01: Cate’s Time

Building a Legacy

01:  Cate’s Time


“OK, everyone out,” Cate insisted, ushering the women from her brother’s room, despite their still struggling to get dressed. “It was nice meeting you all and I’m glad Alex could spend time with you, but we’ve got to get an early start in the morning so Alex needs his rest. He’s weak enough as it is, and after today he’s going to be exhausted.”

This time, after Patricia’s final concert in Los Angeles, Alex had taken three women to bed with him. He’d only boosted two of them. He’d brought the other back to talk about filling a role in his organization and had hoped he might accidentally boost her, but it hadn’t happened. Instead she’d taken part in the festivities, though Gail had been kind enough to take her off Alex’s plate, but now Cate was calling an end to it.

“Thanks every so much,” Kathy said effervescently, giving Alex a quick kiss before she rushed out, fastening her belt as she ran past Cate. “You’ll never know just what this meant to me.”

“Me too,” said Maggie, the Seeker who’d joined the festivities. “I’d have joined if you’d been playing Solitaire, but getting to watch Alex work his magic not once, but twice, is simply—”

“Yeah, yeah, we appreciate the sentiment, but unfortunately, we do know just how much this means to each of you,” Cate told them as they made their exit. “After all, this is hardly the first time we’ve done it. I’ll be in touch with each of you.” Cate herded them towards the door, making sure they had all their possession so they’d have no excuse to double back. “Our plans are a little uncertain at the moment, so we may be staying in town for another couple of days, so if we need you we’ll be sure to call.”

Cate hated acting like a bitch, chasing these lovesick women out when all they wanted was to cuddle up with Alex for the night. But she knew a couple of things they didn’t which necessitated getting them out.

“You too, Gail and Gini,” Cate insisted, referring to his two bodyguards. Although they’d do anything for him and would easily sacrifice themselves to protect him, sometimes they could be a little dense when it came to certain things. “Alex needs a chance to recover if he’s going to be ready for tomorrow.”

“Ah, couldn’t I just stay and relax?” Gail pleaded. Although she hadn’t worked as hard as Alex, she was also suffering from post-coital lethargy. “After all, you’re not the only one who likes to soak up Alex’s energy.”

“Look Gail, you know what we discussed,” Cate insisted. “Alex needs his sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a full day, and you staying here will only distract him. If you want, you can set up a defensive perimeter on the couch in the outer room, but Alex needs quiet for a change in order to recharge.”

“Look, I don’t know what you have planned for me,” Alex said, always annoyed to only learn things at the last possible moment, “but if it’s so important, shouldn’t we at least discuss it?”

“Alex, right now what you need is rest,” Cate announced, facing him with her arms folded like an old-time school marm as she glared at him. “Discussing what we have planned for the next several days won’t help you recover. We’ll discuss it in the morning, but right now, I want all distractions out of here. You’re running on fumes, and we need you ready for tomorrow.”

“You’ll get no arguments from me,” Gini announced as she headed out the door. “Although I don’t mind keeping watch while Gail plays, listening to the rest of you fool around has me distracted enough. I plan on heading to my own room, rubbing one out and getting some sleep of my own.”

“Ha!” Gail scoffed as she followed her out, heading for the outer room. “Like you could ignore all those telepathic orgasms he transmits during his little mini-orgies. It’s not bad when one of us Seers has an orgasm, as they’re easy enough to ignore. When Alex has one it strikes home hard, giving us all a nice buzz. But when he boosts someone, the effect is multiplied and it’s like getting an unexpected orgasm of your own. What’s more, it triggers mini-orgasms in each of the Seers, which cascades over you like a waterfall of bliss, keeping you seeing stars for several minutes. That’s impossible to ignore.”

For once, they’d talked Alex into getting a larger hotel suite. Normally he hated lavishing money on himself, afraid it would go to his head—although it hadn’t yet. It was still a deep seated fear of his; that being treated as an angel would eventually corrupt him, transforming him into a demon. He’d seen it happen enough to otherwise decent people, and he didn’t know how long he could resist the siren’s call to decadence.

“I certainly hope you’re in a better mood in the morning,” Gail complained, shouting so Cate could hear her as she collapsed on the couch.

“You know, for a big tough security guard, you can certainly whine when you don’t get your way,” Cate replied, closing the door.

“Cate, you really didn’t need to—”

“Here, eat this.” Cate shoved a banana and a cookie in his hand, shutting him up. “After that marathon session of the last two days, you need to get your strength up. You know you can only go so long running around like that. Since we got to LA for the conclusion of Patty’s tour, you’ve been running yourself ragged. There’s plenty we need to accomplish tomorrow. We’ll discuss it then, but right now I want you to eat something to restore your strength, and then get some decent sleep for a few hours. OK? I’ll be in to check on you in a while, and you’d better be asleep.”

Alex merely nodded as he ate the snacks Cate provided. Truth be known, he was exhausted and would appreciate some sleep. As much as he wanted to object, he was glad Cate chased everyone out, as the activity of the last couple days was even more hectic than usual. And normal wasn’t something Alex got nearly enough of.

Since they’d left Vegas almost a week ago, they’d stopped several places in California. Each one had been busy simply because there were so many more people here than elsewhere in his travels. Besides the locals at each stop, there was the constant stream of tourists too, both domestic and foreign. Then Patricia and her band had been so busy preparing for their last show, with Patricia herself demanding her night with Alex and Gail taking her own night the evening before, and Alex trying to boost as many people as he could. Seriously, there were only so many people you could screw before you got to the point of not being able to continue.

“Alex! I don’t hear you sleeping,” Cate called through the door. “Don’t make me come in and tie you down.”

Despite not liking being told what to do, Alex smiled as he settled down. If nothing else, Cate knew what he needed like no one else did, and she was right, he was really…. The rest of his thought was forgotten, as Alex was already asleep.

Cate settled down in the adjacent room and reflected on recent events and the reasons why Alex was so exhausted. It was hard to come to grips that such a long story had occurred over the course of a few short months, and she reviewed the events one by one.

Alex discovered his unique talent during a weeklong vacation in New Orleans. ‘Unique’ being the operative word because he was the only one in the history of humanity who had this trait. They didn’t understand it at first, assuming he simply drew people and somehow ‘activated’ them so they could read people’s auras. His followers described the auras as glimmering lights which revealed people’s health, emotions and personality traits.

Returning home, Alex tried to ignore his new abilities as he tried to blend in long enough to finish school. He wanted to remain a ‘normal’ teenager for that long. However, he couldn’t escape his new role for long. It seemed he now drew not only these Seers (women who could see these auras) and Seekers (those who couldn’t see these auras but still felt the energy which produced them), but also a whole slew of other women who found his new sense of confidence and power over others enticing.

But these abilities also brought problems. Aside from worrying about people discovering them, Alex also set certain people off. Several people—all men—tried to either hurt or kill him. The worst was his girlfriend’s father and brother arranging to have him assassinated. That attempt ended with Alex incapacitating the man, but not before he shot Alex in the throat, with Alex only escaping death by the thinnest of margins.

Once he graduated, Alex left the normal world behind as he, Cate and Gail set out on a cross country trip. His objective was to provide for his follower’s future survival. Traveling from one city to another, he did so by ‘activating’ and ‘boosting’ everyone he could. But that turned out to be interesting as well. The activations were easy, even if they were awkward. He’d simply encounter someone who sought him out, look into their eyes, and they’d suddenly have new abilities. Aside from detecting and seeing this new form of energy—which they called BCM after his three sisters—these abilities also included telepathy between Alex and the Seers, and through him, with each other.

He also discovered he could ‘boost’ those abilities by having sex with the women. The combination of mutual orgasms, opening up to people, building trust and sharing emotions somehow managed to open a door in the person’s mind. It allowed the Seekers to become the equivalent of an unactivated Seer, and the activated Seers the ability to telepathically communicate without having to go through Alex, giving them a higher degree of autonomy. However, since it was sexually based, Alex ended up having sex with a stream of women entering and exiting his life.

For someone as reclusive as Alex, this provided a real conflict. He really wanted nothing more than to run home and cuddle up with his two girlfriends, though he’d have been just as happy with only one. But the relationship between him and his followers was complex. Even though Alex activated these abilities in others, he possessed none of these abilities himself. While he could use his BCM energy to heal people, being unable to detect it himself he had little control over it. The Seers therefore were dependent on him to gain their abilities, and he was dependent on them to guide him in how to use them. What’s more, they were all dependent on the work he and Cate did in determining how those abilities operated.

During their cross-country trip they learned a great deal more about these mysterious abilities. Rather than directly gifting women with special visions, he instead created portals between dimensions. Cate theorized when he’d first done it as a child, he’d created a link to a high concentration of BCM—a form of energy all living things share—in another dimension which was much stronger than anything on Earth possessed. The end result was that he now possessed more than the human body could cope with, and it was threatening to drastically shorten his lifespan.

The Seers were incredibly response to this energy and when exposed to a source as strong as Alex’s not only healed quickly, but adapted existing areas of their brains to utilize it. It got fairly complicated, but it seems that when Alex created his first portal, he permanently linked his brain with a ‘quantum mind’—a completely theoretical physics concept where multiple creatures can share the same brain. When Alex created a similar link in the Seers’ minds, linking their brains to his, they used this shared quantum mind to communicate, which functioned just like the telepathy science fiction writers had been inventing for decades.

This all came to a head when Alex asked Cate to explore how he activated people. It seemed whenever Alex faced a major crisis, his abilities increased. When someone tried to shoot him during a concert, he’d gained the ability to ‘spontaneously boost’ people. That is, he could boost their abilities without sleeping with them. Unable to uncover how to do it consciously, Alex was driven to discover exactly how the entire activation process worked. If he could understand that, he could aid his followers without having to sleep with people he barely knew. They also hoped to understand what it was about the BCM that drove some men to violence.

Cate had a hunch and arranged for others to do the research she’d always wanted to do. They surprised him with a grand experiment to demonstrate their results: that his choices of who to activate was determined by looking into their eyes and noticing how they reacted to his BCM energy. For those most receptive to it, he created a permanent link in their brains and they developed the mechanisms to process it. For those less receptive, he created a smaller ‘boost’, allowing them to not only ‘sense’ emotions, but to relate to Alex on a much deeper level. Finally, they learned that the people who reacted negatively to Alex were actually reacting to the same BCM energy. They’d take an immediate dislike to him, and then struggle to justify their hated. As their anger grew, they became more and more willing to do anything to eliminate both Alex and the source of their irritation. Now that they’d learned how to recognize that response, they hoped to avoid such troubles in the future by watching how individuals reacted upon meeting him.

Finally, there was the matter of what came next. If Alex was essentially creating a new race of humans, a sub-species with an increased ability to read and understand people, he had to deal with what would happen after he was gone. If all these abilities were tied into his quantum mind, then would those abilities remain if he died? Either everyone would instantly lose their abilities, or if it lasted beyond his death, then they’d be the last generation of people with these abilities.

Thus Alex was in a race against time, trying to activate and boost enough people to create a biologically diverse enough community to allow the women’s traits to continue, but he also had to impregnate as many women as he could—Seers, Seekers and normal women—as he needed to ensure there would be someone who could carry on his role after he was gone, whether that happened in weeks or years.

Alex tried to meet, activate and then have sex with as many women as he could in each city he visited. A task made easier as his friend Patricia, herself a Seer, was involved in a cross-country rock concert tour they used to attract new followers. As a result, he was always preoccupied, exhausted and driven to do as much as he could. However, Patricia’s participation in the tour ended when she quit to record her album. That meant Alex’s effort would be less productive, but hopefully not quite as stressful and wearing as it had been.

Luckily, his efforts to produce an heir were borne out when they reached a remote Native American community of Piute tribesmen in Utah. While he stopped to help cure their cancers—another side benefit of his increased BCM levels—they recounted a series of ‘visions’ they’d had which revealed one of them would bear his heir, a child who’d inherit his abilities, allowing this new race of people to continue after him.

The relationship between Alex and his followers was indeed complex, so much that Alex had seemingly developed a ‘savior complex’ where he felt compelled to help as many people as he could, often to his own detriment. That too was something Cate wished to rectify. The way he was going, he would end up killing himself. They already knew the heightened BCM levels were killing him, but he seemed determined to advance his demise by doing too much, too soon. In fact, he’d already started suffering reactions where his BCM levels would fluctuate wildly, spiking one minute only to falter the next, altering his mood and his health. He would swing from feeling energized to being too weak to stand, speak or even eat the nutrients needed to recover. It was a complex codependent relationship which meant that Alex could never become too cocky, and the women were forever tied, not only to Alex, but also to each other.

All these thoughts ran through Cate’s mind as she carried out her tasks; showering, cleaning, freshening up and applying makeup. It was easy to see why Alex was so exhausted. Luckily Cate had a way of thanking him, and hopefully of getting Alex to relax and cut back on how much he was doing, before he did himself irreparable harm.

Cate was putting on the finishing touches when she reflected that, even given how much Alex had been through, he’d been especially stressed lately. Rather than easing up on his stress level once he’d solved his heir problem, he ratcheted it up even farther. No, there must be something else going on. And if she couldn’t figure it out, he’d keep pushing himself. She really needed to get a handle on this whole problem.

“Alex, it’s time to rise,” Cate whispered in a sweet cooing voice that contrasted from the strict one she’d used earlier.

“Huh?” he mumbled. The glare in the room irritated his eyes and he tried to block it out by laying his arm over his face. But then he detected the intoxicating scent of honeysuckle and vanilla. “It can’t be, it’s too soon.”

Removing his arm and glancing out the window, he saw it was still pitch black outside. It was then he noted it was brighter inside than out. Glancing back, he saw Cate reflected in the shimmering glow of candles smiling at him, the sounds of a saxophone wafted over him as romantic music played in the background.


“Sorry, I had to chase everyone out, not because of what we’re doing tomorrow but because we haven’t spent any time together. It’s about time I got a little romancing. Now I realize you’ve been too busy to do it yourself, so while you rested I took the opportunity to set up a little atmosphere. The rest is up to you.”

Alex leaned forward and kissed her. “I should have known you had something planned. I know how difficult things have been lately, and I apologize for that. The fact you’d do this not only for me, but for us means the world to me. I’m just glad you didn’t try this when we were traveling in the camper. I can see these candles sliding off the counters setting fire to your lab mice. Somehow I don’t think that would have been quite as romantic.” He kissed her again to prevent her getting upset about his teasing. “Have I told you lately just how precious you are?”

“I can always stand to hear it again,” she answered, drawing him back onto the bed. “Now, as much as I like hearing how wonderful I am, you do have to be up in the morning and you still need sleep, so less talking and more kissing, though you are allowed to tell me how much you love me.”

Alex didn’t bother answering her verbally, instead lavishing his attention on her with his tongue, though he held her still, allowing her to feel safe in his arms.

“Just how long are the candles supposed to last?” he asked, glancing askance at the scattered flames. “After all, I need to know how long I have to describe your beauty.”

“They’re supposed to last for half an hour. Normally I’d say just let them burn out, but seeing as they’re all resting on hotel property, I’m not sure they’d appreciate burn marks”

Alex appreciated seeing her enjoying herself. He’d been pushing everyone so hard that she hadn’t been smiling much lately. Seeing that all it took to restore it was simply spending some well-deserved time with her, he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t made the investment more often.

“Well, seeing as how I’ve already come several times today, I’d best get started, as I’m sure it’s going to take a long time and it looks like we’re on a different kind of clock now.” With that he pecked her one last time on the lips before kissing down her throat, along her collarbone to her chest where he spent some time working on her breast.

“Need some light to see what you’re doing? I think we could rest a candle on the other one since you’re not using it at the moment,” Cate teased, since he hadn’t even reached her nipple yet.

“Nope, I know this area well enough. I can find what I need by feel. After all, it’s about all I see when I’m dreaming,” he replied.

“Now that I find hard to believe,” she replied skeptically. “Out of all the women you go through, all the breasts you’re exposed to, all you dream about are these two little titties?”

“I’ve always been most impressed by your little itty bitty titty,” he responded, finally getting to the object in question as he quickly bit down on her nipple, generating a low moan of appreciation from her.

“You don’t dream of … say, some delectable young breasts, maybe some black and white variants? It seems to me there were two people you said you were impressed with before. What were their names again?”

Alex growled at her in response, gently biting her nipple again and shaking it like a dog does a stick, demonstrating he was trying to wrestle her attention back to where he wanted it. “They both have little itty bitty titties like you,” he replied before settling into sucking on her breast again, finally moving one of his hands to the other one to keep it busy as well.

“No one has itty bitty ones quite like mine,” Cate pointed out, enjoying how the rhyming words rolled off her tongue, “and I’m not sure they’d appreciate hearing you denigrate theirs like that.”

“You should know by now I always focus on the ones in front of me at any given time, but just as people pick out partners like their siblings because they have a similar build to their own, I’ve always been attracted to your small size because it’s so similar to mine.”

“The only reason why your breasts aren’t bigger than mine is because you keep burning energy so fast, otherwise with all you eat you’d have bigger breasts than Gail.”

Alex growled again, but instead of taking it out on her nipple, he leaned forward and kissed her again, which she responded to, then he punctuated it by biting her lower lip.


“Don’t go belittling my favorite breasteses. I happen to like them. If you want some bigger ones, go grab some. There are plenty around here on an ongoing basis.”

“Um, I do enjoy borrowing them for a few minutes, but you’re right, I like my own. They don’t get in the way when I do stuff, and there’s nothing at all to distract the nipples from getting all the attention.”

“Well, they do get a little competition from these,” Alex reminded her, running his finger along her slit, slipping it between her nether lips.

“Yeah, but you only think about those after my breasteses have already gotten your attention,” she corrected him. “As long as they know their place, and keep working like they are now, I think I’ll keep them.”

“I thought you wanted me to get busy so we can finish in time?”

“Hey, I’ve got no objections to moving this discussion into the bathtub after we blow out all the candles,” she pointed out. “But part of what I love about you is your mind, and the best way to appreciate that is to get you to talk. Call it part of my foreplay. If all I wanted was a dick, I could find that anywhere. What I’m interested in, is you.”

“Good point, but I hope you don’t mind if I attempt to disprove your point by putting my two lips to other uses?”

“Ah, two lips on my blooming tulips,” she sighed as he settled in between her spread thighs. “I’m not about to complain when you’re doing something like that.”

“Really?” he asked, lifting his face long enough to speak. “You don’t think Gail and the others do a better job than I do?”

“No, you’ve done an excellent job of learning from her. Your technique might not be as precise as hers, but knowing it’s you doing it makes all the difference. In that regard, you just have to be good enough for me not to focus on how badly you’re screwing up. So anything beyond that is wasted.”

“Sort of like ‘more than a handful’?” he asked, his smile glittering from the reflection of candle light in her secretions coating his face.

“Speaking of which, you seem to have a couple missing,” she reminded him, sighing deeply as he complied and settled back into his task.

“I wonder if Mom ever got it this good?” Cate asked absently, after several minutes of quiet slurping sounds accentuating the music in the background.

“Well, I’m not sure Dad ever got hands-on training by some helpful lesbians.”

“Oh? What makes you think that? Mom and Dad may very well have some lesbian lovers hidden away somewhere.”

“If he did, I think he’d have mentioned them when I first connected with Gail.”

“Still, I wouldn’t discount Mom and Dad’s playful spirit just because they haven’t included us.”

“Hey, do you want to talk about our parents, or do you want me to finish what I started here?” Alex asked pointedly, finding discussions about his parent’s sex lives more than a bit distracting.

“Oh, you can finish at your own pace, but the longer I keep you talking, the more intense it is when you resume, producing higher sexual tensions and prolonging how long I can listen to your voice.”

Alex didn’t bother responding, choosing to concentrate on his assumed task.

“You know, speaking of sharing things with the ‘rents, Mom says she’s gotten more mileage out of dad in the bedroom than she’d gotten before your powers first revealed themselves.”

“Yeah, Dad’s said something similar,” Alex agreed. “It seems when Mom finishes gossiping with the girls about my sexual prowess, she comes home and wants to try it out with Dad.”

“They’re not the only ones,” Cate suggested.

“Ur werr goir brir subir fup gaim,” Alex replied.

“Although I’m not going to complain when you answer like that, since it feels so delicious, you really can’t expect me to answer until I can understand you.”

Alex finally lifted his face this time, speaking a little more clearly. “I said ‘Oh, you’re going to bring that subject up again’. It seems you and Melinda had a huge fight about that a while back.”

“Oh, don’t worry. A lot has happened since then. I was pissed at her because she jumped line, trying to grab you for herself before I had a chance to do anything. I didn’t really object to the two of you getting together, just the way in which she did it. Though, to be honest, I don’t think I would have allowed either of them to try anything at that point in our relationship.”

This time, Alex didn’t bother to respond. Despite Cate’s eloquent response, he could tell by the timbre of her voice, her increased breathiness and the way her thighs were wrapped around his head that she was close, so he kept working until she tried to pull his hair out, then once she allowed him the freedom to do so by removing her tight thigh lock, he responded.

“So if they were here, you wouldn’t object to me doing this with them?” Alex asked as he crawled up her body, slowing working his jaw to get it working properly again. “Strange you never suggested something like that for Las Vegas.”

“If you’ll remember, they were both too busy doing work for you to attend,” Cate pointed out as Alex kissed her, before he started rubbing his cockhead in her channel.

“Oh, I remember,” he said, sliding his dick into her pussy, generating an appreciative moan from her. “But it just seems a bit too convenient to me. After all, what would you do if I did this to Becky?” he asked, sinking another inch into her. “Or maybe this to Melinda?”

“Lover, you could do it to Mom as long as you give me the rest of it. When are you going to figure out that I’m not jealous of who you spend time with. As long as you don’t forget about … me, you can even do Dad for all I care,” she responded, pausing only when he finally sank his full length into her.

“Really? So it wouldn’t bother you if I talked about Melinda’s breasts while I’m humping you?” he asked, just to get a rise out of her.

“Ha, like you even remember her breasts. You’ve only seen her naked that one time.”

“Oh really, it seems to me they were just about this big,” he replied, grasping two imaginary objects in space between them as he shoved especially hard into her.

“Who, her or Dad?” Cate teased, showing she could give as well as take.

“Oh yeah, and what if we wanted to do something you and I haven’t tried yet? Like maybe anal?”

“You need to remember that we talk a lot,” Cate pointed out. “Frankly, I think she’d be delighted by the idea. Although she hasn’t tried it yet, she’d like to, and she thinks she might like it too.”

“Melinda?” Alex asked, completely stopping in surprise at that news.

“Yeah, why do you think I never asked to experiment, testing out that anal sex hypothesis of yours, that an anal orgasm might trigger some unknown new ability? I’m just not that sensitive back there, but Mel, she just might like that particular challenge.”

“Well, it’s hardly much of a serious experiment,” Alex responded, getting back into his stride, thrusting steadily into her. He knew he had to work for some time before he’d be anywhere near an orgasm again. “I figure it’s the orgasm itself that’s the key. How you get the orgasm doesn’t really matter.”

“Oh really? Then pray tell, how come you never boosted anyone back when we all used to jerk off and do oral on each other?”

“You know what I mean,” he replied with a shrug. “It’s a sharing thing, and frankly, it’s mostly my own limitation. I need to know we’ve reached a certain spiritual plateau before I can let go. I figure the girl could probably fake an orgasm and achieve the exact same thing.”

“And why would they … do that? You only fake it … when you’re not getting them, and you’re ready for it to … end. If you’re literally blowing their minds apart, who’d bother interrupting you?” Cate asked, once more working to distract Alex, getting him to engage with her and also keeping him off balance while she concentrated on her own pleasure.

“Can you get your legs up on my arms?” he asked before continuing their conversation. When she complied, placing one in his arm and the other over his shoulder he replied as he thrust heartily into her again. “So you wouldn’t wonder if I managed to boost Melinda by fucking her ass when you’d never gotten the same treatment?”

It took Cate a few seconds to respond this time, since her brother was hammering her so much by then. “That’s … unlikely. You only … boosted me because … of my prolonged expos… ure.”

“But if I did boost her with an anal fuck, are you telling me you wouldn’t be there, waiting hat in hand for your own?”

“Oh, sure I … would. After all, as a dedi… cated sci… entist, I need to research… every possible… contingency.”

“This is wonderful, but I think I need a different angle,” Alex suggested, pulling out and flipping her over. Cate was more than ready to comply. It’d been a long time since she’d gotten a fucking like this from Alex. It seemed distracting him like this actually allowed him to let loose on what he was doing, not focusing as much on how she responded, while also not going overboard in the other direction, just letting loose and getting himself into trouble.

He pulled her ass back and up to meet him as he slid inside her again, thrusting hard as he held onto her small chest. Once he got himself situated, he struggled to reach her clit, but once she figured out what he planned, she took over that task, allowing him to grasp her hips for the proper leverage.

“And would you … oof … join us then? Actually…, sucking me off … after I’d booty fucked her?”

“You’d … never do that,” she responded, trying to speak fast so she could say something before he drove home in her again. “You’re not that much … of a neat freak … but making someone … suck shit from your cock just … isn’t your style.”

“Are you close?”

“Are you kidding? I’ve already had two minor ones, and I’m … building up to … a huge one. Oops, there’s another little one.”

“It’s going to—argh—take me a bit longer,” he responded as he continued to ravage her, trying to change his angle of attack to get as much friction as he could. However, she was becoming so wet that he was having trouble getting enough to get any further along himself. “Try turning … on your side and … putting your leg up … on my chest.”

“Like this?” she asked, after she struggled to move into the desired position, one she’d never dreamed of trying before. Now Alex was using her leg as a fulcrum to drive himself that much harder into her. The change in direction, angle and the sheer novelty of it was doing what he was looking for.

“Yeah, that works … nicely. You know … you’ve got about the best pussy … imaginable. It’s also ‘itty bitty,” he added with a wicked grin.

“That’s only because you’d never … trust yourself to do this … with anyone else,” Cate answered as her head was driven repeatedly into and over her pillow, all the while she continue to strum with her clit while the other braced herself against the headboard.

“How about … you?” she asked a few moments later. “I’m close to a big one … and if you don’t join me … I may not be here when you finish.”

“Just about,” he replied, thrusting that much harder into her. He managed to switch hands holding her leg without her noticing. “I’m just … about … there,” he responded before he shoved home especially hard even as he shoved his thumb into her ass, popping it into its unsuspecting target.

Cate screamed as if her crotch was on fire and Alex yelled too as he shot strand after strand into his most loyal lover. The fact her pussy was quivering around his cock made up for the friction loss he experienced from the girl cum she shot out.

“Just … a few …,” he got out before he realized she was no longer listening, her head being driven listlessly into the pillow, which was now getting tangled in her hair.

Not able to address that issue at the moment, he pressed home and used her leg to rotate her body, giving him the friction necessary to finish his tremendous orgasm. “Shit, that was the bes….” But he never finished that thought, as he joined his sister in the last refuge only the truly blessed ever get to visit.

“…lex, lex, ake up.”

The sounds were reaching him, but they weren’t making any sense. Rallying himself, Alex managed to crack one eye open with difficulty and glanced up.

“Damn, it’s about time,” Gail said, wiping her brow with her arm, relieved that Alex was back amongst the living. “What the hell happened to you two? I thought for sure someone had broken in through the window and massacred you.”

“The hell you did,” Gini corrected her, rolling her eyes.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Alex assured her. “We just had a powerful orgasm and passed out. You’ve seen it happen before.”

“Maybe, but in those cases, they didn’t stay out this long. I’ve been trying to wake you for several minutes. I was afraid we’d lost not just you but Cate too.”

“I’m fine,” he insisted as he struggled to sit up. Reminded by Gail’s words, he turned and glanced around for his sister. “How’s Cate?”

“I’m right behind you. While I appreciate the interest, Gail, the next time you come in to rescue us, could you be a little quieter about it. I was having the best dream about this amazing guy.”

Alex turned and stuck his tongue out at her before giving her another kiss and a longer hug.

“Wow, that was amazing!” Alex said, lying back down.

“You’re telling me. Did you pass out when I did?”

“Nah, I hadn’t finished my orgasm yet. I think the ejaculations kept me from passing out, but once they quit I was out of it.”

“Well you’d better eat,” Gail insisted, interrupting their recollections. “If you worked hard enough to do that, and make that much noise, then you’ll definitely need something.”

“I’ve got it right here,” Gini said, carrying in a plate full of food.

“I’m telling you, I’m really not that weak this time,” Alex insisted, though he didn’t refuse.

Cate cocked her head, examining her brother intently. “Actually, I think he’s right. We did something different this time. I kept distracting him, so he couldn’t focus on how I was responding or go nuts trying to zone everyone out. I suspect that’s where he gets into trouble. He couldn’t boost anyone without hours of sex because he always held himself back, trying to get them to respond before finally letting himself go. By keeping him distracted, he didn’t have time to think about how I was reacting and thus he didn’t wear himself out or last nearly as long. As a result, we both had much stronger orgasms.”

“Yeah, we both heard and felt them,” Gini responded with a cockeyed grin. “We could hear you both through the walls in the other room, and believe me, every single Seer Alex ever encountered knew when the two of you came!”

“It illustrates what we’ve been saying all along,” Cate explained, her eyes sparkling at discovering yet another new detail about Alex’s abilities. She let Gini’s observation pass in her enthusiasm. “Alex has been holding himself back. It looks like Alex’s partners have nothing to do with it. The boosting process is tied into his own orgasm, coupled with his emotional connection to the other person. If we can get him to let go and not worry about how the other person is responding—within reason of course—I think we can refine the whole process and save Alex a hell of a lot of time, energy and aggravation.”

“That might very well be, but just eat some on my account anyway,” Gail pressed, pushing Alex to eat instead of losing himself in Cate’s newest insight. “I don’t want him having a delayed reaction because he mistakenly thinks he’s OK when he isn’t.”

“All right, since you asked so nicely,” Alex replied with a grin. “But next time, if you ask me while you’re naked, I’m much more likely to respond quicker.”

Cate laughed at his little joke, although neither Gail nor Gini thought it that clever. However, Gail was happy he was eating and speaking sensibly. She’d been worried he’d had a brain aneurysm during sex and had somehow fried Cate’s brain in the process. Their combined orgasm had been that intense. That’s why she’d called Gini so frantically.

“So, is the happy couple OK now?” Gini asked sarcastically. “I swear, not only does he insist everyone watch him have sex, but then he gets his bodyguard to bring everyone in to listen to him gloat about it. If you’re OK, I’m heading back to my room to get some sleep. You two might not need it, but I certainly do.”

When Alex waved his agreement, she let herself out. Gail, however, insisted on babying him for a while longer, even insisting that Cate eat as well, since she suffered through whatever Alex had. But when he assured her he was fine, she got up, stripped out of her clothes and pushed him over.

“Good, then move over. I’m joining you because I need my sleep as well. What’s more, I need some serious apres-sex cuddling. Not to mention, all those telepathic orgasms have me hotter than the fourth of July! Now I won’t attack you, but I want that cuddling. Cate insisted I not only leave your bed so she could do God knows what with you, but she insisted I wake up and get dressed as well.”

“Say, what is it we’re doing tomorrow?” Alex asked.

“Shh, don’t worry about it,” Cate insisted, she and Gail cuddling up on either side of him. “We need our sleep. Just lie there quietly and radiate that BCM of yours so we can both soak it up for a while.” And that was all the information Alex got for the rest of the night.

“OK, now come on,” Alex insisted, getting impatient no one was answering his questions, “why are we in such a rush this morning?”

“If you must know, we’re on our way to the airport,” Cate said, refusing to meet his gaze. She seemed preoccupied with the view out the window, watching everyone on the street.

“Airport? Why the hell are we going to the airport?”

Gail glanced at Cate before sighing and looking at Alex. “Actually, I’m taking off. We hadn’t wanted to tell you because you were under such stress and working so hard we were afraid it would throw you off your game, but I’ve been planning this for a while.”

Alex spun on Gail, his attention taken off his sister. “And you’re just telling me now?” Alex sat back, took a calming breath and flexed his hands before turning back to her. “OK, you just explained why you didn’t tell me, though if you’ve been planning this for a while, I’m sure you could have found a quiet moment to tell me what you were planning. But now that the cat’s out of the bag, where the hell are you going, why are you leaving, and who am I supposed to depend on while you’re gone?”

“Relax,” Gini said, slapping him on the back, “I’m taking over all of her duties. That’s why she’s heading back. She finally found someone to relieve her so she can get back and take care of business.”

“Business?” Alex shook his head, glancing back at Gini hoping she’d be more forthcoming. “But she quit the Saint Louis police force. She doesn’t have a job to go to anymore.”

“The hell I don’t,” Gail corrected him. “Wiping your nose, watching your ass, getting your spare women off and being there whenever someone tries to hurt you is my full time job. But aside from that, I’ve got a solid security business I’ve been neglecting and which needs looking after. Right now all I have on staff are some girls to protect everyone in Carbondale, but I need to hire staff for New Orleans, Phoenix, and possibly some others for the other cities as well. Now that I’ve hired Gini, I’ve got to get back and sign the paperwork so I can start paying her, filing her tax papers and working out the compensation package. By the way, I’m counting on your BCM to keep her healthy so I won’t have to pay so much for her medical coverage.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Alex said, holding his hands to his forehead. “None of you thought this was important enough to mention? This was clearly important to Gail. If you’d mentioned it before, maybe we could have arranged something earlier so she wouldn’t be behind the eight-ball now. What’s more, is Gini even prepared for what you’re asking her to do? I mean, I still don’t think I need that much watching, but does she even know what to look for? How to evaluate people? How to—”

“Alex, relax. You’re running on a mile a minute,” Cate insisted. “We’ve worked everything out ahead of time.”

“Yeah, she’s been training me for the last week,” Gini said. “I already know about weapons and what to look for in a dangerous situation, and my nerves are excellent. She’s also been teaching me what to look for in people’s auras, and I was there when they did the final experiments in Las Vegas, so I know what to look for whenever you meet someone. I’m all set to go. What’s more, since you’ve been treating me, I’m much more low-key and even-keeled, so now I can keep my cool in any situation.”

“But we aren’t finished with our treatments. What happens if—”

“Take a deep breath, man,” Gini instructed. “You’ve resolved most of it, and if I need any more work I’ll be there guarding you 24/7, so you can treat me whenever you need to. You’ve got to learn to trust your people. You should know by now that you can trust me, and you should know Gail well enough to know that she wouldn’t leave you in the lurch.”

Having everyone assure him that everything was all right, Alex finally calmed down and thought before he said anything else.

“OK, I guess that makes sense,” Alex relented. “But you’ve got to expect me to be a little upset. After all, one of my most trusted friends has just announced she’s leaving me without any warning. That kind of news is going to upset anyone. It’s like getting a Dear John message on the way to the airport.”

“Speaking of ‘on the way to the airport’, we really need to be going,” Cate reminded everyone. “We’ve got to get her to the airport in enough time to get through screening, and she’ll probably need extra time to explain to TSA why she’s carrying a gun.”

“It’s locked in my checked luggage,” Gail assured her as she picked up her bags. “It’s fine, I’m licensed to carry it, but I’m not authorized to use it on the airplane since I’m not ‘trained’ to account for sudden decompression.”

Alex slapped his forehead. “Of course, why didn’t we think of that? Oh yeah, because no one told me!” Before anyone could respond, he got up to grab her suitcase, something the girls wouldn’t allow him to help with.

“Before we leave, there’s something I wanted to go over with you,” Cate said, turning serious.

“Yeah?” Alex asked, already cautious.

“It’s about the mice,” she said, “about the ‘Alex’ mice, that is.”

Frankly, Alex hadn’t been paying much attention to them of late. Although Cate carried them everywhere, since they’d been in LA for a while and they no longer had to make the next city, she hadn’t been lugging them around. They were always kept in the bathroom under the sink, but aside from noticing an occasional scratching noise, he never really noticed them.

Leading him over to the bathroom, she showed him the cages without saying anything. Alex looked closely at them while Gini and Gail prepared the bags. There were clearly several different classes of mice, which was apparent regardless of how they were organized. There were the ‘normal’ mice, which looked just like you’d expect mice to. Then there were the Seeker mice, which seemed healthier. There were also the Seer mice, which while no longer as fat as they were previously, were obviously more interested in things and busier than the other mice, showing they were healthier overall. Then there were the three ‘Alex’ mice, which represented the effects of his BCM on himself.

“They don’t look very good,” he observed, noting they were barely moving and seemed listless and unresponsive when he tapped the side of the cage.

“Duh? Clearly they don’t,” Cate told him. “They’re thin, despite eating continuously, but beyond that they look like they’re about ready to die. They’re too weak to even get up and move around. Now go ahead and give them their standard treatment and watch what happens.”

Alex did so, bathing them with his BCM energy for a full second, just as he normally did. Although he’d been doing this for a long time, he’d long ago stopped paying attention to what it did on an individual basis. It was just too gradual and potentially too emotionally involved to get wrapped up in. However, in this case the effect was obvious. The mice which had seemed near death rolled over and started moving around, poking the other mice, nibbling at their food and even jumping on their exercise wheels, suddenly filled with enough energy to do all their normal activities with a voracious appetite.

Alex glanced at Cate, his brow crinkled in confusion. “I don’t get it. They’re fine now.”

“Exactly. Before they could hardly move and now they’re full of energy. What’s the difference between them and you?”

Alex had to stop and consider that for a moment. “Uh, the amount of BCM they’re getting?”

“Not so much the amount, as we carefully calibrated how much to give them. Instead it’s the consistency. They only get the BCM twice a day, while you receive it continually. After they get it, you can’t hold them back, but after they’ve gone without it for half a day, they’re too weak to move and their health rapidly decreases.”

“So what’s the point?” Alex asked, rubbing his palm across his forehead although he had a feeling he already knew without her telling him.

“That it shows the effect of the BCM on you. Without the constant dosage, they quickly fall apart, and that’s from their exposure to the amount of BCM they get. The other mice are all functioning quite well. It’s only the Alex mice that are ill. They look like little old men; their skin is wrinkled, they’re losing their hair and their organs are beginning to fail. But as soon as you give them their daily infusion of energy, they perk up and they are fine for another several hours.

“Again, meaning what exactly?” Alex asked, getting tired of being led to Cate’s point by the nose.

“That the only thing keeping you going at this point is the constant infusion of your BCM’s healing energy. Frankly, it should have killed you at this point, but what’s killing you is also keeping you going. It’s a strange mix, but is seems to be working somehow. But if you take it away for only a short time, they fall apart. You need to be aware of this because it not only demonstrate how badly off they are from being exposed to BCM, but also how quickly you can fall prey to its effects if it ever eases up.”

“You mean when I have those episodes where the BCM level varies?”

“Exactly. Sometimes it increases, but usually that’s followed by its dropping off afterwards, at which point we have to peel you off the sidewalk. But other times the BCM level drops for no apparent reason, and then we just have to put you to bed. You need to be aware of what those episodes imply to your overall health.”

“OK, I get it. But the point is there’s really nothing I can do about them. I can’t control how much energy I’m exposed to. All I can do is vary how I behave. My actions won’t change my exposure level. My actions don’t change what my exposure is, so I really don’t see what the real object lesson is here.”

Here Cate leaned over and kissed him, before pulling back and replying. “Only that we’re very worried about your health, and that when we tell you that you need to do something, there’s a very good reason for it. You’re always so focused on something else that you often overlook the basics. Now come on, we’ve got to get Gail to the airport.”

And with that she led them all out the door with no further comment on the mice.




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