Normalcy Is Harder Than It Looks

Normalcy Is Harder Than It Looks

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Having wrestled with trying to preserve a ‘normal’ last few months of high school, Alex faces an even harder time, as not only does he have to explain to those he loves what his life has become, but he faces several people who seem to hate him as much as his followers adore him. What’s a confused teenage atheist religious figure to do?

Character List

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Alex and Cate reflect on everything that’s been occurring to them recently.

01: More Business at Alex & Co.

Kitty and Chalise finally get the full detail on Alex’s life.

02: Follow-Through

Alex’s two girlfriends have another go at him.

03: Moving Earth, the Heavens, and a Load of Furniture

A lot happens at the Jennings household.

04: More Medical and Psychological Investments

Alex tries new treatments in the hospital.

05: Unwanted Intervention

Alex faces trouble again, only his biggest problem isn’t the fight, but with his assistance.

06: Another Good Day

Alex learns a few more things while helping at the hospital again.

07: A Few Personal Revelations

Some business decisions and more school antics.

08: An Important Family Event

Alex and Cate finally do the nasty!

09: A Day Full of New Faces and Surprises

As the title says, a few new faces and a few new surprises.

10: A Few Side Trip

Alex, Cate and Chalice take a trip to St. Louis.

11: The Power of Friends

Alex and friends meet Gail’s friends.

12: A Heartfelt Deposit or a Fisherman of Women

Alex looks for new followers in a new city.

13: Little Lost Sheep

Alex find someone who’s been ‘lost’ for a long time.

14: Care to Try a Little Greek

Melinda springs a couple of surprises.

15: A Dinner, a Bun, a Celebration and a Rescue Rewarded

A couple of surprises, a dinner with some parents and the little lost sheep finally welcomed home properly.

16: A Nice Home Dinner and a Quiet Day Overall

Alex brings his schoolmates to dinner.

17: A Few People Get Some Bad News

Cate delivers bad news.

18: Dinner with the Potential In-Laws

Dinner with Chalise’s parents.

19: Renewing Acquaintances and Aiding Young Love

Return to St. Louis.

20: Exposure

Unsettling things happen in St. Louis.

21: Another Day, Another Emergency

While Alex expects the worst, something worse happens to him.

22: Condolences and Schemes

While recovering, Alex discusses what happened to him.

23: A Quiet Relaxing Sunday

Alex returns from the hospital.

24: A Small Celebration

The New Orleans reporter tracks Alex to his school, while he’s stuck speechless in his bed at home.

25: A Couple Discussions with No Voice

Things start to come together as Alex speaks with both Michelle and Lisa about what’s happening.

26: A Ballgame and a Dance

Alex’s Prom, but as usual, there are a few complications.

27: The Big Day

Alex waits for the inevitable.


Wrapping up the last remaining details.

Read book 4

“Racing the Clock”

quoteReview by: TerryStephensonJr on Dec. 22, 2013 : star star star star star
Great story series. I am a voracious reader and have to say that this could be some of the best writing I’ve ever read. Although I had head start reading this one, it was a page turner and I can’t wait to start the next one.


quoteReview by: Ken Englert on Aug. 20, 2013 : star star star star star
This story just gets better and better. Can’t wait for Book 4.


quoteJust finished book 3. Loved it. If 4 reads like you said you have a story gold mine in it. You have your sh*t together and a explosive story line. Keep the faith and wear out a bunch of keyboards.


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