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The Demons Within
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Phil Walker was an average man, until demons invaded his world. Unsure whether they were real, he resisted until they threatened someone’s life, and then he took action. The results were quick. He was questioned by the police, humiliated and insulted, but the homeless man he defended reported his schizophrenia was cured. After that, everything Phil knew was twisted upside down.Seeking to understand his visions, he seeks answers, only to face skepticism and hostility from the medical community. Does it really matter if he’s technically insane if he cures hundreds? As Phil battles his inner demons, he wrestles with where these demons originate and how they impact him and his health. However, the question remains: are his new skills an otherworldly phenomenon, a disease or a gift from above?


The Zombie Leza

The Marriage of the Quick and the Undead
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Leza’s an unusual young woman, living with, protecting and caring for Zombies. In an apocalyptic wasteland where the living are few, she represents a unique hybrid, a living zombie. She speaks with the undead and can teach the living how to survive. If the humans can only keep from killing her, that is.
Discovered during a final confrontation between a survivor refuge and an oncoming horde of the undead, Leza saves the day. She represents more than just another day of survival, but whether that spells humanity’s rescue or the future of the undead is anyone’s guess. She may be humanity’s redemption or their ultimate annihilation.

“The Cuckoo’s Progeny”

Not-Quite Human 1

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Al and Betty aren’t like their classmates. They’ve developed particular skills which set them apart, and which sets them in a search for mysteries which eventually leads them in a search for their origins, and the long interstellar trip home.

Searching out others like them, they build a crew to search for a ship which will hopefully take them to a home they’ve never known, to a reception they aren’t sure will be welcoming.

“The Nature of the Game”

Visit smashwords listing for the bookA clash of two distinct cultures puts a high-school jock up against a flaming drama queen. A gay romance novellete which examines a central internal conflict of the gay movement.

This is a bit unusual for me, and probably won’t interest many of my normal sci-fi readers, but if you’re up for something different, it’s a quick read (only 8 chapters).


Visit Amazon's listing for the bookAn experimental interstellar space voyage goes horribly wrong and the unlucky test pilot ends up, unhurt, back home. He then struggles through internal, personal and Congressional investigations as he struggles to perceive exactly what he’s become.

star star star star star

Absolutely loved it, enough that I read it again a month later! Hope that there is a sequel.

I found the story to be uplifting, something I really appreciate these days. As as science fiction story goes, it has some nice twists and wrinkles.

Yea Vincent, another winner!!Stuart

star star star star star

Excellent Read.

If only we could achieve the excellent premise of this book. Life would be less stressful and more conducive to helping others.Nigel Waters


Stranded in a Foreign Land

“Never Leave Anyone Behind” is a familiar refrain for American Servicemen. A crew is incapacitated in a strange land and a hostile government tries to capture them and steal their resources. What if you’re not a member of the military? Do you put your and your family’s lives at risk to help those who can’t help themselves, especially for those who may never reward you or who may not even survive?

Josh Evens discovers an injured shipwrecked alien and undertakes to not only care for it, but to seek out, rescue and protect its companions from both his government and others.

Stranded in a Foreign Land Cover

New book! Woohooo!!! Headed to buy it now.RC

star star star star star

Its one of those books you don’t want to put [down] and when you have finished you wished it would carry on.Rowland R. Denniss

star star star star star

I’ve enjoyed all of Vincent’s books, and Stranded is no exception. His crash landing scenario focuses on the human element, but there is some alien uniqueness and some fancy technology. I’m not sure if our government is quite as bad as the book makes it out to be, but it wouldn’t surprise me. A very enjoyable read.Michael Allstott


“The Great Death” Series

A story of an intricate apocalyptic event where most of the the life on Earth is wiped out, but with a difference. This one focuses on the people during the apocalypse, and how it affects them afterwards.

Love and Family linkGrappling with Survival link

  1. Love and Family During the Great Death
  2. Grappling with Survival
  3. Seeding Hope Among the Ashes
  4. Exporting a Cure (in development)


I laughed, I cried and I kept turning the pages – a most compelling series! Keep ‘em coming. Neat way to sneak in excellent ‘facts of life’ – philosophy & Sex Ed, too. Thanks for your talent & imagination.Ed



The chronicles of a young man, as he discovers he’s a catalyst for other people, giving them strange abilities, and drawing strangers to him like moths to a flame. He’s not ready for what happens to him, but slowly adapts, with help from his family and friends. What he does with his many followers, though, is an open question.

An Unknown Attraction linkTrying to be Normal linkNormalcy is harder than it looks linkRacing the clock linkTouring under pressure linkBuilding a legacy link

  1. An Unknown Attraction
  2. Trying To Be Normal
  3. Normalcy is Harder Than it Looks
  4. Racing the Clock
  5. Touring Under Pressure
  6. Building a Legacy


What a great start to a story. The reluctant hero who doesn’t know what he is. I like it, and I want more.Chuck


Really good story. One of a set (catalyst). Couldn’t put it down and when I’d finished it I was so disappointed I didn’t want it to end..Rowland R. Denniss


starstarstarstargray star
A Different sort of story. Interesting story premise, I bought both books, made for good reading, excellent length making it a good value. Glad [there] are six books in the series.James DeVidts
Upcoming Books
Speaking With Your Demons
Speaking With Your Demons cover image

Phil, who was able to fight invisible beings and cure people of their mental illnesses, was ‘cured’ of his ability by the intervention of the medical establishment. Regaining his abilities, and recognized around the world, he’s doubly cautious about his approach. In an attempt to remain under the radar, he doesn’t inform anyone and takes an unusual approach.

Selecting a new team, consisting of a scarred vet and a young waif, he begins again. Based on new knowledge about his abilities, he seeks to learn more about his opponents, but faces his greatest challenge when he faces betrayal, deception and open rebellion by those he chooses to work with.

 A House in Disarray

(delayed, again!) 🙄

When the New York City Police Commissioner is compromised by the death of a city councilman, he appoints Detective Emma Rules to investigate, hoping to circumvent a public witch hunt. But what she uncovers implicates her boss. If she solves the crime, she could put the commissioner in jail, embarrass the city and make the entire police force the laughingstock of the country. Yet, if she doesn’t, it’ll make the city and the police look corrupt and mark her as ineffective and suspicious.On top of that, unexpected visitors—her brother’s wife and young daughter—invite themselves into her home, upsetting her solitary life, creating family frictions and throwing her life into turmoil when she has little time to deal with it.


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  1. I have just finished reading your “Catalyst” books for the second time They were so good that I had to read it again. It is my opinion that if they were not listed as ‘adult’ that they would be more widely read. I feel that they are some of the best science fiction I have ever read. I am 64 years old and have read a great deal including much science fiction and fantasy. You have addressed the age old question of ‘what if?’ It was a great read. I consider myself lucky to have found your story sfter you cmpleted the first three books I anxiously await your concluding book. Thank you.

  2. Enjoyed the survivor 1; started to surviver 2.
    Would appreciate being on any update list you have. Just happened to find your stories on which I am not on often due to some of the content.

    • I’ll try to create a list to put you on, but so far, I haven’t needed such a list since I tend to post on such a regular schedule.

      If it’s any easier, I post every Wednesday (midnight Tuesday, EST), so if you check here, you should be able to read the latest chapter (check under the “Grappling with Survival” tab and look for the last active link on the list.

      In order to prevent the long delay between stories, I’m planning to rerelease Catalyst book 1 (already renamed) while I work on the next book (Catalyst 4). That will allow me to keep material coming out, though it may delay the release of Book 4.

  3. I feel like a kid awaiting for Christmas. I cannot imagine the difficulty of rewriting the entire series. I believed you had written a great story but as the author you must have seen things with a much more critical eye than just a reader would. Just quick note to tell you a fan is eager for your newer vision of the “Catalyst” Thank you for a great story and am awaiting your refinements. Thom

    • Thank you, Thom, I appreciate the thought. Actually, I’ve wanted to revise Catalyst 1 since shortly after writing it. I’ve always regretted the first person narrative (as my constant switching to third-person showed), and I’ve learned a lot of better writing techniques since then. The plot hasn’t changed, but it should be an easier read now, and I’ve fleshed out a few sequences that should make what I’m trying to explain a little clearer.

      But the main point was to give myself yet more time to finish off Catalyst 6. I’ve been struggling with it for a long time, trying different techniques (that I wasn’t altogether comfortable with) and taking it in all new directions, but I’m now finished it off (I’m now writing the final chapter, and then I’ll just have the final epilogue), but I’ll still need quite a while to edit, review and revise it, so I’m planning on doing that while the other books are posting.

      I’m thinking of leaving Books 2 & 3 (previously Book 2 “Trying to be Normal”) as they are with only a few small changes (such as my “Fox News” references that caused me such aggravation), but I’ll have to decide when I actually read it over again. But I’ve always been happy with the events, characters and story telling of those two (now) books.

      Book 3, “Racing the Clock” (now books 4 & 5) are a whole ‘nother question. People kept telling me they thought I took it in unnecessary directions, introduced too many characters, and didn’t have a clear view of the ending as I was writing (which is what motivated me to change how I was writing the final volume). So there may be more substantial changes to them (books 4 & 5) as I try to delete full chapters without accidentally referencing people who are no longer in the story.

      As I’ve said, I’ll try to release a new book every couple months (hopefully 2 to 3), but since I don’t know what’s involved yet, I can’t make any legitimate promises about the timetable. But, as of now, Catalyst 1 is (largely) done, just waiting for my editors to finish reviewing it. What’s more, I already have the next book (a new one) started, and Great Death 3 is still in the offing.

      > I feel like a kid awaiting for Christmas. I cannot imagine the difficulty of rewriting
      > the entire series. I believed you had written a great story but as the author you must
      > have seen things with a much more critical eye than just a reader would. Just quick note
      > to tell you a fan is eager for your newer vision of the “Catalyst” Thank you for a great
      > story and am awaiting your refinements. Thom

  4. Just finished the Catalyst Series. Great ending. You managed to finish a bang instead of a whimper. I’ve tried to imagine a possible better ending and find I’m unable to do so.
    Well done;

    E.K. Rodgers

    Thanks, E.K. I appreciate it. I planned the ending out for some time to hit just the right mix of shock, surprise, caring and hope for the future to make it all work. I’m glad all that effort paid off.

    It’s the surprises, versus the shocking, that really seem to stick with you after you’ve read a story. Something that really makes you sit up and go, ‘Wow! I never really thought of that before.’


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