03: The Fear of Angels

Touring Under Pressure

03: The Fear of Angels


“Did you really agree to what I just heard?” Cate asked her brother after they’d gotten into the car and underway.

“Yeah, he did. I’m waiting to see how this all falls apart,” Gail laughed at the mess Alex had just gotten himself into.

“I’m telling you, Alex, if that creep tries anything…,” Cate said, leaving the rest of the threat unstated.

“I’m sure he’s not going to … never mind, I’m not so sure of that, myself,” Alex replied.

“If he tries anything with me, you may end up picking his pieces off of the sidewalk below the hotel,” Gail warned him in a stern tone, indicating she was serious about her intent, even if she wasn’t about the specific threat.

“Hey, haven’t you ever wanted to fool around?” Alex asked his sister. “I mean, you have to sit there every night and watch me make love with a string of women. Don’t you ever get the desire to try it yourself? You know, maybe spread your wings and ‘fly’ a little?”

Cate turned and glared at Alex until he winced, then she explained herself. “I’ve got everything I need right now, and it’s only a little bit sexual. The sex is great, but that’s not why I’m sticking around. You’re turning the world upside down, you’re setting up something which will carry on after you for centuries, and you’re influencing hundreds of people. Beyond that, no one else can compare with you. Remember, half of what these women get from you is exposure to your energy. If you were making love to them without it, you’d likely be struggling to keep up. But with your energy added to the mix, they’re all over you.”

“You’ve got a point there,” Alex conceded. “I’m continually amazed everyone responds like I’m a stallion in bed. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Oh, it makes plenty of sense. You’ve never slept next to you. Believe me, there’s nothing like it. Why do you think I sleep next to you every night, even on those nights I can’t sleep with you.”

“So you won’t ever date anyone because you wouldn’t get your daily fix of Alex energy?” Alex asked.

“Not only that. But say if we ever settled down and you married someone who wouldn’t put up with me living with you, in other words, not Chalise or Kitty, then I might try to find someone of my own. But I’d only do it if they understood that you are my top ten priorities. I owe you everything I am, and we have too much riding on you. Even if I’m not able to spend time with you, I’m still going to dedicate myself to figuring out how you tick. Sex with you is just a tiny piece of the bigger puzzle.”

“OK, so you aren’t interested in dating,” Alex summarized.

“Alex, I don’t think any of your girls would be interested in anyone else,” Cate replied.

“Hey, that’s exactly what I’m—”

“Yeah, yeah, we know. You want to maintain everyone’s relationships with their families and friends,” Cate interjected, finishing the thought for him. “But like I said, what they’re getting from you is completely separate from what they get from a boyfriend. You represent the future, power, and you’re the closest they’ll ever get to divinity. Do you think these people would all be interested in you if you were just a great lay? Hell, no. They are spending this time with you because you bring something major to their ordinary lives. You’ve given their lives meaning, you’ve given them something to aim for, and you promise a change from everything they see which doesn’t work in the world they currently know.”

“So what are you going to do if he tries something?” Gail asked Alex, hoping to get some guidelines from him before anything happened.

“Well, if he tries to force anything on anyone I’ll at least throw him out. If he assaults anyone I’ll file charges, whether it gets back to me or not.”

“What if he… decides he’s interesting in experiencing some bi-angel action?” Gail asked with a grin.

Alex shivered uncomfortably at the thought.

“Don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot?” Cate asked him as she also grinned at his discomfort. Neither one could miss the conflict between his ease with everyone else fooling around with the same sex while he refused to even consider it for himself.

“I’ve got to admit,” Alex replied, “although I’m not anxious to try anything myself, and I’ve got nothing against gay guys, but there’s just something about him I’m not comfortable with.

“So why do you think she vouched for him? Speaking of which, why did you vouch for him, Gail?”

“We saw he was honest in his offer, but there’s no telling what he may decide when he gets there,” she answered. “You know guys, they think with their penises. And when the pants come off and everyone gets naked, there’s no telling what he’s liable to try.”

“I’ll try to watch my step,” Alex told them. “I wasn’t feeling comfortable about this to begin with. I’m even less comfortable with it now.”

Alex and his crew waited at their hotel for the others to catch up with them. Patricia and her band hadn’t finished when Alex and the others left, so they would arrive later. That left Lauren, Megan and Ryan. Lauren ran up and hugged Alex, effectively gluing herself to his side, while Megan kept her distance, not wanting to antagonize her boyfriend, Ryan. Alex once again asked himself whether he was making a huge mistake, but he wasn’t sure what else he could have done under the circumstances.

“So if all your followers are women, then what’s the deal with that Frank dude?” Ryan asked. Alex was preparing to give the standard explanation when Cate spoke up.

“Actually that’s an interesting question. We’ve had a couple of guys who have shown these abilities before, and there seems to be a specific set of circumstances which allow it, but I plan on interviewing him over breakfast tomorrow, just to make sure. Basically it’s very, very rare, so he’s definitely the exception and not the rule.”

Ryan seemed to accept that, even without the semi-scientific argument Alex had been prepared to supply.

“So, Lauren,” Alex said, addressing the girl he hadn’t really gotten to know yet, “whatever happened to your friend Lisa Grady? She didn’t look very convinced about my little tale.”

“Oh, no, she wasn’t,” she answered with a little giggle. “She thought it was the stupidest thing she’d ever heard. But we talked, and I described what I’m able to see now and what it meant, and she said she’d reserve her judgment on it until she had some more concrete evidence.”

“Smart girl, that. It’s always best to doubt, but doubt with an open mind, that makes a big difference,” Alex said.

“That’s what makes a successful scientist,” Cate added. “Never accept anything as it is, but wait for the final evidence before making a decision. It’s the ability to disbelieve established wisdom which allows you to make great strides.”

“Well, I’m not sure Lisa will ever rise to the level of a great scientist, though she loves to experiment,” Lauren commented. Ryan smiled at the weak joke, although Alex wasn’t sure he got the point of it. However it reinforced his earlier nervousness about being caught with someone carrying drugs.

“What about you, Lauren, what is it that you do?” Alex asked as they waited for the elevator. Alex and Cate surreptitiously glanced around the lobby to ensure no one was looking for Alex before the elevator got there.

“Oh, nothing special, I’m a purchasing agent for a vegetable processing plant outside the city. Basically, I buy the various vegetables like potatoes and corn, and we process them and ship them off to be sold across the country.”

“Ah, good honest work,” Alex said, despite the fact he’d never done an ‘honest day’s work’ himself. Alex, like Cate, had focused on school and after school events instead of getting a job, and now it looked like he’d have difficulty staying in any one place long enough to get established in a job.

“There’s actually a lot involved in it,” she answered. “If you were staying longer I’d offer to give you a tour of the facilities, since there’s a lot you may not realize about how the food you eat every day gets produced.”

“So you deal with a lot of people, then?” Alex continued, searching for some ability she had which he could capitalize on to help the local community.

“Oh, sure, I’m on the phone all the time,” she responded as the elevator doors opened. “Basically it’s a glorified sales job, except I’m talking to farms and grocery stores instead of customers.”

“Oh,” Alex said, at a loss over how to apply that knowledge to his mission. “Do you do any hiring? Any interviewing or evaluating?”

“Not really. I have to talk up the people I speak with, establish good rapport and keep them all on an even keel.”

“Oh, so you’d probably be able to run herd on my followers here in the city, then? Make sure they’re all doing well, are properly motivated and help anyone having problems with anyone, especially with their family or friends like you might be having with Lisa?”

“Oh, I guess I could do that,” she said as the elevator dinged on their floor. “That sounds a lot like what I’m doing now.”

Alex was pleased with himself as they entered their hallway. He’d managed to fill yet another position in his organization. “I’ll tell you what, since I don’t have time to do it myself, could you try to get together with the people you met tonight and see what they could do for the community? If we’re going to survive, we’ve got to pull together and make sure we’re productive. What’s more, we need to make sure we’re all successful, both in our work, our businesses and in our relationships.”

“Don’t worry,” she answered with pride. “I’ll manage to find you the best. I’m sure we’ve got some real talent here, and if someone isn’t good at a particular job I’ll try to find something else for them to do. I won’t let you down.”

“I wouldn’t think you would,” he answered, “I’m sure you’ll do a great job.”

“Alex has this weird ability to always pick the right person for the right job,” Cate said. “He doesn’t seem to get it from anywhere, he just seems to always luck into it, but it’s been working for him for a while now.”

Opening the door, Gail let them into the room. Alex had them sit on the bed while he sat on a nearby chair. Cate took the other chair by the desk while Gail remained standing by the door.

“So, are we going to get started?” Ryan asked, looking both excited and nervous at the same time.

“That’s not quite how I operate,” Alex explained. “I believe in getting to know people before I get intimate with them. This doesn’t work unless I can establish a personal connection with them. I’m not in this for the sex. I’ve got to find a way to associate with them so they’ll open their minds to me, if you will.”

“Oh, well lead on then, oh great masterful one,” Ryan said with a sweep of his hands. Alex wasn’t sure if he was teasing him, being playful or was making fun of him. However he chose to not debate the issue just then.

“I’m curious, Lauren,” Alex said, continuing with his previous conversation, “you said something about ‘you’ve come for me’ when you first saw me. What was that about? You didn’t think I was an angel of death or something, did you?”

“Oh, no, absolutely not,” she reassured him. “Actually, my great aunt called me to say you’d be in the city today, and told me to attend Patty’s concert specifically so I could meet you. She lives in New Orleans and she explained she was a Watcher and that I probably was as well. She also detailed what that meant, what you were trying to do and that I might have the specific traits that you were looking for.

“I thought it was pretty far-fetched, at first, but she’s always been pretty insightful so I didn’t poo-poo it right off the bat. When I saw the ads for the concert with the tag lines about ‘trusting your instincts’ it struck a chord with me, so I figured I’d see what you were selling. However I figured you were probably in the band, so I got there early and got up close to the front of the crowd. But I kept feeling myself being drawn back to the far entrance again. Since the whole concert was about trusting your instincts, I figured maybe I’d better listen to mine, so I started following them, and the farther I went the stronger I felt your presence. Then when you walked into the stadium I just knew you were who I was looking for, and when our eyes met and suddenly you started glowing like an angel I knew you’d come for me.”

Alex shifted nervously in his seat. “I’m really not an angel. In fact—”

“Hold it right there,” Gail warned him from the corner. “You know, for someone who keeps saying he doesn’t mind what others believe, you’re always quick to tell others what they’re allowed to believe in. You know you’re the only one who doesn’t believe in the existence of souls, don’t you?” When Alex hesitantly nodded, she went on. “The others may have differing views on their interpretation of spirituality, but most believe in some form of God. If you really believe in an open movement which allows all faiths, then you’ve got to allow people to believe in what they choose.

“Despite my own troubles with my church, I still believe that God leads you, and that you are unwittingly doing God’s work. I’m sure everyone else feels the same thing. Don’t belittle our faith by constantly telling us we’re wrong.

“Now, I don’t mind if you tell people and exposed what they’d doneyou’re not an angel, as it keeps them from overreacting when they first meet you and it provides a nice method of explaining what we know of everyone’s abilities, but you’ve got to reel it in when you’re relaxing with people. We understand why you don’t believe in God, and we value it because it deconstructs the link between you and organized religion, but don’t try to kill our own sense of religious faith.”

Alex blinked wordlessly a few times as he tried to absorb Gail’s words.

“You know, you’re absolutely right. I’ve been a bit of as ass, haven’t I? I apologize to each of you, and I promise I’ll try to be more careful in the future. Hopefully I’ll succeed if you each help me stick to my promises.” He turned and regarded Lauren again. “Lauren, I specifically want to apologize to you. I’m officially whatever you want to think of me as. I have no idea if God is using me, if the spirits are making me dance, or if the fates have it in for me, teasing me by making me lead a religious movement I don’t personally believe in, but you’re right. I did come for you, just like I came for every one of my followers, including those I find here and on the rest of my trip.”

She just smiled at this. “I had no doubt about it. I could tell you were divinely inspired when I first saw you, and the more you talked the more sure I was. You carefully explained how you weren’t an angel, and frankly, as popular as the idea of angels is, they’re a bit of a dated myth. I’d rather believe that angels are spirits who are called to the Lord, but who are separated from man for whatever reason. I can see you in that role. You are a man, but you’ve clearly held yourself separate from other men, both in your beliefs and in your assumptions about the world. The only thing is; that kind of angel doesn’t need to know they are angels to do the Lord’s work. Heaven knows, there’s a long list of religious figures who have done some horrid deeds, so being religious doesn’t make one any more of a saint than anyone else, so I can understand why God might avoid a religious figure.”

“Man, I’m sorry, but I agree with you, Alex,” Ryan said, laughing. “This is all too heavy for me. Have we talked enough? You’ve gotten to know everyone and you’ve managed to find a job for everyone in the room, besides me, of course. So how about we get this little show on the road. You must know Lauren and Megan well enough by now to do whatever black magic it is that you do so well,” he finished, quoting famous rock vocals from a time neither one was even alive.

Alex wasn’t sure he liked Ryan’s attitude, but he could see his point. Ryan was obviously nervous, both about what Alex was planning on doing with his girlfriend and also about all this talk of Alex’s being guided by God. Plus Alex was aware if he didn’t do something soon, Ryan was likely to lose patience and bolt, probably taking Megan with him.

“All right, that makes sense. We can get started. But I’ll just warn you, I like to take my time. It’s hard enough scheduling these events, you really can’t rush them.”

“Hey, that’s fine. I’ll tell you what, you start on Lauren and I’ll get Megan warmed up for you? How’s that?”

For some reason that irritated Alex, but he couldn’t really figure out why. He couldn’t really expect Ryan to just sit there and watch him make love with his girlfriend without him being involved in some way, and he wasn’t actively interfering with anyone anyway, so he just shrugged it off. Instead he reached out, took Lauren’s hand, and guided her to the bed.

“You guys do whatever it is you need to do,” Cate told them. “I’ll busy myself fixing Alex something to eat while I distract myself. After all, watching my brother get naked with a bunch of women isn’t exactly something that interests me much.”

Alex had to smile at Cate’s response, knowing just how much she actually enjoyed doing just that. But he understood what motivated her. It was bad enough not freaking out Alex’s girls, but the idea of negatively impacting a potential spouse of a follower just increased the risks, so he understood the need to keep a low profile. He was a little surprised she and Gail didn’t just head to the other room instead of remaining here.

So Ryan and Megan began kissing while Alex did the same to Lauren. Alex noticed Megan’s reactions when he wasn’t concentrating on Lauren. She’d keep glancing at him, and she seemed ill at ease with Ryan. Again, Alex could understand that. She was feeling torn by her feelings for Alex and for her boyfriend, and she was having to fight a two headed serpent in her own mind as a result. He’d expect her to be distracted for most of the evening. After all, she didn’t want to disappoint Alex, but then again she couldn’t appear to be too enamored with him either.

Lauren, though, had no such compunction. She was all over him, kissing him enthusiastically, rubbing up against him, and trying to maintain as much skin contact as she could. He had no doubt she’d already talked to the other girls, plus those Alex had put her in telepathic contact with, but he’d also learned these women could feel the energy he gave off, and they could figure out the best way to get it on their own.

Alex glanced over while playing with Lauren and noticed Ryan and Megan were going at it hot and heavy. Megan was already totally nude, and Ryan wasn’t far behind. Their clothing was scattered around the bed, and Ryan’s hands were busy. But Megan seemed distracted. She actually looked like she was trying to slow her boyfriend down, rather than encouraging him. Alex hoped he wasn’t intimidating her, making her feel she couldn’t let herself go in front of him. After all, Alex certainly wasn’t the jealous sort, and he had no intention of getting between a man and his girlfriend. Well, actually he was doing just that, but he was trying to do it with the least amount of damage, and getting upset with them getting intimate would do more damage than anything else he could think of.

Alex shifted over a little, partially to avoid having to stare at Ryan’s junk, as he tried to move a little faster himself by removing Lauren’s blouse and bra. As Alex began playing with her breasts, still watching how she responded to his touch, he couldn’t help noticing that Megan had gotten Ryan settled between her thighs. However, instead of seeming pleased by his actions, she seemed nervous and pensive.

Is everything OK?’ he asked her mentally.

What? Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting that you can do that. Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just that Ryan is acting oddly.

Oddly how?’ Alex asked, allowing himself to be distracted from what he was supposedly doing with Lauren.

Oh, I don’t know,’ she responded before she began describing exactly how he was acting oddly. ‘Notice how much noise he’s making?’ she asked.

Actually, Alex had been so focused on Lauran and her reactions to him he hadn’t noticed before, but Ryan was making a lot of noise grunting, swearing, and even making slurping noises while going down on his girlfriend. Thinking about it, Alex could understand that, though. He was intimidated by his girlfriend wanting to make love to someone else, a near angel at that. Thus he could see Ryan acting possessively, trying to show everyone that Megan was officially his. Actually, this was almost like hiking his leg and pissing on her to mark his territory. Alex shared that mental image with Megan causing her to laugh, which probably wasn’t a very good idea, since it would likely only upset Ryan all the more to have his girlfriend giggling at his sexual performance while comparing him to Alex.

Hoping to move a little faster, and to make up for time lost being distracted, Alex got up and helped divest Lauren of her pants. She then proceeded to remove his clothing as well. However, before they’d progressed very far, Ryan was already moving up, anxious to finish the deal and screw his girlfriend.

As Alex and Lauren got back to sharing his energy between their exposed flesh, Ryan was already humping away beside them, grunting up a storm, telling Megan how hot she was and how she was the finest piece of ass in all of Houston, in fact in all of Texas. Such actions cooled down Alex’s own ardor, as he didn’t like such obnoxious and overbearing behavior in the bedroom. He believed in sharing experiences and getting to know someone in the most intimate of manners, but it only looked like Ryan was in a race to the finish line. Megan, meanwhile, seemed to be sick of her boyfriend’s behavior, but seemed too embarrassed to call him on it. Alex had to refocus his attention or else he’d lose the connection he’d already established with Lauren, which he didn’t want to do because he knew it would take a long time to reconnect if he did. However, Alex also quickened his pace, figuring if he took that much longer to finish than Ryan did there could possibly be trouble.

In order to counter the disruption that Ryan was having on Alex’s slow approach to lovemaking, Alex started speaking to Lauren telepathically. This did two things: it allowed him to concentrate on her more fully, plus it allowed him to share both his innermost feelings and emotions without having to worry about being out of breath or breaking their kiss. As a result he started to catch up.

“Oh FUCK! Oh Yeah, Oh God, Oh Shit! God you’re the best piece of ass. Suck my cum, baby!” Ryan shouted out, further distracting Alex. Everyone tried to ignore him as best they could, but Ryan was obviously trying to garner attention with his outburst. Alex kept working, quietly making slow love to Lauren even as Ryan rolled off of Megan and draped his hand over his forehead.

“Ryan, I can’t understand why you’re acting like this,” Megan quietly hissed at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he insisted. “I’m just showing poor Alex how it’s done, since he seems to be having trouble finishing what he started.”

“You don’t realize who you’re dealing with,” Megan whispered to him through her teeth. “He could do horrible things to you if he wanted. You have no idea of the power he possesses.” She was obviously trying to keep her criticisms between them, but in the small room it was hard to disguise what she was saying, but he wasn’t listening to her.

“Hey, if he’s a damn angel then he’s going to be forgiving, so I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

He then turned to Alex, still making slow quiet love to Lauren. “You’re never going to finish if you don’t pick up the pace,” he observed, watching Alex. “There’s delaying orgasm to heighten sensations, but you’re just being lazy.”

When Alex didn’t respond, he just shook his head, looking pointedly at his girlfriend, but she was ashamed to even make eye contact with him. Ryan simply shrugged, reaching over, finding his pants and pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

“This is a no smoking room,” Gail reminded him.


“All we need is to make a negative impression on the hotel staff. We’re trying to maintain a low profile. Please don’t piss off the people we rely on, OK?”

He shrugged again and dropped the cigarettes on the nightstand, turning to watch Alex and Lauren again.

“Man, I could make love to Megan twice in the time you take to even get started.”

Alex didn’t respond, looking away from him so he didn’t have to react. Ryan shook his head again and rolled over.

“Hey baby, you want anything? I think I’ll hit the can and grab a soda.”

Megan declined the offer with a visible revulsion over his attitude, but Ryan didn’t seem to notice as he walked to the bathroom, his cum coated limp penis bouncing as he walked. Both Gail and Cate had to look away. He didn’t even bother to close the bathroom door as he relieved himself. Being a standard hotel room, there was only a central room with a single double bed, a desk with chairs, and a small entrance way holding the microwave and refrigerator holding Alex’s supplies, which Cate was fixing.

Finishing, he gave out a very loud sigh of satisfaction, then went to the room fridge where Cate kept Alex’s food supplies.

“Hey, you’re really stocked here. Thanks man. I guess it pays to be the king, huh?”

“Uh, those are emergency supplies in case my brother needs them,” Cate tried to argue.

“Hey, I’m sharing my girlfriend with him. He can at least share a damn soda and some cookies.”

Cate just stood there, hands clenched by her side, jaw firmly set and fire in her eyes.

Still nude, his flaccid penis dangling, he stood and put his arm around Cate’s shoulder, holding his Coke and cookie in either hand.

“Hey, babe, you wanna get busy?”

“I’m only 15 and a virgin. Try anything with me and you’ll go to jail as a pedophile,” Cate informed him, exaggerating her age for effect. “I’m only here because my brother needs someone who knows how to treat him if he has a reaction. I’m not interested in any of his sexual shenanigans, so please leave me alone.” If looks could kill, Cate would have been the one going to prison with a satisfied expression on her face, but Ryan didn’t seem to notice.

“Hey, no harm in asking,” he told her before turning to Gail. “How about you, Doll, you want to give it a shot?”

“You touch me and I’ll break you in half,” she told him in a quiet bone-chilling voice. “The last man who touched me ended up with a dislocated shoulder and a broken pelvis.” Cate immediately thought of the advice that Gail had given Alex on how to lie successfully, create a simple but powerful story and give just enough detail to make it believable.

“Oh, you’re one of those, huh?” he sneered. “Guess it makes sense, though. You couldn’t get much protection from somebody you’re schtuppin’.”

Gail looked ready to throttle the guy, but he didn’t seem to register her reactions either, simply walking to a nearby chair and collapsing on it, popping open Alex’s soda and loudly drinking down a good portion of it. He also didn’t bother closing his thighs or hiding his limp dick from anyone’s view, despite their clear lack of interest in both it and him.

Alex was finding this all just as distracting as the others in the room were. Everyone besides her boyfriend was well aware how Megan was feeling about it. Alex was only able to maintain his focus by keeping up a running dialogue with Lauren, telling her how beautiful she was, how he could tell she was a wonderful person, and how he was glad he could find someone as wonderful as she was to help organize his people for him.

In order to keep Megan from going ballistic, Alex started to include her in his mental communications with Lauren as well, so he started addressing them both. This seemed to appease her, as she turned and watched the interplay of his emotions revealed by his aura rather than the couple making love next to her.

Alex, please excuse Ryan. I don’t know what’s up his ass, but he’s being a real jerk. He doesn’t normally act like this, and I can’t understand why he is now.

That’s OK, Megan. I think I can understand it. He’s feeling threatened. I can imagine how I’d feel in the same situation. I couldn’t imagine watching someone else screwing my girlfriends or even my sister if they looked at me the way you’re looking at me.

Still, if he’s having an issue with it, he should just say so. He shouldn’t be acting like an ass, like a willful child insisting he gets whatever he wants.

‘Give him time,’ Alex advised, even though he found that advice difficult to follow himself. ‘I think he can’t figure out what he’s thinking at this stage. If he had a better grasp on what he’s going through I’d expect we could discuss it, or at least settle it like gentlemen with him busting my lip, but it’s not as clear cut as that.’

I think you’re giving him too much credit,’ Megan replied, ceasing carrying on about her poorly behaving boyfriend and letting Alex focus on Lauren like he should.

Prepare yourself,’ Megan warned Alex a few minutes later, ‘I can tell from his expression he’s getting ready to say something else equally as stupid.’

Is he normally like this, or am I just bringing this out in him?’ Alex asked.

No, I’ve never seen him this obnoxious. It’s like he’s purposely trying to piss everyone off. Frankly, I don’t know if he’s simply getting defensive or if he just doesn’t know what he’s doing.’

When Alex told them both that he wanted to finish before Ryan got bored, they both started encouraging him, whispering sexy little things in his mind. That was just what he needed to maintain the necessary focus to finish the job.

“Man, you’d think a fuckin’ angel could manage a simple—,” at that point Alex shoved home and let loose, pumping Lauren full of his cum. This set Lauren off as well, since she’d already had a smaller orgasm beforehand. Megan was busy pinching her nipple, anticipating her turn.

“About damn time. Man, your girlfriend must never get any sleep. But then, I guess when you chase as much tail as you do, you don’t have any girlfriends, do you?”

Everyone in the room bristled at that one, since each considered themselves either one of his girlfriends or would gladly volunteer for the privilege if offered. However Alex again ignored him, figuring he was simply acting out his own frustrations. But he wasn’t sure how long he could put up with Ryan’s belligerent attitude.

Cate started to bring him a plate full of food when Ryan groaned loudly. “Man, a damn bedtime snack? No wonder you bring your sister along with you. What, your mother couldn’t be bothered with following you around to make sure you eat on time? How the fuck can you eat when you’ve got two beautiful women waiting to bang your sorry ass?”

Growling under his breath, Alex waved Cate off. She looked doubtfully at him but did as he directed, worrying how long he could go without food under the circumstances. She was sure his trying to bottle up his emotions was burning up even more of his body’s energy.

Ignore him, Alex,’ Megan suggested. ‘But if you’re ready, I’m all set. Listening to you mentally while you were making love to Lauren has me primed to go. Even without that, just feeling the energy you give off has me more excited than anything I’ve felt before. If you need some physical encouragement, I’ll provide plenty of that as well.’

So Alex crawled over and lay beside Megan, gently kissing her, though he stopped when Gail walked up and handed him a condom, as he’d instructed her to.

“I need the condom to make sure I don’t receive too many sensations,” Alex explained to the room, though his focus was Ryan. He knew Ryan was having a hard time watching Alex best him with his own girlfriend, so Alex took the tack of providing an ongoing monologue, a description of what he was doing to show how distanced he was, though he kept up a mental communication on a much more intimate level with Megan, still including Lauren as well.

“The key, since I have to carefully time a simultaneous orgasm each time, is to delay my own orgasm while building the girls up to a sufficiently high peak. That’s why I utilize the condom, and why I often talk during sex.”

“Uh, you didn’t use either with—” Ryan tried to point out.

“No, you didn’t notice it because I was talking to my people in New Orleans and at home,” Alex explained, hoping the little lie would throw Ryan off the other inconsistency as well. He really needed Ryan to believe that he didn’t have a personal connection to his girlfriend. “The reason it takes so long is because I need to win the woman over, to make her believe that I have a personal connection with her.”

Alex felt throwing Ryan this bone would assist him if Megan ever revealed what a great lover Alex was during a fight sometime in the future. Now Ryan would always be able to claim that Alex was just stringing her along, thus saving his fragile male ego.

But you didn’t—’ Lauren started to remind him.

Sorry, Lauren, but I’m trying to make things easier on Ryan by making me seem more distant. Clearly I think the world of you and Megan, but I think reminding him of that as I’m making love to her is just going to make him that much worse. Please excuse me for what I’m likely to say aloud for the next few minutes, but I need to maintain two separate dialogues, and I have to convince him of what I’m telling him.

They both accepted what he told them, and continued to egg him on while focusing strictly on what he was telling them mentally, ignoring his spoken words for the moment. Ryan, though, was leaning forward in his chair now, feeling like he was being included by Alex as he told him his innermost secrets.

“I’m not allowed to go down on them, since it’s necessary to maintain bodily contact at all times. That’s how they absorb the energy my body gives off. That’s mostly what they respond to with me. They feel the energy I give off and they respond to it. It’s a healing energy, and it promotes feelings of safety and comfort in them, which coincidentally also triggers certain chemical reactions.”

“I was wondering about that. I couldn’t figure out how a skinny little kid like you could attract so many damn sexy women,” Ryan exclaimed, finally taking the bait as Alex continued to reel him in.

“That’s also why I spend so much time kissing and cuddling with them. It’s actually a way of exposing them to more skin-to-skin contact so they can absorb the energy more rapidly.”

Cate looked at Gail in a ‘can you believe this’ expression, but Gail simply smiled and winked at her, letting her know that she expected no less of her brother. Once again, Alex knew just how to handle a difficult situation.

“At each stage, I have to evaluate just how the woman is reacting physically to the energy she’s absorbing, which also manages to give me a fair amount of distraction,” Alex explained, not exactly lying about the process he went through. As Gail had taught him, keep lies simple, and wrap them in the truth so you don’t have to remember the details of the lie, since it’s always the little details that trip you up in the end.

Meanwhile, Alex was saying something completely different in Megan’s head.

Megan, you are truly beautiful, and I don’t just mean that physically, although you are so beautiful in the flesh. But your real beauty is inside, where your inner beauty, your ‘soul’, if you will, calls out to me. Now that you can see how people really feel, hopefully you’ll learn to appreciate just how true this is, but you can always identify truly happy and beautiful people by how their happiness and satisfaction in life radiates from them.

Damn, Alex, you don’t need to lay it on so heavily,’ she told him, although she was blushing in a combination of humbled embarrassment and excitement at his compliments, which Alex then included in his explanation.

“Notice how her skin is now showing more color? That shows she’s getting closer. Now I need to make sure she achieves a couple of small orgasms, just to ensure the pump is primed, if you will. I need her on a hair trigger so she’ll orgasm at just the right moment, and it helps if a woman has multiple orgasms, especially if she has a bunch of small ones.”

By now Alex was slowly pumping into her, still maintaining full body contact with her, still playing with her nipples and kissing her in between his comments.

“Notice how carefully I thrust. I don’t go for full motions, except to change it up occasionally. I need to keep them guessing, so they can’t anticipate what I’m going to do. Simply slamming into them announces what they’re going to experience. In order to control their response you have to surprise them, and then keep on surprising them so they don’t know what to expect.”

“Damn, I need a notebook to keep up with all this shit. So that slow-assed shit you do is actually some secret technique?”

“Hey, once you go slow you never go back,” Alex managed to distract himself enough to tease. “But it’s like tantric sex, it’s hard to manage, but if you can, it’ll drive the women nuts and allow you to maintain control over their bodily responses.”

Of course Alex knew this was hokum, even if much of it was based on his actual personal experiences. Frankly, Alex had no idea how he did what he did, although the rest he pieced together over time due to frequent exposure. He still had no idea how he could possibly satisfy so many women, and now he dreamed at night of only having a single girlfriend who he could only make love to a couple of times a week. But Alex knew fantasy even when he spun it, and he knew he’d never be so fortunate.

“She’s having another one, she’s getting close,” he explained. “Notice how her eyes lose their focus and her lip curves up? That’s a good sign when she’s cumming.”

“Man, this is too much,” Ryan said, getting up from his chair, his cock revealing it had swollen once more, though it still wasn’t fully hard. “Pardon me, but this is getting to be too much for me. I think I need to lie down on the bed to watch this closer,” he explained as he climbed onto the bed behind Lauren. She froze as he did, but he didn’t seem to notice. Alex knew if he turned he’d completely lose his concentration, the multiple dialogues in his mind were proving to be so distracting. As it was, it was hard keeping pace with Megan’s responses.

Alex continued thrusting and lecturing, while still maintaining a dialogue with both Megan and Lauren, however his concentration was soon spoiled.

“Get off me you jerk!” Lauren shouted.

Alex growled, his anger flaring. He’d finally reached the breaking point. He’d given up on reaching his own finish line, in fact sex was the last thing on his mind at the moment. Alex wasn’t quick to anger, and he tended to try to reason with people trying to hurt him, but he was quick to anger if he thought his followers were being taken advantage of. He started to turn, thinking very dark thoughts.

Alex, don’t overreact. He made a stupid move, but it’s hardly worth doing something stupid over,’ Gail cautioned him, seeing where he was headed.

“Alex, NO!” Cate yelled, also detecting how he was responding, and knowing just what he might do if he gave into his own anger.

“Ryan!” Megan hissed over Alex’s shoulder. “Don’t you have any idea what Alex can do to you? His girls have been telling me about him, and they all say he’s fiercely protective of his followers.”

Alex stopped, gritting his teeth and taking time to steel himself. He knew he’d done well in the past by giving people latitude, but more often because he listened to those close to him who would call him on it when he was in the wrong. He shook his head to clear it of his dark thoughts and he tried to reorient his thinking. Alex had been about to do something he’d likely be unable to undo. He had visions of shriveling Ryan’s hand or possibly even his dick, leaving nothing but a dead husk with no life remaining in it. He knew he couldn’t win by taking such a drastic and stupid action, but he was close to losing any remnants of control. Ryan glanced between Alex, Cate and Gail, who was rushing, not to defend Lauren but towards Alex. He could also see the dark look in Alex’s eyes.

Alex rolled over and faced Ryan, who was sitting up, holding his hands up as if trying to hold both Alex and Lauren at bay. Alex also took in Gail and Cate’s anxious looks but waved them off. The other two girls didn’t know him well enough to realize what he’d been about to do, or to recognize what the bright flashes in his aura meant.

“Ryan, what the hell is your problem? I’ve been going out of my way to make you feel at ease. I’ve purposely distanced myself emotionally from Megan, I let you win your little pissing contest, I didn’t punch you in the face for the way you treated my sister and Gail, and you respond by trying to assault every person in the room besides me, who I suspect is the one you really want to attack.”

Ryan stared at Alex for a moment and then hung his head. He’d seen that short burst of temper in Alex, and despite his cavalier attitude, he honestly believed everything that Megan had been telling him about Alex. But Alex’s carefully thought out response instead of the anger he both expected and feared hit him much harder. He mumbled something, but no one could understand what he was saying.

“Pardon?” Alex asked him.

“I’m trying to say I’m sorry,” he said a little louder but still only speaking in a quiet voice. “I realize I’ve been acting like an ass, but I couldn’t seem to control myself. I knew how important this was to Megan, and I thought I could deal with it, but it turns out I haven’t been able to. It’s one thing knowing she looks up to you and that she thinks she needs to sleep with you to help this, this mission of yours, whatever that is, but the reality of it is completely different.

“How am I supposed to compete with a damn angel?” he asked, his voice rising in volume. “Sure, everyone qualifies it by saying that angels aren’t really how they’ve been portrayed in the media, but everyone here thinks you really are the living embodiment of an angel. How can I compete with that? Despite how much she’s been trying to play down how she feels about you, it’s clear she’s nuts about you.

“I’m never going to measure up against you. I don’t glow like a mini-sun. I don’t radiate energy which turns the women around me to quivering masses, and I don’t promise to change the future of mankind. I’m just a typical run of the mill jerk!”

Alex let him calm down after having worked himself into a lather before addressing Ryan’s issues.

“Ryan, listen to me, you don’t have to compete with me. Megan shouldn’t ever compare you to me. If she does, say in the middle of a fight someday, just ask her how I’d react to that. I’m sure she’ll back down, and if she doesn’t, just ask her to contact me and ask me what I think about her behavior.

“Comparing us is like comparing apples and oranges, or maybe it’s more like comparing apples to angels. There simply is no comparison. Hell, even I can’t compete with that. Do you think any normal girl is ever going to treat me like these women do? Do you think they’d react to me like they do if I didn’t look like a burning star? I’m just a young man, fresh out of high school, barely able to grow a beard, and they treat me like I’m the next messiah.

“But the fact of the matter is that she knows that I’m only here to boost her powers to make her more productive, both for me and for her other work as well. I’m going to be gone tomorrow, and although she can reach me easily, she’ll probably never see me again. What’s more, she knows how I feel about family, friends and relationships. I didn’t want to get involved with her because she was involved with you, but she convinced me she was the best person to appoint to watching over the community here.

“You’re here, hopefully, for the rest of her life. You’ve got to carry her through the rest of that life without me. I just showed up for one afternoon and knocked her socks off, but you’re the one who’s going to be here for her, who’s going to support her in this crazy life of hers, who’ll protect her secrets and who’ll support her even though you can’t really understand what it is that she’s experiencing.

“Frankly, if she ever compares us, I’d tell her to screw herself, because she doesn’t deserve you and she doesn’t deserve to represent me. I make it a point to stand up for those that depend on me. If she can’t do that for someone who stands up for her, then she doesn’t understand what I represent.”

Alex took a minute to compose himself after his own mini-tirade. He glanced at everyone in the room, and they all looked shocked by his reaction. They were surprised equally by how close he’d come to exploding, how he recovered afterwards and over his giving Ryan relationship advice.

“I’m sorry, Ryan. I knew better than to get between a man and his girlfriend, but I let myself be convinced that I couldn’t avoid it. The fact that you support Megan in her beliefs speaks volumes about you, despite how you may have acted this evening. But I should have known this wouldn’t work. There’s too much at risk to jeopardize the emotional health of my girls.”

Now Ryan looked at Alex, seeming to gather himself together.

“No, Alex, I can see now why they think so highly of you. Anyone else would have punched my lights out, or at the very least have your bodyguard throw me out the door, or simply told Megan to dump me. But no, you’ve tried to treat me fairly. You’ve reached out to me, you’ve included me in something I really have no part in, and you’ve offered Megan a gift she’ll never be able to repay.

“I’ll tell you what. I want you to continue. I’ll sit here and shut up, but I want to see what she goes through. Instead of comparing myself to you, I’ll try to take joy in what you’re sharing with her, and I’ll try to understand just what it represents. But you’re right, I’m in this for the long haul. I intend to be by her side for a long time, and if that means supporting her work for you, I’ll do it. But just do me a favor,” he asked, lowering his voice as if speaking to him in private, “could you promise to not force me to do this again? It was hard enough this time, I don’t think I could do it again.”

Alex laughed and gave Ryan a quick slap on the back. “Absolutely, but are you sure you want me to continue? Megan is in an ideal position to help, but I really don’t need her to do this. I can rely on Lauren to do it for her. In fact, now that Lauren is boosted, she can communicate with Megan whenever she wants to, so it really isn’t necessary to boost Megan as well.”

“No, I want you to do it. If you don’t, Megan is going to blame herself for this and for the way that I acted tonight. This means a lot to her, and it would mean the world to her to be able to help you. You’re right, she’s going to value this gift too much for her to belittle me for making this sacrifice. Besides, now, whenever we get into a fight, I can always remind her about it and suggest that she asks you what you think about it. That’s better than having a Jewish mother telling you she had to suffer 20 hours of labor to bring you into the world.”

They both looked at each other, trying to measure the others resolve, until finally Alex broke. “You’re really sure about this?”

“Yeah, I was getting caught up in my own insecurities, but I agreed to this because I value Megan too much to allow her to pass it up. I’ll try to focus on what she’s experiencing rather than what I’m missing out on, so I think I’ll be OK. If I’m not, I promise I’ll wander into the hall until it’s OK, rather than act out again.”

“You realize you don’t have to do this, don’t you?” Alex reminded him.

“Oh no, you don’t understand, Alex, I do. If she’s ever going to respect herself, and if I’m ever going to respect her, we both have to understand that this is important to her. She’d never be able to forgive either herself or me if she missed this opportunity. Now go ahead, I’ll quietly sit here and not bother anyone else. Give her whatever gifts God has given you to bestow upon her, and I won’t look a giving angel in the mouth again,” he said, laughing at his own bad joke.

Alex continued to watch him for a few more seconds before finally turning back to Megan.

“Now where were we?” he asked her.

“I think you were about to change my world and melt my mind,” she answered. “After all, you’ve already converted my partner.”



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