Character List

“Building a Legacy”

Character List


Alex Jennings: The story’s protagonist, an 18-year-old who’s just graduated from high school.

Becky Jennings: Alex’s eldest sister, a 22-year-old graduate student interning in a Genetics lab.

Cate Jennings: Alex’s younger sister, confidant, and lover. A bright 16-year-old overachiever and budding scientist who graduated early to help Alex and to study how Alex’s abilities work.

Frank Jennings: Alex’s father, a 45-year-old office worker.

Linda Jennings: Alex’s mother, a 42-year-old stay at home mom.

Melinda Jennings: Alex’s older sister, a 21-year-old college student studying Economics.

Alex’s ‘Girls’:

Allison Livermore: A former New Orleans high-class escort. Alex’s 3rd activation. 26 years old. Used to use the name “Amber”.

Anh Ngo: Alex’s 4th activation, a 52-year-old Vietnamese grandmother. Alex’s unofficial spiritual guide.

Brooke Knowles: Alex’s 5th activation. A 37-year-old emergency medical technician (EMT) in New Orleans.

Gail Sanders: Female police officer working out of Peoria, Illinois. Meets Alex when driving past hospital he was in at the time.

Gini (Genevieve) Connolly: Army vet who first fled Alex in San Antonio, but who he confronts in the desert outside of Las Vegas in Arizona.

Natalie Mendoza: The first ‘Watcher’ Alex adopted. He pulled her into his group to illustrate to his parents what he was dealing with.

Nikki (Nicole) Gordon: A 19-year-old college student. Alex’s ‘lost girl’.

Patricia Moore: Alex’s 2nd activation. A 28-year-old jazz/blues singer who traditionally tours the south. Currently in New Orleans.

Rebecca Boles: Another of Alex’s adopted ‘watchers’. She was a nurse at the New Orleans hospital Alex went to when he revived a man suffering from a heart attack.

Shaniqua (Shani) Sharp: Alex’s first activation. A 24 year old Jamaican-American Human Resources worker.


Dr. Adam Franklin: Surgeon who operated on Mickie Monroe after her injury.

Adrian Hart: Aging movie actor Alex helped recover from heart surgery so he could resume his career.

Ahmed Asghar: Saudi investor visiting LA who meets Alex through his wife, Akliah.

Akilah Asghar: Wife of a Saudi investor visiting LA to review various Silicon Valley investment opportunities.

Albert Rodriguez: A New Orleans’ Times-Picayune Newspaper Reporter. Wrote some snarky articles about Alex which cast him in an unfavorable light and attracted him unwanted media attention.

Alice Winford: A Walt Disney company executive sent to apologize to Alex after Ahmed leaned on them.

Angelina McKinsey: The 54-year-old mother of Rachel and Cynthia McKinsey.

Angie Hopper: Women’s charities speaker and organizer centered in Phoenix.

Anthony Barlow: Grace Barlow’s father and the man who hired the PI, Harry Wittmore, to ‘dig up dirt’ on Alex for him.

Brandon Jones: Chalise’s older brother, 20-years-old, a college football player going to school in Chicago.

Brian: Rose’s boyfriend. After he helps Alex with some electronic issues, Alex asks him to take over technical issues for the New Orleans community.

Caity Stern: A former Miss America contestant who’s currently stationed in San Antonia, just back from Iraq.

Chalise Jones: One of Alex’s two girlfriends, a 16-year-old sophomore in Alex’s high school. Alex first became aware of her when her brother, Darrell, threatened him over another girl.

Caroline Jones: Mother of both Chalise (one of Alex’s potential girlfriends) and Darrell.

Clara Thomas: Somewhat unstable woman attracted to Alex in St. Louis.

Cynthia McKinsey: The 29-year-old younger sister of Rachel, a Seer. Doesn’t like Alex much..

Darice Chavira: A Hispanic-American ‘watcher’. One of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans ‘watcher’ movement.

Darrell Jones: Chalise’s brother and the one who got Alex together with her and Kitty.

David Samuels: One of the three leaders of the New Orleans ‘Watcher’ movement.

Debra Keer: 24-year-old Professional surfer Alex meets and activates in LA.

Diane Kennedy: Big name singing sensation trying to make a come-back with her new album.

Dominique Peters (Dr. Ice): Rapper/TV star.

Dr. Edward Padilla: 56-year-old Chief of the Neurosurgery department at Carbondale Memorial Hospital.

Emily McDonald: Los Angeles Seer.

Erica Mayes: Guitarist for Patty’s band and a Watcher.

Francine Samuels: Rachel and Cynthia’s middle sister, also a Seer like their mother.

Fredrick Washerstein: Kitty’s father.

Grace Barlow: A high-school girl Alex activates in Beaumont, TX. Her father, Anthony Barlow, later tried to kill Alex due to his effect on his daughter.

Guy Peters: Guitarist for Winona’s band.

Haley Hewitt: A Watcher who threw herself in front of Alex when a gunman tried to shoot him in a Dallas concert. She suffered a gunshot wound to her thigh.

James Jones: Chalise and Darrell’s eldest brother, a pro Chicago Cubs pitcher who threw a game to pay for an attempted assassination on Alex’s life.

Jennifer Pickford: A 32-year-old cancer patient that Alex cured, who goes on to help Dr. Reinhart in Arizona.

Joseph Herskowitz: Los Angeles Movie Studio head.

Kayla Odell: Seer who sacrificed herself to protect Alex during an attack. Suffered a wound to her side.

Kitty Washerstein: One of Alex’s potential girlfriends, a 17-year-old junior in Alex’s high school and one of his two potential girl friends.

Kuubba (prarie dog): Piute Tribal elder who explains about the tribes prophesy about Alex helping to save (indirectly) the tribe from its cancerous pestilence.

Hannah: A Seer Patricia brought from LA to help Winona manage her tour. One of several Seers who help Winona respond to the audience’s collective aura to reach the most people.

Leanna Dickson: Owner of the Oklahoma lesbian bar “Maiden Nights”. She’s a Seer who dragged Alex into her bar.

Lisa Woodall: Saint Louis TV reporter who reported on Alex and Clara Thomas.

Dr. Lister (Lists) Pendleton: Head Neurological Surgeon at the Brooke Military Medical Center.

Liv (Anadjot) Bisla: Sikh Indian-American surgeon in Memphis.

Martha Washerstein: Kitty’s (one of Alex’s potential girlfriends) mother.

Mary Waters: 26-year-old Disney Princess Seer Alex meets in Disneyland.

Mary Watson: Winona’s backup singer.

Mickie Monroe: 31-year-old Seer working in a Sacramento hotel Alex stays in.

Mikey Sole: Surfer/salesman who reacted negatively to Alex while in the surf in LA.

Megan Abrams: Law clerk for Houston prosecutor’s office who Alex activates during concert in Houston’s Astrodome.

Molly Bishop: A law professor at SIU.

Nancy Atkins: A Phoenix Morning News Reporter.

Noel Shapiro: Lakesia Shapiro’s mother.

Patricia Moore: 28-year-old singer who’s tour Alex has been using as a cover.

Peter Drexler: A music columnist who exposes Alex’s connection to Joseph Herskowitz.

Peter Hammond: A New Orleans barrista, a male ‘Watcher’ and one of three leaders of the New Orleans ‘Watcher’ movement.

Peter Thorp: Disney employee in charge of ‘special relations’.

Phillip Costa: Mickie Monroe’s boyfriend, conflicted about whether Alex is helping or hurting her following her injury.

Phillip Rosenthal: Los Angeles Film Producer.

Poongatse (field mouse): Sick Paiute woman Dr. Reinhart and Jennifer have been treating.

Rachel McKinsey: A 33-year-old Seer who wandered into Winona’s practice hall.

Reggie Fitzpatrick: Diane Kennedy/Winona’s Tour producer.

Robin Peters (Morning Bird): Hualapai Medicine Woman (Seer).

Rodger Jones: Chalise’s father, the man who hired a Chicago bookie to murder Alex.

Rose: One of the New Orleans Seers.

Dr. Ryan Moore: The head of the Carbondale Memorial Hospital who helped Alex refine his ‘healing’ abilities.

Ryan Shafer: Megan Abrams’ boyfriend – that Alex takes to bed with him.

Dr. Simon Reinhart: Medical Research examining a remote Paiute tribe to find cheaper alternative treatments for their higher than normal incidence of cancer.

Shanna (Sanaa) Shenouda: A Coptic Christian of Egyptian heritage. Travel agent who handles his followers travel plans.

Stacie Powell: Seer Alex encounters while she was robbing a jewelry store.

Steve Blanco: Drummer for Winona’s band.

Stu (Stubborn Bear): Paiute man, 31, who Alex treats for an ‘unknown condition’.

Susan Simons: Backup singer for Winona’s band.

Taylor Moore: Female acoustic guitarist for Winona’s band

Winona (Beautiful Vole): A Paiute woman who approached Alex, telling him she had a ‘vision dream’ where he impregnates her, potentially fulfilling a prophesy that Kuubaa, a local village elder, made.

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