02: Follow-Through

02: Follow-Through


I woke up feeling refreshed, renewed and full of energy. However I was also mystified by the absence of any bodies beside me. I glanced around and saw no signs of anyone. I doubted that anyone had slept with me, because the bed didn’t show the usual signs of having multiple inhabitants in it. I know that Cate had accompanied me to bed, but I also saw no signs of her either. Thinking this was strange and picturing some secret cabal meeting downstairs, I got up, visited the bathroom briefly, and was preparing to throw on a bathrobe to go downstairs and investigate, when it occurred to me that I didn’t need to bother.

Hey, where the hell is everyone?’ I asked my girls scattered around the house.

Oh, hey, Alex. We’re glad you’re up,’ Shani responded. ‘We’ll be up to join you in the shower, go ahead and get the shower going and we’ll be there in a moment.’

Is there something going on that I should be aware of?’ I asked, nervous whenever my girls got together. After being ambushed by everyone the other day about my need to begin impregnating everyone, I was a bit nervous.

No, no, most everyone is just getting up. It’s still early.’ Shani replied. I could tell as the timbre of her voice changed that she must be moving around, rousing people as we spoke.

Hey, I didn’t mean to disturb anyone. I guess I didn’t realize how early it was, but I was just surprised that no one was here. Where did everyone sleep last night?

I slept on the couch,’ Gail informed me. ‘Shani and Anh slept in Cate’s bed, while Cate slept on the rug. She said she was young enough to sleep on the floor.’

Your mother says that it might be time to expand the house a little,’ Anh informed me, just as I heard my bedroom door open. I’d just gotten the shower at the right temperature, so I pulled the curtain back and leaned over in a beckoning gesture that everyone arriving would be sure to recognize.

“It’s just us,” Shani and Allison announced. “Gail’s still helping straighten up Cate’s room and Anh is already busy in the kitchen.”

“So why couldn’t anyone sleep in here last night? There was plenty of room,” I asked.

“No way, cutie,” Shani said, kissing me as she entered the running shower. “We wanted to leave you with your memories last night. We figured that to do anything would mess up your memories of that important event before they had a chance to fully sink in. Besides,” she paused while she and Allison joined me in the small shower. “We were afraid that now that you’d already done the dirty with Kitty and Chalise, that the rest of us may not be able to resist you any longer.”

“Hell,” Allison told me, while beginning to scrub my front and Shani did my back. I was merely waiting for someone to pass me the soap when they finished with it. “I don’t think any of us would have resisted if Alex had ever pressed or even asked us if we’d like to give it a try. It was all any of us could do to not jump his bones when we first saw him.”

“Well, as strange as it sounds,” I said, starting to soap up Allison now that she’d handed me the soap, with the obvious twin globes dancing in front of me. “I’m glad we waited. I think you were right, Shani. My relationship with the girls is much stronger, and I got to learn how to better control myself in the process. Though I must say,” I continued as Shani began scrubbing my head with a generous coating of shampoo. Despite my doing it frequently with the girls, I rarely got the favor returned due to my height, which made it difficult for them to reach me. But I surely appreciated it, as I groaned while her nimble fingers worked the shampoo into my scalp.

“As I was saying,” I said, shaking my head slightly but not enough to dislodge Shani’s fingers, “I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to resist any of you much longer as it is.” As if to emphasis my point, Allison’s hand had wrapped around my throbbing erection as she leaned into me, pressing her soapy breasts against my chest as she kissed me.

“Don’t even think it,” she whispered to me when she broke the kiss. “We want to make sure of the rules with your new girlfriends.”

“But I thought they made it clear that it was OK with them?” I pointed out.

“They did,” Shani acknowledged, taking over while Allison was indisposed, and kissing me. “But we still need to work some of the rules out. Like just how much of you are we allowed to enjoy? How often and what’s allowed and what’s not? How many per night and which nights are we not allowed? Those are all things we have to work out,” she explained.

“Arrgh!” I replied, since Allison had dropped to her knees while Shani had been speaking, using the water cascading down my front from Shani’s washing out the shampoo from my hair to finally rinse my cock and balls off. As soon as they were clear she suctioned me into her mouth and set out to get me off at a rapid pace. I simply grabbed onto her face and gently held it as she went to town.

The curtain pulled back about then, revealing a naked Gail looking in at the scene before her. “Oh, I see I have a few minutes to wait yet. No hurry, finish him off properly then I’ll climb in when you all climb out.” With that she closed the curtain again and went about her business, whatever that might have been. I was too busy gurgling as Allison continued to blow me. As I pressed back against Shani, she held me up and in place as her hands got busy playing with my chest, caressing my nipples with her soapy hands. Geez, do these women know how to treat me right.

Just to let you know, breakfast will be ready whenever you get down,’ Anh informed me.

Er…, I’ll … be right … down,’ I told her, as succinctly as I could.

Ah, I kind of figured you’d be busy. Take your time, it’ll keep,’ she assured me.

Anything anyone else might have said was lost as I proceeded to fire off into Allison’s hungry mouth, while Shani held me steady, massaging my nipples while she sucked on my ear as I eased my nonexistent stress into Allison’s tummy. I managed to stumble from the shower with Allison’s help while Shani finished her shower and Gail went in to join her.

“Hey, doesn’t that count?” I called to Shani as I began drying Allison.

“Nope, both girls knew we were already doing that much, so that’s just standard fare. Anything more we’ll need permission for,” she informed me. I just grunted and concentrated on the important task in front of me.

When we got downstairs everyone greeted me warmly, included my father, which still surprised me. I guess he really was over his little temper tantrum over Cate and I getting together. Mom kissed me good morning and Cate brought me a cup of coffee as she collected her own hug.

“So, I guess someone finally made a man of you, huh?” my father asked gruffly, smiling the whole time.

“Yeah, but it took two to get me there, no thanks to all the women around here,” I teased back. Anh playfully slapped my arm.

“So I missed sleeping in your arms last night,” Cate informed me, “but your girls didn’t think it was appropriate.” She glanced up at me as if asking if that was the right thing to do.

“Don’t worry. Although I was surprised to find myself alone, I think they had a good idea going. I do feel excellent this morning. Unfortunately Shani tells me they have yet another meeting scheduled.”

“You have no idea,” Cate told me. When I looked at her quizzically she continued. “We plan on bringing your new girlfriends up to date on any details you didn’t cover, then I think Allison has some things to add and Becky said she had some things to discuss as well.”

“Man, I’d better keep you all in my bed every night, because otherwise you get together and scheme up all kinds of things,” I mock complained, smiling at her as I accompanied my sister to the breakfast table. As we sat down, Anh delivered some steak and eggs, prepared in a quasi-Vietnamese style, to both Cate and myself. I stopped her and gave her a kiss in thanks. She reciprocated, and then went to finish getting everyone else settled.

“No, apparently there are a few things coming up that need your attention. No one wanted to disturb you before the ‘big event’, so they’ve been sitting on the news until today, but you need to address a couple of thing before much time passes,” she informed me.

“Hmm, this isn’t going to be a ‘swamp Alex’ event like the other night, is it?” I asked, still nervous, though it was hard to get too bent out of shape since I was feeling so good.

“No, I don’t think so, but I’m not really sure what everyone is going to suggest either,” she told me.

Everyone was anxious to begin the discussion with my new girlfriends. No one was quite sure how they’d react, but they were pretty confident their attitudes so far meant they’d take everything pretty well. Dad just smiled knowingly at me, and we both knew I didn’t need to hear his frequent refrain again.

It didn’t take long for everyone to arrive, and we dove into the varied topics at hand. There was a lot to discuss, as well as a lot of things that had been scheduled in the next couple of days. However, I was still feeling too good to be overwhelmed this time, especially since I had two new girlfriends who seemed to be taking everything in stride. That reassured me like nothing else could. Especially since I knew that we’d soon have a second chance at what we’d begun last night. Hell, I had a boner practically during the entire discussion.

After the meeting broke up, I led the girls into the kitchen to look for some food, since it was nearly lunchtime. However the girls, mostly Anh, my mother and Shani, soon rushed us out, handed me an apple and telling us to keep ourselves occupied. Luckily we all managed to think of something that would do just that, as my apple was forgotten as we all proceeded to make out for a while. However the girls managed to behave themselves, thinking it would be embarrassing to start doing anything too forward while my parents and Becky were still walking around.

The women finally came to get us and we all headed in to a big lunch. The girls thought it might be a bit much, so soon before our upcoming ‘physical exertions’, but it was just what I needed as I was ready to eat a horse.

“So, girls, I think we should discuss some of the rules we should be operating under now that you and Alex have—” Shani started to explain.

“Relax, Shani, we already know what’s happening. We also know that you plan on getting pregnant, so we know that you’ll be anxious to get started. Even if you aren’t ready yet, you can always practice to make sure you’ll know what to do when the time comes,” Kitty replied, laughing gently.

“Well, it’s not just that,” Shani went on. “What about ground rules? Like, how many times a day are we allowed to make love with Alex? Who’s allowed, what’s allowed, and what kind of restrictions are you thinking of? Basically we want to establish some rules so you won’t feel we’re cutting you out or belittling you.”

Both Kitty and Chalise looked at Shani, then at the rest of my girls.

“Look, we know all of you are very watchful of both Alex and us,” Kitty told them all. “We know that you’ll do the right thing without us watching over your shoulders. We were teasing earlier when we told you not to wear him out, because we know that you won’t. If you want to have a huge orgy tonight after we leave, then go ahead. But we suspect you won’t, simply because we will have worn him out and he’s got things to do tomorrow. We also expect you’ll want some alone time to try to get pregnant, Shani, as well as Cate wanting her own time with him. I think you can manage to include us in all your normal scheduling, so we’re not worried at all.”

“It’s strange,” Chalise added, “we feel that we trust each of you almost as much as we trust Alex. Of course, we also know that if we ever do the wrong thing and put Alex in any kind of trouble, that all of you will make sure we don’t do it again!”

“Honest mistakes are allowed,” Anh answered, “just use your best judgments, just like you’re expecting us to,” she said clearly, having checked out her pronunciation with me beforehand.

“Anh, you’re, uh…?” Chalise started to ask.

“She’s still learning English, she’s been practicing speaking on her own, but she wanted to say the last bit properly,” I told her.

“So you…?” she asked

“Yeah, I give her the pronunciation mentally. That’s how she’s been able to learn it so fast.” Both Kitty and Chalise nodded at this sagely.

“So, are all the little details worked out? Can I, uh, go engage in some other activities for a while?” I asked playfully, glancing meaningfully at everyone.

“Go on,” my mother said, shooing us off. “It’s clear the three of you have been chomping at the bit. Go work off your excitement, you’ve been very patient.” The three of us hardly stayed around long enough to listen to the end of her sentence. We hurried to rinse our dishes and place them into the dishwasher before hurrying upstairs, giggling wildly the whole way.

We ran and jumped onto the bed squealing like little kids. I stopped both girls from stripping and proceeded to slowly disrobe them so I could enjoy it, and not just lose my appreciation of what I was seeing in a quick blur of motion. They looked at me oddly at first, but noticed my more somber mood and finally adjusted to it.

I unbuttoned Kitty’s shirt, examining and touching the skin across her chest as it was exposed, not even bothering to concentrate on her tits at the moment. When I finished doing that I walked behind her and helped her remove her shirt. I then folded it neatly and did the same with Chalise. As I was helping Chalise remove her shirt, Kitty reacted by saying, “Man, I wish I had your tits, Chalise. Mine are just so….”

I quickly looked up and gave her a look, then when she hesitated I jumped in. “Please, let’s not go putting ourselves down or saying anything about how anyone’s body should or shouldn’t look. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks, it’s that everyone has their own beauty that is uniquely theirs. While I appreciate Allison’s eroticism, I don’t begrudge anyone for looking different, and I wouldn’t want to see her breasts on Anh’s chest. Anh earned the respect she’s gained over the years, and it shows in how she carries herself. Part of that respect is in respecting both her body, her spirit, and everyone else’s as well.

“Kitty, despite having a smaller chest, it’s simply divine on you. It’s perfect and fits you to a ‘T’. I couldn’t ask for you to look more wonderful than you do at this very moment. But Chalise,” and here I turned her around so I could again look at her in all her glory, though I was more focused on looking her in her eyes, “looks equally as perfect with her larger breasts and more shapely curves. Each of these things makes you unique, and makes each of you especially valuable to me. Even your moles and freckles are just perfect as far as I’m concerned, as each one tells its own little story about your body and where it’s been during your lives. I just hope you’ll tell me each and every story.”

That was about as far as I got, because, for some reason they both decided to attack me for simply stating the truth. Chalise launched herself at me, kissing me wildly, while Kitty came up behind me and hugged me as well. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was that I’d said, after all it was kind of a mild rebuke, but I knew better than to try to argue with them at the moment, so I simply held them and accepted their heartfelt appreciation.

After a few moments of this, though, I had to interrupt them.

“Pardon me,” I said, finishing removing Chalise’s blouse and handing it off to Kitty, “but I believe I had something very important to attend to.” Kitty again laughed as I turned Chalise away from me and worked the catch on her bra, then gently peeling it away from her body, taking a second to catch my breath at the beauty I saw beneath. I whistled before tossing it to the foot of the bed.

When I turned to Kitty she was ready. She turned away from me and lifted her arms over her head. I appreciated the effort, but realized it meant that I couldn’t dawdle; else her arms would tire quickly. I eased the straps forward and pulled them, along with the bra, off her shoulders and off the front of her body as I gently kissed her neck before turning her and whistling as I studied her own wonderful physique. Thin, lanky and very pale, she was nevertheless beautiful and I marveled that two such beautiful creatures would bless me with their love. True, I appreciated them giving me their bodies, but I realized they were giving me much more than just that, and I planned to show them my appreciation.

I took a moment to lick Kitty from her tiny erect nipple all the way up across her chest, sternum, along her neck and ending up licking her ear. She shivered practically the whole way up. Stepping back, I smiled at her. As I did so, Chalise stepped forward and began working on my own shirt, unbuttoning the buttons from the bottom, allowing Kitty to step in and begin from the top in a very efficient manner. They soon had me bared, along with lavishing me with plenty of tiny kisses and multiple caresses.

Actually I wore a colored T-shirt under the shirt, but that in no way impeded them, and they quickly stripped that off as well in a well-coordinated effort between them. Chalise started to drop but I held her in place.

“Pardon me, I believe it’s my turn,” I told her, smiling at the happy look in her eyes.

I dropped to my knees and glanced up at Kitty. She quickly got what I wanted and unfastened Chalise’s belt and unsnapped her jeans. I then proceeded to slowly peel them down her hips, slowly revealing more and more flesh as I went. Kitty got into my little game and moved around behind her friend and our fellow lover and started to pull her jeans from the back, carefully keeping pace with me. I paused to kiss the paler area above her low cut panties, then to kiss her labia covered by bright red panties decorated with little pink and white hearts. I noticed that Kitty also followed my lead, as I saw her leaning in to kiss Chalise’s beautiful derriere as it was exposed. I liked the fact that they both seemed to enjoy these little games and rituals as I was inventing them.

As the jeans slowly descended her legs, we both kissed and appreciated her revealed thighs. When we kissed them, she shivered slightly, stopping to tell us that she loved us both just as we pulled her jeans down before she stepped out of them. After I removed the pants, I bent and kissed her feet as well, which generated a giggle that I figured was due more to ticklishness. As I stood to carefully fold the jeans I noticed Kitty turned her friend around to do the same thing to her as well.

Returning I saw Kitty kneeling at Chalise’s feet, looking up at me. I simply nodded at her and watched closely as Kitty wrapped her fingers around Chalise’s panties, slowly peeling them away agonizingly slowly, teasing me. I think she was surprised by her own response, as I heard her take a deep breath as Chalise’s beautiful naked pussy was revealed to us both. Stepping up to her, I quickly kissed Chalise as I ran my hand down over her mound and ran my finger up her slit, drawing her natural moisture to rub it into her waiting clit for a moment. Then I stepped back again and looked at Kitty expectantly.

She looked a bit nervous, but she simply bit her lip and ran her own hand over her friend’s labia, marveling at the smooth feel of the soft skin, the contrast between the dark skin and the pink inner folds revealed by her slowly opening lips making their own strong statement. She finally leaned forward and gently kissed Chalise right on her exposed clit, causing Chalise to shiver again.

I then stepped in behind Kitty and manually lifted her up from under her arms, until I had her standing between us. Chalise quickly caught onto my actions and we both dropped to our knees, and we repeated the entire scene again, this time with me appreciating Kitty’s exposed flesh from the back, while Chalise enjoyed the view from the front. As I kissed Kitty’s skinny little buns, I felt her shiver and knew that Chalise had copied my kissing of her covered pussy. I smiled at the thought. Both of these girls were really getting into it.

Chalise took the lead in the ceremony now, paying as much attention to Kitty as I had to her a moment ago. I was certainly no slacker, kissing the backs of Kitty’s thighs as they were exposed, as well as breathing in her scent as my face was near her crotch. Man, what did I ever do to deserve these two, I had to ask myself.

Chalise even followed my lead in removing Kitty’s pants and kissing her feet. When she stood, I dutifully turned Kitty around and took in her slim form, before I hooked my thumbs in her panties and slowly pulled them down, exposing her bare sex.

Chalise kissed her friend and slowly felt her up, then stepped back as I leaned in and licked from the bottom of her crotch all the way to her clit, making sure to bury my tongue in her slit. Kitty shivered and sighed as Chalise took the opportunity to kiss her and tweak her nipple.

“Man, I don’t know how much of this I can take,” Kitty informed us.

I simply smiled at them as I stood up. Kitty quickly sank to her knees and waited for Chalise to unfasten my jeans, then slowly began working them off of my hips while Chalise sank to her knees behind me. I felt myself get goosed, making me thrust my pelvis towards Kitty’s face leading to her giving it a kiss. However, she kept her face right against me as she peeled my jeans down, exposing my jockey shorts covered erection to her ready lips, which she used to kiss it as her lips continued down.

I thought I was ready to explode, feeling the kisses alternating now from front to back. I wanted to touch them with my hands, but ended up simply balling them into fists over and over, trying to keep from grabbing either of them and going wild.

As Kitty removed my jeans and softly kissed my feet, I waited to feel Chalise turn me around, knowing perfectly well what was to follow. This time she waited until Kitty returned and knelt beside her before Chalise shimmied my jockey shorts down, slowly revealing my lengthening cock to their view. I could feel their bated breaths against my sensitive flesh, and both shivered and felt my cock twitch and jump towards them. They both jerked back as my cock broke free of its restraint and slapped my stomach, leaving a couple of wet spots as my precum sprinkled over my exposed flesh.

Kitty leaned in and licked the droplets off my stomach while Chalise licked me from the base of my balls to the very tip of my crown. I almost shook uncontrollably as I struggled to restrain myself throughout this whole procedure. When they both smiled up at me, signaling that it was officially over, I thanked my lucky stars that I had managed to control myself throughout the entire thing.

Bending down, I first helped Chalise then Kitty to their feet. As I pulled them both to the bed they both stopped me this time, forcing me to sit. It didn’t initially occur to me what it was they wanted until Kitty situated herself between my spread thighs.

“We can’t forget your traditional premature ejaculation avoidance procedure,” Chalise whispered, leaning in to kiss me as Kitty took me into her mouth and proceeded to give me an excellent but hurried blowjob. She was looking to relieve my tension, not build me up any more, but I could still detect her appreciation of what she was doing. Chalise would occasionally giggle at Kitty’s actions as she worked on my cock. Just for fun, I took Chalise’s hand and put it behind Kitty’s head, letting her guide her friend’s actions herself. Moving away from our kiss, Chalise took her new task seriously, trying to guide the motions of Kitty’s head to my own responses to her oral ministrations. All in all, in was an exquisite experience.

It took no time before I was suddenly spurting down her hurriedly gulping throat. She managed to jack the base of my cock to ensure she got all that I had to offer, and she didn’t let any of my essence escape her lips. When she finished Kitty pulled back, opening her mouth to reveal to us both the treasure she’d successfully captured. Chalise simply leaned down and kissed her, exchanging my load with her as I tried to recover, still breathing heavily.

While I hated to miss something as exciting as two beautiful women sharing my fresh cum between them, I couldn’t help but fall back on the bed in exhaustion. However, my two lovelies soon joined me. Chalise kissed my cheek briefly, as Kitty pressed her naked flesh against me and gave me a deep kiss, letting the remainder of my cum slip into my mouth as she did so. I don’t know what she was expecting, but I’d already been through this with my other girls so I knew what to expect. I simply swirled it around in my mouth then simply passed it back to her, so she could appreciate my gifting it back to her again.

When she finally pulled her head away she had a slightly disappointed look to her face.

“Aw, you’re no fun. I was waiting for you to react like guys are supposed to at the thought of tasting their own sperm.”

“As you may have noticed by now, I’m not exactly ‘most guys’,” I replied, smiling at her. Chalise leaned in and gave me a deep kiss as well, before pulling back enough to speak.

“I knew it wouldn’t work, but it was still fun to watch her reaction,” Chalise told us both, smiling at her friend’s disappointed pout. “Alex doesn’t do any of the usual guy stuff. I’m sorry, but if you are looking for a reaction, you’ll have to top prostrating Vietnamese grandmothers and armed cops in hospitals. He’s used to everything else by now.”

We laughed and cuddled. We were much more relaxed than we were last night, simply having fun and enjoying ourselves, although I still took what I was doing very seriously. I wanted to make sure their second night with me was just as exciting as their first.

We proceeded to make out in our new tradition of trading kissing between three people. The girls didn’t shy away from kissing each other now, and that made me feel good as well. My other girls still weren’t all over the whole girl on girl thing yet. As I would kiss one, the other would usually lie against my chest and nibble on my ear while whispering encouragements to the both of us.

We were all just taking it easy now, teasing each other and egging each other on. My cock was kept entertained with either one hand or the other, or the occasional mouth. I was usually kept a little too busy kissing to do much in the way of an oral homage, but that was OK with me. I still managed to show them both all the love I had for them.

Finally Kitty got a little insistent, pushing me back and waiting for Chalise to hold my cock for her while she gracefully slid down onto it, sighing deeply as it slowly disappeared inside her. She proceeded to bounce a little bit, while Chalise kissed her and I played with both their titties, but Chalise soon got her to move aside so they could both try different variations.

They were more into trying out different things tonight. Chalise tried a reverse cowgirl while Kitty tried sitting on my face, but they both quickly decided they’d save that for later. Right now they wanted to be able to watch my reactions to everything that was happening to me. Then we tried doggy style, which we all liked because it allowed me to play with the various dangling bits below. Plus they both said they liked how they felt like I was driving them forward with each thrust. After that we tried it with me making love with Chalise while she kissed Kitty. Neither one was quite ready to go down on the other yet. I realized that would be a major obstacle for them to overcome, if they ever did, so I wouldn’t push it.

Kitty had me take her while standing up, followed by Chalise trying it with her legs over her head. However she found this difficult with her larger thighs and slightly bigger butt, so she quickly switched with Kitty to see how she did. Kitty handled it much better, her being so lanky and all. She managed to wrap her long legs around my neck and kissed me as I slowly worked on plowing into her.

All of this was done in a sense of playful exploration. None of us were in a hurry to finish or get anywhere in particular. Every time one of us would get a little worked up the other two would pair off, allowing the first to calm down again. Though I managed to ease some stress along the way by giving the girls a couple of mini orgasms. Finally we settled the way we had begun, with both of them kneeling on their hands and knees besides each other, as I pumped 6 or 12 times before switching to the other. This had the benefit that the time it took to move to the next allowed us all to cool down somewhat. However this had been going on for quite some time, so it wasn’t long before I was gripping someone’s thighs tightly, I wasn’t even sure whose at that point, as I plowed into them over and over, only to suddenly remember to switch and give my all in trying to nail the other’s forehead to my headboard with my dick. Finally it was all too much.

“I’m … going … to … cum!” I gasped out in between savage thrusts.

“Do it,” Kitty called out, getting up and coming around behind me to watch me pound into her friend. I started to thrust harder and harder, trying to reach nirvana for both of us when suddenly I felt this odd sensation as something popped into my back end, eased by plenty of self applied natural lube. The sensation was simply too much and I let loose, pumping stream after stream after stream into Chalise as she collapsed from my onslaught, resting her head against the bed as she braced herself with her arms.

Kitty wasn’t to be denied, though, as she ground her thumb in my ass, trying to search out my prostrate. I wasn’t sure I liked the effect, though I was sure enjoying a mighty strong reaction nevertheless. As I gave it my last shot, driving deep into Chalise, I simply collapsed off to the side pulling Chalise over with me, finally pulling free from Kitty’s invading appendage.

As we lay there, breathing heavily, there was a brief cheer from downstairs.

“Those sisters of yours, they seem to have the ancient Greek chorus routine down pretty well,” Kitty observed. I merely waved her comment off, too tired to respond to it yet.

“Don’t … ever … do that … again,” I managed to spit out.

“Not a big fan of the anal arts, are we?” Kitty asked.

“You could have … fooled me,” Chalise laughed, struggling to regain her breath. “Man, was that some pounding you … gave me.”

“I’ll admit, it had an effect,” I admitted. “But I’m not real partial to having things shoved up back there.”

“From what I’ve heard, some people are receptive to it while others just aren’t,” Kitty explained knowingly to both of us. “I guess it depends on how sensitive you are back there, as it allows you to relax enough to enjoy it.”

“Fine, if you like the idea so much I’ll shove something a little larger up your hind quarters then,” I offered.

“No thanks. You’ll have to get me REAL relaxed before I’m ready for that big monster back there,” she countered.

I glanced down at myself, watching myself deflate as we all lay flat on our backs. Everyone kept talking about how big I was, but I really didn’t think I was any bigger than normal. Maybe my presence inflated their opinion of my equipment. Or maybe I just understated my own size like I did everything else about me. I’d have to ask for an honest opinion some time.

The door opened and Natalie bounded in, carrying several glasses, a pitcher of juice and several pieces of fruit for each of us.

“Thanks,” gasped a tired Chalise. “What service, we should hold all our dalliances here, Kitty.”

“Hey, nothing but the best for the two girlfriends of our mighty spirit master,” Natalie teased. “Let me guess who was doing whom,” she laughed, watching the two of us lying exhausted while Kitty got up and got our drinks for us. She was showing a bit more energy than either Chalise or me.

“Hey, whose idea was the Greek chorus routine,” Kitty asked, trying her joke on a new audience since we hadn’t had the energy to respond.

“Don’t ask Alex’s sisters to demonstrate any of their Greek techniques to you, from what I hear Alex wouldn’t be able to stand it,” Natalie said, laughing as she started to clean up the scattered items of clothing lying around the room. And we’d been so careful to fold it all and put it so neatly on the corner of the bed, too.

“So, how come they all cheer whenever you have an orgasm, but we don’t rate a peep?” Chalise teasingly asked me.

“I guess it’s cause they’re all used to female orgasms, but in a house full of women a male orgasm still warrants an occasional chorus,” I smiled at them. They both groaned at my attempt at a humorous spar. Chalise turned to Natalie and was a bit more direct this time.

“I know you all love to tease Alex, but do you just cheer to embarrass him alone, or can you really not tell when he gives either of us an orgasm?”

“It seems to be a new extension of his abilities, though as usual it’s a bit minor,” Natalie explained seriously. “He manages to broadcast some of his emotional response when he’s cum with the two of you yesterday and today.”

“Oh,” was about all the response that Chalise could come up with.

“So, are any of you into ass play?” Kitty asked, clearly more ready to speak than the rest of us. Chalise and I were still trying to manage our drinks.

“I’m not really sure,” Natalie answered. “I’ve never tried it myself, though I know that Allison has done a fair amount of it. And I think that Anh said that she’s done some as well, but I don’t really know who enjoys it and who doesn’t,” she added.

“I tried to surprise Alex with a spermy kiss and it didn’t faze him at all, but I think I got the response I was looking for with this,” Kitty announced much too happily, holding her thumb up proudly. Natalie laughed, a little uneasily, perhaps, wondering whether she should be encouraging Kitty or wrestling her to the ground for what she’d done to me.

“Don’t worry,” she eventually said, “I’m sure if you want to give it a spin, he’d be only too happy to try plugging your back door.” With that she disappeared out the door, only to be replaced by Cate walking in with a couple of damp towels for all of us, since we were all pretty sweaty by now.

“Thanks, that’s really nice,” I told her.

“You really don’t have … a problem, seeing us all here with Alex, Cate?” Chalise asked.

“Nope. Just as long as you are all treating him well I’m fine with it,” she said as she started to wipe Chalise’s forehead with a towel.

“Sure you don’t want to join us?” Kitty asked, just to make sure.

“No thanks. I’ll wait my turn. I think I’d rather have my own alone time with him the first time he really makes love to me,” Cate told them.

“Don’t worry, he knows how to make it special. I’m really glad I…,” she stopped mid-sentence. I glanced up to see what was wrong, but she merely shook her head and went on. “Anyway, you’ll enjoy it, I’m sure. I know it will be special for the both of you, even if he wasn’t the super stud he already is.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, as I don’t have the energy to do any more,” I told them.

“Should I send in someone to take care of that for you?” Cate asked Chalise, glancing meaningfully at her sodden cum filled crotch.

“No thanks, I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that yet,” Chalise honestly replied. “I’m not even sure I’m ready for Alex to try it yet.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, I’m in a similar situation,” Cate replied somewhat mysteriously, since I couldn’t figure out what she meant by it.

Kitty was idly playing with my chest when she pulled back a little and got an odd expression on her face.

“Alex, are you going gray?” she asked, holding up a short gray hair.

“Me? Nah, it couldn’t be mine. It must be one of Anh’s,” I replied.

“Nope, it’s definitely too short and too fine for one of hers,” Kitty replied, once again demonstrating that women observe a lot more minor details about other women than I’d ever consider.

“Well it can’t be mine,” I protested. She turned and started poking around my few stray chest hairs.

“No,” she said triumphantly, holding up the end of a short strand. “Here’s another one.”

“A gray hair, you can’t be serious? I’m way too young to have to worry about that.”

“Nope, I’m sorry, it’s firmly attached to your chest, so I don’t think it belongs to anyone else,” Kitty responded, pulling on it to emphasis her point.

“Ow! OK, I get the point,” I said, trying to protect myself.

Chalise leaned over and started to pick through my hair with her hand.

“Hey, I’m sure it’s just a single odd occurrence, I don’t think—”

“You’ve got another one here,” Chalise announced. “And there’s yet another one,” she said, still searching through my head for more. This attracted Cate’s attention.

“Alex, has the stress been getting to you?” she asked, showing almost a motherly concern. Well, realistically, I guess you’d say it was more like a lover’s concern, which it actually was.

“I don’t think so. Of course I worry about a lot of things. Not so much about school, but about all the new things in my life. My responsibilities to everyone, about lost girls, about having to do what I did to Mary, about—”

“Yeah, we get the idea,” Cate said, “still this is not a good sign. Could you ask Shani or Allison whether they’ve noticed any stray gray hairs?”

Sighing in exasperation, I did so. Shani responded by asking if maybe we’d just found a stray hair of Anh’s. Seems that was a natural response. When I told her it seemed to be clearly mine she mentioned that she’d noticed a couple of stray gray hairs, but she hadn’t noticed any on me.

Usually when we’re with you, we’re interested in things other than counting your stray hairs,’ Shani told me.

When I explained this to the girls, Cate got serious. “Alex, I think maybe the stress is starting to get to you. Maybe we need to think about this?”

“And do what?” I countered. “Go on vacation and find another string of new women? Go for a drive and run across another new lost girl? Go out on a date? If I’m suffering from stress, and I’m not so sure that’s what this is from, I really don’t see how I’m going to be able to limit it.”

“I count about six scattered about his head,” Chalise announced. Kitty started to check my pubic hair but I quickly covered myself.

“Hey, I was just relaxing after relieving all of my stresses, and now you’re all conspiring to make me even more stressed. Let’s just ignore it for now. So I’ve got a few stray gray hairs. It doesn’t amount to much. At least I’m not going bald yet.” That finally got them to lay off, and we settled down again.

Cate actually helped everyone wipe themselves and each other down, although Chalise excused herself to clean up in the bathroom, dripping cum as she went. Once she came back we decided we needed a break. Kitty glanced at her watch.

“Oh no, look at the time,” she complained. “I’ve got to get home. My father will be angry if I miss dinner, since he doesn’t even know where I am. My mom can cover for me but—”

“No need to explain,” I told her. “I understand perfectly. We’re all still in high school, and as unusual as our situation is, we can’t expect miracles. Let’s get dressed and stop downstairs so you can say goodbye before you have to head off.” We all agreed, and Cate went on ahead, carrying the used towels away with her to let everyone know we’d be down shortly.

When we stumbled downstairs we got another short round of applause, just like last night. Kitty and Chalise both bowed to the audience, which produced a couple of calls of “Encore, encore” from Becky. I shot her a quick look, but Cate didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

“Did I mention I love the two of you?” I asked out of the blue after we’d sat down to have a quick snack to refuel all the energy we’d lost. I’d noticed my girls always appreciated such sentiments.

“Ahhh, that’s sweet, Chalise,” Kitty answered. “Say Gail, does he say that to all his various lovers?” They all giggled incessantly at me while Gail maintained a strict poker face.

“Great, see if I ever use the dreaded ‘L’ word again,” I complained.

“Good, I hate being called a lesbian when I’m going down on my single boyfriend,” Kitty countered.

“10 points to the brunette,” Chalise declared the winner, giving me a quick hug. “We love you too, Alex, mostly ‘cause you shoot out these invisible love emotions at us,” she continued to tease.

“So,” she lowered her voice, “do you think that’s why Cate loves you, too?” I buried my face in my hands again.

“I don’t know,” I groaned.

“Wait, wait, what’s this about ‘shooting invisible emotions?” Cate asked, picking up on the idea of new information.

“Oh, Natalie said that the other women could tell whenever Alex came because he transmitted his emotions and they all felt them.”

Cate came forward and pulled up a chair, sitting at the table astride the chair facing backwards, too focused to bother with the niceties of decorum. “So you can broadcast emotions as well as thoughts and images?” she asked. “They said they could feel your fear before, how is this different?”

“Yeah, I guess, although I never really thought about it before,” I said, wanting to see where she was going with this. “I guess this is different in that they feel the physical sensations and not just the emotions. They apparently get a mini-orgasm sensation, but you’ll have to ask them, since I can’t feel any of it.”

Cate quickly questioned Allison and Shani about it while I started eating. However she quickly returned her attention.

“It’s an interesting idea that has a few relevant off-shoots. It would provide a mechanism behind Dad’s theory of your unintentional mind control. If you’re broadcasting emotions, you may be influencing those around you with them. It would explain why everyone seems to trust you so readily.”

I put my sandwich down and considered Cate’s newest theory.

“If he was projecting emotions, wouldn’t guys be affected as well?” Chalise asked.

“Again, I’m not really sure. The idea just popped into my head once you mentioned the idea of projecting emotions. See, this is why I need to be there whenever you guys have sex,” Cate said, only partly teasing. “Like any theory, we’ll have to adapt it to fit the circumstances. However, it might be that Alex is projecting his attraction to the girls around him, which sets the other guys off as they can feel him emotionally invading their turf,” Cate theorized.

“Hmm,” Chalise said, also considered this new theory. I noticed the other women were remaining silent for the moment, perhaps giving the girls room to get used to these kinds of theory sessions. “Maybe we need to try some test subjects. I wonder what a lesbian would feel about him? Attraction or anger?” I couldn’t resist, I glanced meaningfully at Gail. However, she surprised me. I’d expected her to simply blush or something, but I guess she was finally starting to feel comfortable, not just with her ‘sisters’, but with Kitty and Chalise as well.

“Trust me, its attraction, just like everyone else,” Gail announced to everyone. They all looked at her in confusion as it took her words a few moments to penetrate their previous misperceptions.

“You mean…?” Allison began, breaking her silence and looking at Gail with big eyes.

“Yep, up until I met Alex, I’d never been with a guy before,” Gail answered her.

“Wow!” Cate said, summing up everyone’s perceptions, like everyone else staring at Gail in surprise.

“I can’t believe we never knew,” Shani said, unbelievingly.

“I guess you never noticed how she stared at Kitty and Chalise when she first walked in on us after we had sex for the first time,” I chuckled. I suddenly felt a quick shiver of fear shoot through me, thinking I may have just revealed too much, but glancing at Kitty and Chalise they didn’t seem to be bothered. Looking at Gail I saw she was smiling as well, so I guess my gaffe wasn’t too bad. Still, I had to watch myself after giving everyone else so much grief about speaking out of turn.

“I thought I detected an interest,” Allison said, “but I thought maybe you wanted to experiment. I had no idea you were oriented that way.”

“Yeah, we could see the lust whenever you looked at them, but we couldn’t detect its object,” Shani observed. “We couldn’t tell whether you were excited by Alex, or merely interested in experimenting.”

“So you raise the dead, you heal the sick, you ease suffering and you cure the lesbians,” Cate laughed.

“Hey, I don’t think she’s been cured. I’m sure she’d just love to dive between your thighs,” I told her. “But she made an exception in my case.” I went on to explain how we’d discussed the topic and the analogy she’d used about old married couples.

“Well, it’s not quite as lively as a conversion, but it’s still fascinating,” Shani observed.

“So you’re perfectly willing to have sex with him, but he doesn’t physically excite you as much as your girlfriends do?” Kitty summed up for her.

“Well, I guess you could say that, except that what I feel for Alex makes a world of difference,” Gail told them. “The feeling I get sharing myself with Alex makes me feel like I never have with any of my previous girlfriends. But it’s different; I don’t really get all hot and bothered as much as I feel love and joy for what I can do for him.”

“Still, Gail’s an exception as a seer,” Cate observed, “I’m not sure a typical lesbian would respond along similar lines.”

“How have the other girls at school been responding to him?” Becky asked, coming in from the other room, apparently having overheard the conversation and having her intellectual curiosity piqued.

“It’s a little hard to tell,” Cate told her. “There are those that simply watch him, sort of like the watchers in New Orleans. I figure they think he’s quite interesting, to say the least. But I think there’s also a sizable contingent that side with their boyfriends, so they actively dislike him. The rest I’m not sure about.” Everyone seemed to ponder this newest twist.

“OK Alex, try this,” Cate suggested, standing up. She walked over and grabbed Allison, bringing her over so she was standing beside me. “Think real angry thoughts at Allison. Turn around and face Alex, Allison. Now, Alex, think at Allison as angrily and as unpleasantly as you can. Think of the worst thing you ever thought about her, and multiply it by ten,” Cate coached. Allison protested she didn’t like the premise of this experiment, but I shrugged apologetically at her and tried as Cate suggested.

“I don’t feel any different, except that I don’t like Cate as much anymore,” Allison finally concluded, but Cate was too into her ‘budding scientist’ mode to pay her much mind.

“What about you?” she asked Kitty and Chalise. “Do you feel any differently about Allison now?”

They both shook their heads wordlessly, too intent to form words.

“So it doesn’t seem to be so much Alex projecting his own emotions, as it is either sexual attraction or the physical differences.”

“You know, this is fun, being a part of the inner Cabal,” Kitty observed.

“Maybe it’s a hormonal difference?” Shani argued.

“Hormones don’t account for homosexuality,” Cate concluded. “Plus we only have a single data point. We need to find a few gay guys to see how they react to him.”

“Do any of you know any strict lesbians at the school you could introduce him to or invite over?” Natalie asked.

“Sorry, but most girls don’t walk up and tell us their sexual history, especially the ‘strict’ part,” Cate said. “There are always rumors, but we all know how Alex feels around random rumors.”

“But there is gaydar,” Gail suggested. “Bring a few over for a sleepover during the weekend. I’ll pick out the lesbians for you. Just tell them Alex’s girlfriends are bi and see if they’re interested,” she continued, smiling at the thought, leaving absolutely NO doubt about her inclinations.

“OK, we all have a plan,” Cate concluded. “Let’s see if we can generate any new data with it.”

Chalise leaned over to whisper to Gail, “Gail, how’s a confirmed lesbian, you know?” They started whispering amongst themselves about it when Kitty seemed to suddenly realize something.

“Shit, I completely forgot, I was supposed to be getting home,” she announced.

“You’d better call home, though I’m sure Caroline won’t mind,” my mother said, demonstrating that she was listening in to the whole discussion.

“No, she’s fine. She’d have no problems with me staying all night. But it’s my dad. He’s never even met Alex, and we’ve never even mentioned anything about Alex to him. He’s liable to lose it if he realizes I’ve been spending all this time with a new boyfriend.”

“Well let me call for you, then,” Mom offered. “I’ll just tell them that you were visiting with Cate and Chalise over here and got carried away. I’m sure your Mom will try to smooth things over for you.” I could see Kitty visibly relax at her words. Knowing that she was feeling a little better I turned to see what Chalise was up to.

“It’s completely different with Alex,” Gail was saying to the little group scattered around her. “It isn’t like I’m burning up with lust for him. It’s more like you love someone so much that you’re willing to love him regardless of the ugly lump between his legs.” They all giggled while I rolled my eyes again.

“OK, I know everyone has been having fun discussing my life and how I’m influencing everyone around me, but I think we need to get the show on the road,” I announced to the room in general. “Kitty needs to get home, and Becky, you’re going to need to take Chalise back so her mother doesn’t panic and Melinda won’t feel too put upon.” Everyone started getting up and getting organized as I walked up and grabbed both Kitty and Chalise.

“Are you going with us tomorrow?” Becky asked Kitty, before everyone could disperse.

“Oh, sure. That’ll be easy to explain to my father. After all, it’s officially volunteer work with the hospital. What kind of trouble can a young girl get into doing something like that,” Kitty smirked as she answered.

“You know, it’s nice to know that all my girlfriends get along so well,” I teased as I kissed the girls goodnight, referring to Kitty and Chalise relating so well to the other girls.

“I like that; ‘you and all your girlfriends’,” Chalise said, returning my kiss.

“Yeah, all his girlfriends and his showering beams of lust,” Kitty laughed, kissing me as well.


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