Character List

Character List


This list is for you to check anytime you can’t rember who a specific character is. I don’t recommend you read through the list, though, as you may discover several spoilers if you haven’t read the entire story yet.


Alex Jennings: The story’s protagonist, a 17-year-old boy.

Becky Jennings: Alex’s eldest sister, a 22-year-old nurse.

Cate Jennings: Alex’s youngest sister and confidant, a 16-year-old high school student.

Frank Jennings: Alex’s father, a 45-year-old office worker.

Linda Jennings: The 42-year-old mother of Alex and Cate. A stay-at-home mother whose kids are finally about to flee the house..

Melinda Jennings:: Alex and Cate’s 21-years-old middle sister. Currently attending college at SIU.

Alex’s ‘Girls’:

Allison Livermore (aka. Amber Blossom): A high-class escort working in New Orleans.

Anh Ngo:  Older Vietnamese immigrant drawn to Alex but who speaks virtually no English. Becomes Alex’s ‘spiritual adviser.

Brooke Knowles: A 37-year-old EMT that finds Alex and forces him to save a heart attack victim, even though he has no clue how to do so.

Natalie Mendoza: A 28 year old hotel employee and the first ‘watcher’ that Alex adopted. He pulled her into his group to illustrate to his parents just what he was having to deal with.

Patricia Moore:  Nightclub singer.

Rebecca Boles: Another of Alex’s adopted ‘Watchers’. She was a nurse at the New Orleans hospital Alex went to when he revived a man suffering from a heart attack.

Shaniqua (Shani) Sharp: Alex’s first activation. A 24-year-old Jamaican-American Human Resources manager who discovers Alex, and whose life is forever changed.


Albert Rodriguez: A reporter for the Times-Picayune newspaper who wrote an article about Alex’s activities in New Orleans.

Amanda Petes: Wife and mother who encounters Alex before anyone else on the road.

Amy Petes: Amanda Petes’ teenaged daughter.

Anthony (no last name): Unnamed client of Amber Blommom’s.

Bao Luong: Vietnamese fisherman living on the outskirts of New Orleans. The son of Anh Ngo and father of Vicky.

Clark Straus:  Brooke Knowles EMT partner when she encounters Alex during a medical emergency.

Darice Chavira: A Hispanic-American ‘Watcher’. One of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans’ ‘Watcher’ movement.

David Samuels: One of the 3 leaders of the New Orleans’ ‘Watcher’ movement.

Donna (no last name): Student celebrating spring break, attracted to Alex but afraid to approach him.

Henry Dunn:  Patricia Moore’s manager/boyfriend.

John Petes: Amanda Petes’ understanding husband.

Nancy:  Waitress at Patricia’s club who watches out for Alex and his family.

Oliver:  The doorman at Patricia’s nightclub.

Paul Sinclair: Policeman helping assist the heart attack victim in downtown New Orleans.

Peter Hammond:  A coffee shop barista in the French quarter where various Watchers congregate.

Peter Knowles:  Brooke Knowles 11-year-old son.

Steve McCullough: An older man who suffered a heart attach and whom Alex revives with Brooke Knowles assistance.

Susan Baker: Woman moving to Texas who just misses Alex when she arrives at a McDonald’s moments too late.

Susan (Suzy) Knowles:  Brooke Knowles 9-year-old daughter.

Vicky Luong:  Anh Ngo’s young grand-daughter, who translates for her and speaks to Alex for her.

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