her much attention. She was quite pretty but, like Kitty, it wasn’t in that ‘I’m gorgeous, look at me’ style that always draws attention. She had the same fine, silky skin Shani had, though she was darker, yet not quite as dark as her brother. Like him, she wore her hair in a more natural style, unlike most black girls nowadays. I didn’t know the name of the style she wore, but it was like short cornrows that stuck out several inches but weren’t as tightly packed. I guess I’d have to start catching up on ethnic trends from now on. I also assumed her parents put a big emphasis on ‘natural’ looks, since both she and her brother had that type of style.

She had a thinner nose than her brother and a more rugged physical presence than Kitty did. She was more traditionally packaged than Shaniqua in that she had slightly more of the typical African-American build, with larger breasts, wider hips, thicker thighs, and a more substantial butt than the various white girls I knew, but it wasn’t nearly as exaggerated as it was in most of her peers. Unlike so many modern blacks, she didn’t have the big caboose and breasts that are so common, something else she shared with Shani and her brother as well. Not that I was checking out her brother’s ass, by any account.

Her build was nice, but I’d become accustomed to judging girls by white girl butt standards, so I figured it’d take me a while to appreciate larger asses. Still, she was a cutie with a beautiful smile, but sad eyes with long lashes and nice dimples. She and her friends made us feel welcome, so it was a better lunch period than it was with Cate’s friends. Something I think Cate was aware of as well. That certainly explained why she was here with us, rather than with her own friends.

In Physics, both our partners were back. I tried suggesting switching partners, but they both scowled at me, so there wasn’t any graceful way around it. We went back to our original partners. As a result, I couldn’t spend any more time with Alice during class. A fact I wasn’t happy with, not least because my partner wasn’t overly bright and I ended up doing most of the work. It hadn’t bothered me before, but now really annoyed me. That’s probably why both guys wanted to keep things as they were.

After school, I met up with Cate again, no signs of Vicky, and we headed home. On the way, Cate turned to me.

“I really liked Chalise when we spoke today, and I enjoyed speaking with Kitty last night.”

“That’s nice,” I replied simply, waiting to see where this was going before saying any more.

“You’re pretty good at choosing people. I think you’ll do well with them both. You were so worried about finding someone to date, but you didn’t have any problems.”

“Both? I think you’re putting the cart before the horse, Cate. I’m just trying to find one girl that’ll put up with me. You think either of them will actually go out with me? I figure, after everything I’ve told them, I’ll be lucky to ever see them again. I think they only agreed so they could actually talk to the girls and find out all of my dirt.”

“Well, there is that,” Cate giggled, “but I think they’re interested in you, not the girls. I think they’re fascinated that someone would be confident enough to admit everything you told them. They might not understand it, but they know there’s more to you than meets the eye.”

“Good, so I might actually have a second date to look forward to,” I replied with a laugh of my own.

“You,” Cate said, slapping my arm. “I think right now, you could sweep just about anyone you wanted off of their feet. You don’t quite realize just what a strong personality you have. You’re starting to, but it hasn’t quite hit home yet.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling more confident after everything that’s happened, but what’s more, I just don’t want to put up with much shit. I guess that’s why I reacted to Darrell and your friends the way I did.”

“Please, don’t call those creeps my friends,” Cate replied with derision.

“So, you’re going to give up looking for any other possibilities?” I asked, trying to shift her attention away from that topic.

She replied seriously, “I don’t think it would be fair to either Kitty or Chalise to undermine them by looking for someone else to distract you with.”

“I wouldn’t do that, Cate. I’ll give each girl my entire attention when we’re together. They each deserve my best and that’s what I’ll give them.”

“I know,” she replied quietly. “That’s why everyone loves you so much,” she added, smiling at me.

Friday finally rolled around. I’d taken the day pretty easily. There were still looks, but since there weren’t any follow-ups with Darrell, most people lost interest. It seemed there was some sort of new gossip, but I didn’t care what it was, so I couldn’t really relate the details. Darrell seemed to be acting semi-civilly. When I passed him he simply tilted his head to acknowledge me and that was it. Still, I knew he was fully aware of my role in rehabilitating his chances with Kitty. However, I knew that was a double edged sword. If he blew it this time, or if she simply decided she liked me more, then he was likely to be angrier than he was before.

I didn’t run into either Chalise or Kitty since I didn’t share any classes with either one, but I did notice a few of their friends giggling into their hands as I passed. I just hoped it was excited giggling, as opposed to the ‘laughing at the jerk who makes up weird stories to talk two younger girls into dating him’ kind.

Then there was another incident. I was walking down the hall when I suddenly heard someone say some gibberish in a loud voice. I turned to him with a questioning look to see that it was one of my sister’s friends, one of those from the intellectuals’ table.

“What the…?”

“Ha, I knew it!” he yelled. “I just said that you’re a fraud, a liar and a cheat in Vietnamese, and you didn’t understand a word.” I just looked at him while trying to think quickly. The longer I looked, the bigger his smirk grew.

“What, not bright enough to think of a defense?” he challenged.

“Những tên ngốc thì đừng nên ra vẻ hiểu biết những ngôn ngữ mà ngay cả chính bản thân mình còn không hiểu,” I replied, before turning and walking away. It always helps when you have someone who can tell you how to pronounce what you want to say. It takes a little while to figure it out, but it was worth the effort.

“What? What did you say?” he called after me. “Are you calling me names?”

I could hear him whispering to his friend even from this distance. “What the hell did he say? No, and how the hell would I know?” But I just left them to stew on their own. When I saw Cate later for the drive home, I told her the line verbatim, repeating it several times to help her memorize it so she could repeat it for her friends if she saw them on Monday.

“You’ll just have to tell me again Monday morning because I’ll never remember it. What’s it mean anyway?”

“Just that ‘idiots shouldn’t play with toys, or languages they don’t understand’.”

Cate laughed. “That must’ve been Jeff; he’s a really pretentious creep. Though I don’t know which of his friends he was with. I’m suddenly starting to see a lot of my previous friends as just back-stabbers, willing to do just about anything to make themselves look a little smarter. They were rude and nasty to you the other day, and I’ve been purposely avoiding them ever since. I don’t think they like that. Especially since a few rely on me to help them understand the number theory behind some of the assignments.

“So, anyway, what’s up with your date tonight? Are you excited?” she prompted, her grin overwhelming her self-control. She leaned forward, resting one hand on my arm as the other grasped the dashboard. “This is your first official date. Well, at least the first date likely to get as far as first base for a change,” she laughed.

“I’m trying to take it easy and see where it goes,” I explained, speaking in a measured and even tone. “I don’t want to put any undue pressure on it. Of course, all the rumors around school, what I had to tell them to explain it away, plus the bevy of beauties around the house, haven’t helped. I’m afraid everything’s conspired to make her expect a miracle sex god when I show up. If I don’t cause her to have several major orgasms while holding her hand, she’ll just think I’m a major fraud.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. Sometimes it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you expect someone to be a sex god, you get so excited about it you’ll cum whenever he does anything anyway.”

“Humph,” I scoffed, “so it’s not like watching a movie everyone else has seen and ranted about, and you think ‘this isn’t so special’.”

“No, it’s nothing like that,” she consoled me, though I really didn’t believe her. “There’s a certain reassurance knowing that others want what you have, or, in this case, what she has a chance at.”

When we got home the girls were all atwitter. They got together with Cate and Mom to look through my clothes to pick out the perfect outfit. This seemed like a bigger event for them than it was for me. For me, it was nervous anticipation, wondering whether we’d get along or if we had anything in common. For them it was a major event, a chance to show me off.

“Uh, does anyone know what this is?” I asked after opening the refrigerator, looking for a snack, only to find flowers, which isn’t normally a staple in our household.

“It’s called a corsage,” my father replied from the living room, since all the women were busy upstairs.

“I know what it is,” I replied, not having remembered the name, “what I’m curious about is what it’s doing in the fridge?”

“Your girls think you need it on your date tonight,” he told me, not elaborating at all.

“It’s a simple first date, dinner and a movie,” I explained as I removed the flowers so I could see whether we had any food or not. I found some luncheon meat for a sandwich, so I took it out and put the corsage back. “Corsages are for proms. They’re for formal occasions. Somehow a simple event is becoming more formal every moment. I’m afraid they’re going to overwhelm these poor girls.”

Dad sighed and I could hear him folding his paper in his lap. “Son, with as many girls as you have following you around, you’re going to have to give up on living your own life. Women like to control and change everything they already like. Get used to it.” I heard him get up and walk away rustling his paper as I constructed my sandwich, considering his advice—he was laughing the entire way. At least someone was enjoying this. I wasn’t even allowed a vote on how I’d dress for the evening.

A while after dinner, shortly before Kitty was due to arrive, the girls called up upstairs and proceeded to dress me. Each time I ventured an opinion, someone would kiss me—effectively shutting me up—while they continued. I soon figured out it was better not saying anything. While I know how to dress myself, and trusted my own sense of style, the girls were clearly enjoying it, and I took comfort in their joy. Even if the girls ran screaming when they saw what my women had arrayed against them, as least someone would be pleased.

They were still busy primping and fluffing me when we heard Cate yell from downstairs. I started to ask what she’d said when I suddenly found myself pushed back onto the bed and Allison pulled my pants open and started hoovering my cock. It went from deflated to fully inflated in record time.

“Hey, hey!” I yelled, lying on my back, motioning my protest with my hands. “What the frig?”

“Shh,” Shani said, kissing me hoping to calm me down. It wasn’t working this time, though. “Cate was sent to keep a lookout for Kitty,” Shani explained. “We wanted to do this before she arrived so you’d have a better chance of avoiding any potential embarrassment later.”

“You don’t think the two times you’ve already drained me today were enough?” I huffed, although my penis had no problem with the procedure.

“Not under the circumstances,” she replied, grinning like a hungry she wolf. “If you go shooting off early the first time you actually have intercourse, it’ll look bad on us,” she explained.

“Umph Humm,” Allison added, agreeing wholeheartedly.

“I’m not even planning to have sex tonight!” I protested, trying to argue with the top of her head. However, it didn’t stop moving long enough to pay any attention to me. “This is a simple ‘meet and greet’, not a ‘Howdy Ma’am, wham and bam’,” I explained, mostly with my hands.

But the girls laughed and Anh put her hand over my mouth to keep me quiet while Shani reapplied her makeup. Allison’s exceptionally talented tongue had me shooting off into her hungry mouth just about the time the doorbell rang. After I’d finished, they hurriedly zipped me up—after making sure I wouldn’t leak any more—straightened me up again and escorted me out to meet my date. All of this happened without anyone messing up their makeup—except Shani, of course, who’d already fixed it—or without wrinkling anyone’s outfit. This was essential—they’d assured me beforehand—since they were dressed up for this initial meeting as well. Again, this date seemed to be a bigger deal for them than it was for me!

We descended the stairs as prearranged, with me in the lead and Allison and Natalie holding my arms, carrying on like I was a blushing young maiden at a debutante ball, which I guess I was, for all intents and purposes. Shani and Anh had preceded me down, and were standing watch at the bottom of the staircase. We must have made quite a sight descending the stairs. It would have looked more impressive if I wasn’t so busy blushing about all the undue attention surrounding me.

Kitty smiled up at me and whispered something to Cate. When we reached her, the girls immediately enveloped her, hugging and kissing her before giving me a chance to hug her hello, or give her the corsage they’d instructed me to hand over. When I handed it to her, Anh cleared her throat, so I instead made an effort to pin it to her chest. It was the old fashioned kind, not the modern type that the girls slip onto their wrists. After I finished, they tsk-tsked me and swooped in to straighten it. The girls were all giggling busily.

Shani and Anh pulled Kitty over to the couch, but when I approached to sit beside her, they both waved me off and told me to get her something to drink. I tried to listen from the other room. As best I could make out, the conversion went as follows.

“So, are you excited?” Natalie asked, her own voice twittering with unconcealed enthusiasm.

“More nervous actually,” Kitty confessed with more control than my girls were showing, her voice sounding a little pinched. “This isn’t exactly a normal date. It’s not typical to be interviewed by the date’s current girlfriends when the girl comes to pick the guy up,” she laughed.

“Hey, get used to things not being normal around Alex,” Cate cautioned.

“Yeah, and don’t think of us as girlfriends,” Shani explained. “We’re just friends of Alex who want him to develop a romantic attachment to a girl his own age. It’s a part of growing up he’s sadly been missing. In fact, he almost missed it completely. Here he is almost ready to graduate, and he hasn’t experienced much at all.”

“So Cate has told me,” Kitty replied, before turning it back on them. “So how does someone who hasn’t done any fooling around, manage to get four mature women to follow him home, with his parent’s approval, no less?”

“Oh, he has a certain appeal,” Shani said mysteriously, but not elaborating further.

“And it’s not just us,” Allison added, “there are a couple of others we had to leave behind in New Orleans who—” Just then the phone suddenly rang. Allison smiled, turned and clicked the speaker function on a phone strategically placed nearby. “I believe that’s someone who’d also like to speak to you,” she added.

“Hello? Is Kitty there? This is Brooke, Patricia and Rebecca. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We’re sorry we couldn’t be there to welcome you personally.”

Man, I really wanted to see Kitty’s response, but I was still in the kitchen, not making much progress as I was spending so much time listening to my girls bewilder my date with even more personal details of my life.

“Uh, hello?” Kitty responded hesitantly. “I hate to ask this, but just how many people did Alex meet while in New Orleans? You must have been involved in some wild parties or something.”

“Oh, no, nothing like that,” Patricia added. “He was always the perfect gentleman and there wasn’t any partying involved. In fact, the only time he went out was when the family came to watch my performance.”

“Your performance?” Kitty asked, intrigued. “Are you a dancer or something?”

“No, no, I’m a professional singer. That’s why I couldn’t follow the rest back yet, I’ve still got a couple of weeks left on my contract playing at a blues club here on Bourbon Street. Brooke and Rebecca work as an EMT and a nurse, respectively, so they couldn’t get away either without endangering a few lives.”

I made sure to hurry up my preparations, hoping to get into the other room before someone said something unfortunate. As I rushed into the room, Kitty’s eyes were large as she watched the phone.

“Don’t mind them,” I said apologetically, handing her the ice tea I’d prepared for her. “I wasn’t planning on bringing them up tonight. I figured you’d be overwhelmed enough as it is without them.”

“Hey, Alex!” the three voices called out happily over the phone before Rebecca spoke next.

“No way, man, we wanted to be a part of this momentous occasion. It’s like watching your little boy grow up.”

“Says the one without any kids of her own,” laughed Brooke. “Personally, it’s a little nicer than that, since we already know this little boy is pretty handy with the ladies.”

Anh simply gave me a baleful glance, looked at my empty hands, then told me—in Vietnamese, ‘You’d best get everyone else their drinks as well, Alex. We still have several things to discuss here.’

Kitty looked at us in confusion over this little side discussion, but I quickly headed off on my assigned task. “I’ll be back soon,” I told her. “I’ve just been ordered to make myself scarce.” She laughed as they all began talking again.

Mom came into the kitchen with me, as she’d been trying to avoid the confusion in the living room.

“Been chased away from your own date, huh?”

“Yeah, seems I’m not really needed,” I complained.

“Well, you did the hard part, you got her in the door, despite her knowing there were a bunch of potential competitors waiting for her,” she assured me. I wasn’t sure that was a very positive way of looking at things.

From the other room I heard, “Oh, I’m fascinated by all of you. I mean, did Alex just talk you into giving up your lives, or did you all fool around some, or was it his looks, or…?”

I had to walk back towards the door to listen to the responses.

“Mostly he was just Alex,” Shani assured her. “Sure, we fooled around a bit, but only after he’d already ensnared us. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been interested in bothering to make out with a teenager. Not that there’s anything wrong with teenagers,” she hastened to add, “but I always figure it’s best to leave teenagers to play with each other, so the rest of us don’t have to bother teaching them the basics.” They all laughed at that.

“Well, I’ll let you know how he does with the basics you’ve already taught him,” Kitty told them, sounding surprisingly unfazed by the discussion. “But I guess you’re not going to spill the beans on what the initial attraction was?”

This was what I was waiting to hear, whether the girls were going to let any of our shared information slip, so I listened further, ignoring the drinks even more.

“Nope. You’ll have to figure out that attraction for yourself,” Allison told her. “What was your reason for being attracted to him?” she shot back.

“Duh, the fact he shows up after Spring Break, a complete nobody who no one’s ever heard of before, suddenly trailing women, impressing everyone, speaking his mind, and not backing down when one of the biggest guys in school threatens him.”

“Yeah, about that,” Shani replied, “Could you possibly handle this whole co-dating thing a bit delicately? We’re not real fond of the idea of having to drive down to the school to pick up his scattered pieces, if and when Darrell might hear some potentially disappointing news.”

“Well, I’ll try my best,” Kitty replied hesitantly, then brightened, “but let’s not speak too soon. I haven’t had a chance to put Darrell through his paces yet. Especially since Alex said it’s OK to fool around with them both before we make up our minds.”

I was surprised when Mom handed me a tray full of drinks, already prepared. Apparently while I’d been busy spying on my date and my women’s conversation, she’d been doing what I was supposed to. I managed to walk back just after this latest revelation, and knew from her expression that she’d saved it for me, even though it was meant for the girls. She was attempting to test their resolve. After I quickly dispersed with the drinks, with some assistance of course, she stood up, came up to me, swung me around so she could look at the girls over my shoulder, and gave me a big, grinding French kiss right there in front of my sister and everyone. I didn’t doubt my parents’ foresight in avoiding this initial confrontation between my date and the girls.

However, to Kitty’s consternation, they didn’t get upset or respond in any significant way, but simply smiled beatifically behind our backs.

“You two look so cute together,” Natalie gushed. Cate whipped out a camera to snap a couple of pictures. Hey, who needs parents when you have a sister to embarrass you? The girls wrapped things up quickly after that, the trio from New Orleans finally hanging up. They started shuffling us towards the door.

“OK, you two need to hurry,” Shani told us. “Alex has reservations waiting.”

“But hey, I just don’t get it,” Kitty complained, “Why are you so willing to share him, or even give him up, to practically anyone who shows an interest?”

“Look, Kitty,” Shani patiently told her, effectively halting the rush to the door. “We don’t know you at all, aside from what Alex has told us about you, but we’ve grown to love Alex a great deal for what he’s done for us. For what he’s helped us to see, to feel, and to be. We feel like we owe him a lot. We owe him everything, our entire future in fact. You don’t take gratitude like that for granted. Sure, we could hover around him and keep him all to ourselves, but how would that show our gratitude? Then we’d just be abusing our good luck.

“No, we’re much more interested in helping him as much as he’s helped us. Well, that’s not really true either, because we know we’ll never be able to help him anywhere near what’s he’s done for us. But we want to shower him with good fortune. And love is just one of those things.

“While we love him dearly, we know a first love is much different than the mature love we feel for him, so we really want him to experience it. If you disappear tomorrow, we’ll be disappointed, especially if you break his heart doing it. If you stay on and love him exclusively, we’ll be pleased as punch, as you’d be doing him a real honor; and we only want the very best in life for him.

“So don’t worry so much about our motivations. If it bothers you too much, we’ll just act like matronly Aunts who twitter in the kitchen in the background. If you want us to stay away from him then just tell him, and we’ll keep our emotional distance. Of course, if you ask us to back away from his life, you’ll be sadly disappointed, because right now, a LOT of our lives are focused on him, but we’re willing to be flexible.

“Anyway, it’s time to go,” she announced, concluding her little explanation. “We think Alex has everything he needs. Money, debit card, breath mints, condoms,” they all laughed. “But remember, if you do decide to do anything, don’t do it in the backseat of his crummy car. Just have him give us a call and we’ll prepare his bedroom with flowers, candles and soft romantic music, and we’ll make both ourselves and everyone else scarce, so you can have a great time. Now go.”

Kitty looked at the girls in both bewilderment and amazement. She quickly kissed and thanked them profusely, as well as hugging Cate. When she mentioned she’d expected to meet my parents as well, the girls told her they thought Kitty would be more comfortable discussing these issues without them being in the way, and they’d gladly meet her later. Then we were off.


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