Character List

Character List


Alex Jennings: The story’s protagonist, a 17 year old boy.

Becky Jennings: Alex’s eldest sister, a 22 year old nurse.

Cate Jennings: Alex’s youngest sister and confidant, a 16 year old high school student.

Frank Jennings: Alex’s father, a 45 year old office worker.

Linda Jennings: Alex’s mother, a 42 year old stay at home mom.

Melinda Jennings: Alex’s older sister, a 21 year old college student studying music.

Alex’s ‘Girls’:

Allison Livermore: A former New Orleans high-class escort. Alex’s 3rd activation. 26 years old. Used to use the name “Amber”.

Anh Ngo: Alex’s 4th activation, a 52 year old Vietnamese grandmother. Alex’s unofficial spiritual guide.

Brooke Knowles: Alex’s 5th activation. A 37 year old emergency medical technician (EMT) in New Orleans.

Gail Sanders: Gay cop that Alex activates after being sent to the hospital.

Jennifer Pickford: A bone cancer victim Alex meets in his hospital tour with Ryan Moore. Alex activates her in the hospital room.

Natalie Mendoza: A 28 year old hotel employee and the first ‘watcher’ that Alex adopted. He pulled her into his group to illustrate to his parents just what he was having to deal with.

Nikki (Nicole) Gordon: A 19-year-old college studenr. Alex’s ‘lost girl’.

Patricia Moore: Alex’s 2nd activation. A 28 year old jazz/blues singer who traditionally tours the south. Currently in New Orleans.

Rebecca Boles: Another of Alex’s adopted ‘watchers’. She was a nurse at the New Orleans hospital Alex went to when he revived a man suffering from a heart attack.

Shaniqua (Shani) Sharp: Alex’s first activation. A 24 year old Jamaican-American Human Resources worker.


Adrian Hart:  Famous Action Movie star, getting older and showing his age. Comes to Carbondale for heart surgery because of promises it will help continue his movie career.

Albert Rodriguez: A New Orleans’ Times-Picayune Newspaper Reporter. Wrote some snarky articles about Alex which cast him in an unfavorable light and attracted him unwanted media attention.

Dr. Alice Lovett:  Owner of the Alice Lovett Fertility clinic in St. Louis.Principal Andrew Phillips: The Eldorado high school Principal.

Amanda Becket: Working mother Alex meets outside of St. Louis. A type 2 Watcher.

Amanda Li:  A Chinese-American woman working for her father in a New Orleans business looking to get impregnated by Alex.

Anna (Annabelle) LaForge: State Policewomen operating outside of St. Louis.

Dr. Avers Peterson: Head of Psychological Services at Carbondale Memorial Hospital.

Audell Wharton: Hired gun from Chicago who attempted to kill Alex.

Bao Luong: Anh Ngo’s adult son, a fisherman in Biloxi, Louisiana. Father of Victoria.

Bastian Oates: Hired gun from Chicago who attempted to kill Alex.

Becky Roe:  A black hairstylist who is looking to get impregnated by Alex.

Brandon Jones: Chalise’s older brother, who storms into Alex’s house and attacks him after Darrell mistakenly tells him about Alex.

Brandy Stevens:  New Orleans Child Services worker who is hoping to bear Alex’s child.

Brian:  Rose’s boyfriend. After he helps Alex with some electronic issues, Alex asks him to take over technical issues for the New Orleans community.

Caroline Jones: Mother of both Darrell and Chalise (one of Alex’s potential girlfriends).

Carrie Meier:  Red-headed shy 19-year-old college student. One of three girls subleasing Allison’s apartment in New Orleans. Each is a potential watcher.

Catlin Johansen:  Jilted girlfriend living with her brother and sister-in-law looking to have Alex’s child.

Chelsea Kurtz:  Patty’s wardrobe person. Part of her tour group.

Christie Hollie:  Lauran Fraser’s lesbian life partner. They both wanted to raise a child of Alex’s, even though Christie is neither a seer nor a watcher.

Clara Swift:  Kevin and Nick’s surrogate. A young watcher herself, she is anxious to help save her new community, but isn’t ready to start a family herself yet.

Clara Thomas: Somewhat unstable woman attracted to Alex in St. Louis.

Cynthia Ackerman:  Dark haired 21-year old college student. One of three girls subleasing Allison’s apartment in New Orleans. Each is a potential watcher.

Daniel Vertiz:  Grace Barlow’s 17-year-old high school boyfriend. Not a fan of Alex’s.

Darice Chavira: A Hispanic-American ‘watcher’. One of the three leaders of the New Orleans ‘watcher’ movement.

David Samuels: One of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans ‘watcher’ movement.

Debbie Grant: A 10-year-old Seer that Alex encounters while driving into Memphis, TN.

Diane Lane:  20-year-old philosophy/writing/computer design student at SIU.

Diana Tucker: Potential Seer selected by Patricia.

Dr. Edward Padilla: 56-year-old Chief of the Neurosurgery department at Carbondale Memorial Hospital.

Emma Burks: A young girl from Springfield, Missouri who encounters Alex in a Memphis hotel. A brunette with a cute smile. Friends with Sarah Hamm..

Erica Mayes:  Guitarist for Patty’s band and a Watcher.

Erin:  A 2nd year intern Liv Bisla sends to observe Alex’s treatment of Rachael Emmerson.

Fredrick Washerstein: Kitty’s father.

Grace Barlow:  A high-school senior Alex activates in Beaumont, TX. An uninspired party girl who doesn’t want to grow up, until she meets Alex, who fills her with the desire to excel in order to help him.

Harriet (Harry):  A New Orleans Seer observing religious protests around New Orleans for Alex.

Henry Dunn: Patricia Moore’s one time boyfriend/manager. 32 years old.

Henry Ott:  Husband of Kelly Ott, a woman that Alex activated in a hotel in Memphis.

Jack Padgett:  Part of brother/sister pair Alex and Cate meet in New Orleans.

James Jones: Chalise and Darrell’s oldest brother, a football player for Northeastern University in Chicago. A senior who’s ready to turn Pro after he graduates.

Jennifer Weston:  A 13-year-old kidney dialysis patient whose mother dragged her to New Orleans, hoping to get Alex to help her.

Jenny Cox:  New Orleans watcher who wanted to use Alex as a sperm donor for her and her husband. Alex assigns her to take charge of all the women wanted access to Alex’s sperm.

Jenny Ott: 5-year-old daughter of Henry and Kelly Ott.

Jordan Sterling:  Patty’s make-up artist, part of her tour group.

Joshua (Josh) Knowles: Brooke’s 11-year-old son. Thinks of Alex as his chance to have a real father figure in his life.

Kelly Ott: A housewife and mother of two that Alex meets in a hotel in Memphis.

Kevin Eldridge:  A young gay male interested in starting a family. Partnered with Nick Griggs.

Kevin Grant: Debbie Grant’s 12-year-old brother..

Kimberly: Young female artist suffering from bipolar disorder.

Lauran Fraser:  Lesbian Watcher interested in starting a family with her partner.

Lisa Woodrow: St. Louis TV Reporter.

Liv (Anadjot) Bisla:  Sikh Indian-American girl surgeon in a Memphis.

Mac (Mackenzie) Schumacher:  Drummer for Patty’s band.

Margaret:  A New Orleans seer who has been observing religious protests around the city for Alex.

Martha Washerstein: Kitty’s mother.

Mary Emmerson:  Rachel Emmerson’s mother.

Melissa Riedel: Gail’s girlfriend who stayed behind to watch over Gail’s apartment in St. Louis.

Michael Grant: Debbie Grant’s father. Both he and his wife, Sarah, didn’t react well to Alex’s offers of assistance are in deep denial about their daughter’s abilities.

Detective Michelle McCallister: A local 38-year-old Eldorado police detective.

Molly Bishop:  A law professor at SIU.

Morgan Kohler: 33-year-old Texas housewife and mother of two.

Nick Griggs:  A young gay male interested in starting a family. Partnered with Kevin Eldridge.

Nicole Mullins: Quiet abused woman who suddenly finds her voice after finding Alex.

Peter Hammond: A New Orleans barrista and an oddity for Alex and Cate, a male ‘watcher’. Is now one of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans ‘watcher’ movement.

Rachel Emmerson:  A young kidney dialysis patient Alex encounters in a Memphis children’s hospital.

Rakeem Peters: Chicago racketeer with a long criminal history who attacked Alex.

Rodger Jones: Chalise and Brandon’s father, husband to Caroline, who shows up at the hospital after Alex is attacked by his son Brandon.

Rose:  One of the New Orleans Seers.Christina Padgett:  Part of brother/sister pair Alex and Cate meet in New Orleans.

Dr. Ryan Moore: The head of the Carbondale Memorial Hospital near Alex’s home.

Sammy Tipton:  Keyboardist for Patty’s band.

Sarah Grant: Debbie Grant’s mother. She and her husband, Michael, didn’t react well to Alex’s offers of assistance are in deep denial about their daughter’s abilities.

Sarah Hamm: A young girl from Springfield, Missouri who encounters Alex in a Memphis hotel. A redhead with a full figure. Friends with Emma Burks.

Shanna (Sanaa) Shenouda:  A Coptic Christian of Egyptian heritage.

Steph (Stephanie) Ott: 2-year-old daughter of Henry and Kelly Ott.

Steve McCullough: An older man who suffered a heart attack and whom Alex revives with Brooke Knowles assistance.

Stuart Johnson: Nicole’s Mullins long suffered boyfriend.

Susan (Suzy) Knowles: Brooke’s youngest daughter, 9-years-old. Alex’s youngest ‘watcher’.

Susan Weston:  The mother of a young kidney dialysis patient who followed Alex to New Orleans hoping for his help in healing her daughter.

Tim Renolds: Coma patient that Alex revives.

Tina Shaw:  a twenty-year-old college student of the University of Mississippi, who helped Melinda set up a sorority at SIU.

Toby Sorensen: Slightly overweight State Policeman operating outside of St. Louis. Partners with Anna LaForge.

.Tracy:  A New Orleans watcher who has been observing religious protests around the city for Alex.Amy Ray: A nineteen-year-old college student from New Orleans who helps Melinda set up a sorority at SIU.

Valerie Albright:  Blond 20-year-old college student. One of three girls subleasing Allison’s apartment in New Orleans. Each is a potential watcher.

Vicky Amhurst:  A Seer Alex activated in the park in New Orleans who volunteered to stop the mass tattooing effort that his followers were planning on getting.


Alex Flores: The ‘other’ Alex. Maria Flores gay brother and Alex’s lunch mate.

Brian Simmons:  Young 15-year-old transsexual, born Beverly Adams (Simmons is his mother’s name maiden name).

Chalise Jones: One of Alex’s potential girlfriends, a 16-year-old sophomore in Alex’s high school. Alex first became aware of her when her brother, Darrell, threatened him over another girl.

Darrell (Bulldozer) Jones: The brother of Chalise Jones, one of Alex’s potential girlfriends. First met Alex when he threatened him, telling him to keep away from Kitty Washerstein. Alex returned his animosity by asking the girl (Kitty Washerstein) to date him. An 18 year old high school senior and football star.

Jeff: High achieving student that takes offense at Alex and tries to embarrass him.

Jimmy: One of Alex’s best friends.

Kitty Washerstein: One of Alex’s potential girlfriends, a 17-year-old junior in Alex’s high school and one of his two potential girl friends.

Maria Perez Flores: 17-year-old Hispanic girl, a little shy thing with a cute tinkling little laugh.

Mia Amendez: A 17-year-old Gosh chick lunch mate of Alex’s of Mexican-American descent.

Tony [Sasaki]: A Japanese-American schoolmate of Alex’s. Actively dislikes Alex.


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