Trying To Be Normal

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Alex, having returned from New Orleans with a whole new life, tries to become just a normal young man as he returns to school. Can he simply blend in for the next 2 months despite having several women following him around? And will his abilities really be invisible to everyone around him?

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Brief recap of what happened in “An Unknown Attraction” (just in case you don’t remember it). ‘D

01: First Day Back

Alex returns home in shock over having lost someone and returns to school.

02: Facing the Inquisition of Friends and Family

Alex finally works things outs with Cate.

03: Interesting Introductions

Alex meets the local school bully, but reacts unexpectedly.

04: Awkward Conversations and A Big Send Off

Kitty comes to Alex’s home and meets his ‘girls’.

05: First Date and an Examination

Alex’s first date with Kitty plus an early morning examination.

06: The Second Date, and More Details Than a Mother Wants To Know

Alex gives Chalise an equal chance on their date.

07: Further Complications

Melinda presents her findings to Alex, with a few surprises.

08: Finally!

A long awaited event occurs (sort of).

09: A Compromise is Offered

Alex discusses the ‘virgin dilemma’ with Kitty and Chalise.

10: A Spiritual Gamble

Cate discusses her new status with everyone, minus Alex.

11: Starting Someone Else’s Hobby

Alex returns to the Hospital for a follow-up.

12: An Interesting Second Date

Chalise and Alex’s second date has a few surprises

13: A Demented Visit

Alex gets treatment in the hospital while still delirious.

14: Sick Time

Alex recovers and catches up on what happened while he was out of it.

15: Check Out with a Few Tears

Alex takes one last trip through the hospital before being discharged.

16: Dinner At Home and a Little Bite To Eat

Alex deals with everyone after his injury and finally has his second date with Kitty.

17: An Unexpected But Well Thought Out Plan

Everyone continues to  shock Alex with one surprise after another.

18: Diplomacy

Alex returns to school and deals with Darrell about their various issues.

19: What You Do For Your Friends

Alex makes a difficult decision.

20: Winning the Parents Over

Everyone prepares of Alex’s ‘Big date’.

21: The Big Event (OK, the Decent Sized Event)

Alex finally loses his dreaded virginity.

That concludes “Trying To Be Normal”. Read the sequel, “Normalcy is Harder Than it Looks“, to see what happens.

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quoteReview by: Ken Englert on July 13, 2013 : star star star star star
Good follow up to Book One…sucked me right in. Hope the remaining books are as good as the first two.

quoteJust keeps getting better. The relationships are key, and the dialogue and interaction are building on the past storyline.

Thanks, Bill

quoteThanks for continuing the story. Very intriguing. I really like how you crafted Cate’s character and how the others relate to her.


Amazon review: quote James Devits on Nov. 14, 2013. star star star star 

Thought [it] was a good book, will be interested to see how the series develops waiting on book three hope it comes out soon

2 thoughts on “Trying To Be Normal

  1. Trying to be Normal. Chap 17. version

    watching TV so they they’ll live through it
    “they they’ll” should be “they’ll”

    Chap 21:

    “No butts,” Kitty informed me.
    “butts” should be “buts.” There will be three “butts!”

    Link at bottom chapter to next book gives Error 404: File Not Found

    • > Author : Grumpy
      > Trying to be Normal. Chap 17. version
      > watching TV so they they’ll live through it
      > “they they’ll” should be “they’ll”


      > Chap 21:
      > “No butts,” Kitty informed me.
      > “butts” should be “buts.” There will be three “butts!”

      Ah, this one was planned. The line is:

      “No butts,” Kitty informed me. “At least for tonight, though there’s no promises about later,” she teased.

      She’s teasing (thought the attribution switches from “informed” to “teased”). The pun is, “Don’t argue, no butts, at least for tonight (when they’re planning to lose their virginities), though there’s no promises about later.”. (i.e. Stop complaining, but if you play your cards right, we’re willing to do just about anything you want.)

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