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For those who are curious, the name “Crumbly Writer” has some meaning behind it. As you probably expected, it’s partially a self-depreciating pun about my own limited abilities, but beyond that, I see my stories as rich tales with a lot of disparate elements. Thus when you bite into a story, it’s like eating a delicious muffin, the story elements fall in pieces upon your plate, and you can pick up each one, focusing on the more interesting ones, tasting it to see how you like it, ignoring other–less appetizing–themes.

I’m an older man (mid 50s) who’s always enjoyed writing, but who never saw himself as an author, thus I never studied it in school or considered it as a career. Upon retiring (early), I dabbled with writing, but despite having great plot ideas, couldn’t move beyond the first chapter or two. It was only after numerous attempts I realized the problem was, while I could suspend my disbelief long enough to read the typical novel, I couldn’t suspend it long enough to write one.

It was at that point I decided to take another approach. Instead of following the steady stream of advice everyone tells new writers, I decided to ignore most of it, instead striking out on my own, trying to find my own way in the literary world.

Thus, instead of building a strong, self-assured central character, an equally strong villain, and a clear conflict, I decided to explore conflicted heroes unsure of what they were facing, who struggled with uncertainly, rather than evil villains.

So far the results have been a bit hit-or-miss, but it’s been a fun journey, and I still have a long ways to go.


This site will remain focused on my weekly posting on both SOL and ASSTR. As such, I’ll post new chapters, consisting of my normal html files, here as well as on both SOL and ASSTR. I’m trying to create a more ‘professional’ look. This site will still be a priority for me, as I get a lot more feedback on my stories here online than I do via publishing them.


This site, using my real name, is mostly a marketing arm for the eBooks–which I hope will take off. While it’s taking a LOT of my time, I’m hoping it pays off. However, that site won’t be updated nearly as often, only changing whenever there’s a new book being released.

Crumbly Writer Discussion Group

Since it’s so hard to get good feedback, I like to offer my readers a discussion group where they can post questions and discuss what the story means or where it’s going. When I started revising the “Catalyst” series, it kind of languished and I tried moving it here, but that effort fell flat. So if you’re interesting in learning more about the story, and about me as a writer, then please visit the site above. And please, feel free asking me anything there.

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    • Ah, an interesting question, and one that ends up being much more complicated than you’d expect.

      First, let me say that it’s hit a few roadblocks along the way as I’ve tried to change both my approach and my storytelling style, and that caused more than a few problems for me. The story is probably stronger as a result, but I had trouble wrestling with the issues.

      I’m making headway now, but the timing is all wrong. Because I’m trying to get a reasonable completed version into eBook format, it takes much longer to finish, and I’m afraid of leaving everyone waiting once again for more stories.

      As a solution I’ve been attacking the earliest Catalyst books (starting with Book 1), and I plan on releasing that first. However, that will require me to yank the whole series (because I’m changing titles, modifying the size of each book, and I don’t want people now rereading the wrong version).

      I’m breaking the 3 current books into 5 (each about 20+ chapters), and the final one “Building a Legacy”, now book 6, looks to be about that size.

      However, that also means that it’ll take that longer for it to be released. However, when I start releasing the Catalyst eBooks, I’ll try releasing them all, so you can grab the final version without having to wait for the others to post.

      P.S. At 104 chapters for the first 3/5 books, it will take a while to post (2 years posting once a week, or 1 year posting twice/week).

  1. As my daddy always said “All I lack is finishing.” When he’d say that I knew I was getting the “stall” and have used that tactic manytimes in my 64 years here on planet earth. For those overly anxious readers try this simple exercise. Think of a topic you love, then sit and write a meager 5000 word expository on the subject. Suffer the interuptions of daily life, the random thoughts of the topic at hand, the concern for the number of words and the value of your subject matter. Was than an epiphany I just experienced? It’s not an easy task and hopefully will make your patience a bit stronger. CW, keep up the good work!

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