The Catalyst

The chronicles of a young man, as he discovers he’s a catalyst for other people, giving them strange abilities, and drawing strangers to him like moths to a flame. He’s not ready for what happens to him, but slowly adapts, with help from his family and friends. What he does with his many followers, though, is an open question.

I know that you are probably going to get a lot of these messages now that your story is complete, but WOW, just WOW!

I have to admit that as an avid reader, both e-books and dead tree format, this has to be one of, if not THE best story I’ve ever read. The emotional connection with the characters is palpable at times and when Alex dies in the end, I actually felt myself well up.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a masterpiece, it really has moved me and I hope that in some way it’s made it’s readers consider what it is to be religious. As a non-religious person myself, with a Help People attitude, it really connected with me on a personal level.

Again, thank you for all your effort it’s appreciated.Mr Wolf

1)  An Unknown Attraction (posted)

View "An Unknown Attraction"A young man, just 17 years old, suddenly finds women mysteriously attracted to him when he visits New Orleans for Spring Break with his family. He acts as a catalyst, activating strange abilities in them that he doesn’t understand. He’s not ready for the responsibilities of adulthood, yet he’s called upon to lead a string of followers. Where, he has no idea.

There are no superheros or world saving in this book, it’s character and not action based, more an examination of people’s reactions and what is involved in building a movement from the ground up.

The story is newly revised from the original, part of a six book series.

quoteWhat a great start to a story. The reluctant hero who doesn’t know what he is. I like it, and I want more. Chuck

quoteThe sad part of this story is that I read it in one non stop effort, leaving my web work to fall behind. I sort of stumbled onto the story, but I have to say it is one of the best I have read in the last few years. The plot is intriguing, and most enjoyable.

The Night Hawk

quoteThank you. Your story just got a top score. I appreciate your efforts at creating a top flight story, your work has paid off.


2)  Trying to be Normal (posted)

View "Trying To Be Normal"Alex, having returned from New Orleans with a whole new life, tries to become just a normal young man as he returns to school. Can he simply blend in for the next 2 months despite having several women following him around? And will his abilities really be invisible to everyone around him?

quoteReview by: Ken Englert on July 13, 2013 : star star star star star
Good follow up to Book One…sucked me right in. Hope the remaining books are as good as the first two.

3)  Normalcy is Harder Than It Looks  (posted)

View Having wrestled with trying to preserve a ‘normal’ last few months of high school, Alex faces an even harder time, as not only does he have to explain to those he loves what his life has become, but he faces several people who seem to hate him as much as his followers adore him. What’s a confused teenage atheist religious figure to do?

quoteReview by: Ken Englert on Aug. 20, 2013 : star star star star star
This story just gets better and better. Can’t wait for Book 4.

quoteYou have your sh*t together and a explosive story line. Keep the faith and wear out a bunch of keyboards.


4)  Racing the Clock (posted)

Alex finds himself with a mission to find as many new followers as he can during the limited time he has left, as he comes to grip with the knowledge that his abilities will likely kill him. Before that happens, he hits the road with his sister and an ex-cop serving as a bodyguard. Along the way, they learn much more about him, about his followers, and about leading a mission when one doesn’t know the way. He needs to connect with enough followers to build a whole new branch on the evolutionary tree, but he only has a limited amount of time to do it, and he has to stay below the radar as he does it.

5)  Touring Under Pressure (posted)

Purchase "Touring Under Pressure"Leaving the familiar and somewhat supportive environments of Carbondale and New Orleans after having been exposed, Alex takes his mission on the road. But along with the blur of life on a concert tour are, there’s dark trends as well: Alex is known nationally now, the media is hungry for news about him, and there are still multiple people eager to hurt him.

As Alex, Cate and Gail travel the country, they gradually learn more about his abilities, and what drives people to either love or hate him.

quoteReview by: Ken Englert on Oct. 19, 2013 : star star star star star
So far, these books are hard to put down once you start them. I’m sad the next book will be the last book in this series. But, I will reread these over and over and over again.

6)  Building A Legacy (posted)

With time running out, Alex faces life with a new confidence, even as events and those around him change abruptly. Relieved of the need to save his people, he still feels responsible for them and wants to leave a strong legacy. But just what will that legacy be? Follow along as he adjusts to new challenges as he struggles to continue, in this, the last book of the “Catalyst” Series..

This is a fairly dramatic conclusion to the series, with a lot of surprises as everyone learns much more about the source of Alex’s abilities, and what their implications are.

quoteBravo! A wonderful wrap.

It’s all about the story; and this is the best one I’ve read. It was challenging and enjoyable on so many levels.  I was drawn into the whirlpool of the plot, like a black hole, and thrust out at the end, fully satisfied.

Thank You!


One thought on “Catalyst

  1. > When is Catalyst Book 3 coming out?

    Ah, good question, and very specific too. I’m guessing you were stuck mid-stream somewhere?

    As always, things always get much more complex in execution. Book 1 is largely done, now resting with the editors. Book 6, the conclusion (formerly book 4) is fully fleshed out and is awaiting revisions and editor input. However, when I started book 2 I decided to make yet another change, and I started switching the entire thing from 1st person to 3rd person, which will require essentially rewriting the entire thing, as that’s a fairly extensive change, so it’ll be hard to guess how long it’ll take to edit the full 47 chapters in the new books 2 & 3.

    Forget the above. I decided such extensive changes weren’t in anyone’s best interests as it would hold the entire process up too much. Hopefully Book 2 can be edited relatively quickly, as the book is structurally sound. It’s Books 4 & 5 (previously “Racing the Clock” that I’m more interested in revising.

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