An Unknown Attraction

An Unknown Attraction

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A young man, just 17 years old, suddenly finds women mysteriously attracted to him when he visits New Orleans for Spring Break with his family. He acts as a catalyst, activating strange abilities in them that he doesn’t understand. He’s not ready for the responsibilities of adulthood, yet he’s called upon to lead a string of followers. Where, he has no idea.

There are no superheros or world saving in this book, it’s character and not action based, more an examination of people’s reactions and what is involved in building a movement from the ground up.

Character List

Use this whenever you hit a character you can’t remember.


Introduces the elements that the story will focus on. Sets the stage for the rest of the story.

01:  An Immaculate Impressions

A young lad finds women are  attracted to him for reasons he can’t understand. Finally one approaches him and….

02:  An Awkward Introduction

Alex gets to know a little more about Shaniqua, and introduces her to his parents.

03:  Songs of a Life

 Alex meets someone who has been tracking him.

04:  Reservations and a Show

Alex and his family take in Patricia’s show, and later meets yet someone else.

05:  A Little Sinner in a Holy Place

Alex meets another woman in church on Sunday.

06: A Few Theories Get Tossed About

Cate discusses a few theories concerning Alex’s abilities.

07: A Crisis and a Change of Heart

Alex deals with Anh, a Vietnamese grandmother, who falls into his sphere of influence.

08: Meeting the Family

Alex deals with Anh’s son, Bao, who thinks he’s trying to cheat her out her life savings.

09: More Theorizing, Some Planning, and a Few Other Things

Alex and Co discuss what’s been happening to them, as well as getting more comfortable with each other.

10: Nightly Activities and Morning Explorations

Alex and his girls finally fool around a little.

11: A New Perspective

Alex’s world from the perspective of one of his women.

12: I Kissed A Girl And…

Alex has dinner with Brooke, Rebecca and Clark.

13: A Male Watcher Raises Questions, One Mystery Explained

The public and the press discover Alex.

14: An Angelic Press Event

Alex prepares to leave town due to the continued attention on him.

15: One Girl’s Views and a Little Family Time

Cate talks about her life with Alex while Alex visits the watchers in the city.

16: Going Home

Alex finally leaves New Orleans.

Continue Alex’s adventures with: “Trying To Be Normal”

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